Appearance of Gonna
Full Name Gonna
Gender Male
Species Lizillian
Location Tiksi Town
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Clicky

Gonna is the main atagonist of the Clicky video game series created by Amuza. Gonna is the leader of the residents of Tiksi Town and wants nothing more than to become an oracle. He has a mean spirit that thrives on power. His nemesis is Clicky.


Gonna is a tall, green liztillian. He has very bushy eyebrows that look like his head hair. He wears gold bracelets around his wrist and an anklet on his left ankle. He has a large mouth, with spiky teeth that he sharpens every night. He wears a golden frock around his torso and has sharp finger and toe nails.

Game AppearancesEdit


He makes his debut appearance in Clicky where he steals Mr. Climate's Haven and kidnaps Lady Petunia so he feels more like an oracle and terrorizes Decrudo Land.


  • Gonna was originally going to be a female until his gender was changed to a man during development.
  • Since the Clicky series was originally planned to be the Super Mario series, Gonna was originally going to be Bowser.