Good Egg Galaxy is a stage from the Super Mario universe that appears as a default stage in Super Smash Bros. Mania.


Universe Super Mario
Home Stage to Princess Peach / Princess Rosalina / Yoshi
Availability Default
Size Medium-Large

The Good Egg Galaxy stage is set on the planet that Mario lands on in the first mission, the "Starting Planet". It is the first Super Mario stage in the game. It has few hazards, which is rare in Super Mario stages.


  • The stage will flip from the light side to the dark side of the planet. The flip will be indicated by the Lumas on the bottom on the stage, will start to spin around.

Light Side

  • Octoombas will constantly walk in from the background or sides. They can be punched to be stunned, at which point can be thrown at other players. If they touch you, they hurt you.

Dark Side

  • Like the Light Side, enemies will walk in from the background or sides. However, on the bottom, they will be Goombas.
  • Not as much as a hazard, as it is a distraction. A random ? Coin will appear, at about half way through the match (if on the bottom) which will release Rainbow Notes. Rainbow notes will play the chromatic scale, Super Mario Bros. underground theme, Super Mario Bros. underwater theme or (rarely) the Super Mario World bonus area theme. If all notes are collected, a 1-up will appear on the map, which will recover 35% damage.

How to Unlock

This stage is already unlocked.

Music Played

Song italicized only appear in events Songs in bold must be unlocked.


  • Depite Yoshi being one of the owners of the stage, in Super Mario Galaxy, Yoshi doesn't appear in this galaxy (or the game).

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