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Goofy Goof

Goofy is a close friend of Mickey Mouse, and one of the popular Disney standards. He is very comical and likes making jokes. His laid-back attitude can usually be irksome to his companion Donald Duck though.


Kingdom Hearts

Sora ain't goin' anywhere!
You'd betray your king?
Not on your life! But I'm not gonna betray Sora either, becuase he's beeen one my best buddies after all we've been through together.
Goofy and Riku, Hollow Bastion

Goofy in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Goofy appears as a ally of Sora in KH: A New Beginning. He uses his shield for defense and attack, and can carry many items. He is the game's source of comic relief in very tense moments.

Mario Singalong Disney!

Goofy also appears in the Mario Singalong Disney! game, as a playable avatar.

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