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This game is based on the charecter Gooey from Kirby's dream Land 3. He goes through 40 challenging levels and 8 bosses. Just like in Kirby Super Star Ultra there is a helper. It is for Nintendo DS and it is 4 player on minigame and on adventure mode you can play as [[Gooey, Kirby and a helper but you only need one game card.


one day kingdedede and meta knight captured knuckle joe. Kirby and gooey went after them.

but they set up a bunch of enemies on pop star and bosses and they built a machine to combine meta knight and kingdedede into jugger knight.


plesasnt valley

rocky waves

boulder board walk

cloud casino

bazaar beach

dark cave

icecream mountain

jugger knight fortress


  • Gooey
  • Kirby
  • Metaknight
  • Dark gooey
  • Dark kirby
  • Snow fiend
  • Blaze'n joe
  • shocker
  • Secret samuri
  • King Dedede
  • Jugger Knight

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