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Gone Unleashed is a platforming/combat game developed for The V² platform released in June 2016, the game being created by Atlus and published by TimeStrike. It's based on the Gone universe, featuring Zonas, Sinicini and Adexene in Sonic Heroes-esque gameplay with elements from the Werehog gameplay from Sonic Unleashed.


Story Mode

Story Mode works like how it should; it's the game's story mode and is the only way players can unlock the other modes or otherwise play the game.  The story isn't canon to the timeline and is simply there as a layout for the stages to follow.  It tends to pick up a lot of elements from the original Gone.

Challenge Mode

This is where players can select any stage of the game they've unlocked from Story Mode and do any of the missions they desire, including Valerie missions once they're unlocked.  Upon buying them, Classic World and Modern World appear below the final stages.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode, you can race other players across the world in the game's levels.  In the levels, there are no enemy hordes to slow you down, it's all about going as fast as you can and making the world records.  You can also battle other Team Zonas players, and select between red, blue, yellow, or green colors for your team.

Boss Beatdown

Boss Beatdown is a mode where you get to battle all the game's bosses in order, with the goal being to defeat them all as fast as possible for the best time.  You can then share your results online, or attempt to beat the game's personal set record to earn USA CASH MONEY!

Customization Mode

In Customization Mode, you can take either of the three playable characters and change their clothes as desired, and some of their overall colors.  You can give Zonas different glasses, Sinicini different shaped ties, and Adexene different arms and legs, and that's just a few examples of what you can do.

Designer Mode

DLC Pack #1 allows you to design levels as you wish, having a layout similar to Super Mario Maker Phi's.  You design levels on a 2D plane and can stretch them out into the third dimension, and then play them and share them online with friends.  Designer Mode offers more features per DLC pack purchase.


Gone Unleashed's levels have a simple objective; get from start to finish while utilizing the game's three characters to the best of their abilities. The three playable characters, Zonas, Sinicini and Adexene, have different abilities and attributes that must be utilized properly to win the game's levels. Zonas is the speed character, moving the fastest and able to rush through the air, and attacks enemies quick with a special new pair of Rocket Boots. Sinicini is the flight character, using her new rocket pack to ascend into the air while holding her friends and can reach high areas. Adexene is the power character, able to smash through the toughest of objects and dealing the most damage to enemies, using her raw power.

While taking large inspiration from Sonic Heroes, the characters move slower and are more combat oriented. Zonas attacks with his Freezers to stun enemies or groups of them via locking on, Sinicini can take enemies closer or far away with her rope, and Adexene outright obliterates them. By utilizing all three characters in succession, enemies can be taken down really quickly and hordes don't really seem like much to deal with. However, some really large foes require strategy to be taken down, often using the powers of the three characters in combination to take down the big ones.

Gameplay of Gone Unleashed has a bunch of puzzles that the players must solve. Often, they utilize the flight of Sinicini or careful aiming of Zonas' fast jumps. Solving puzzles is necessary to move on in the game's levels, and much like in Sonic Unleashed's Werehog sections, sometimes the player will be locked into a room whereas they have to defeat hordes of enemies, whereas they must destroy all the opponents before they can proceed forward. However, unlike with Sonic Unleashed, there are nowhere as many horde locking rooms and they're more of an uncommon feature.

Gone Unleashed features two kinds of currency.  One is USA CASH MONEY, which is used to purchase items from all the game's shops, and is commonly found in the games' levels and occasionally in the overworld.  It is rather renewable and respawns.  The other currency is gems, which do not respawn and are solely used to pay Mr. Moneybags so you can pass by him.  Collecting all gems in a level adds up to the 100% completion of it.

As with Sonic Heroes, all enemies have hit points, often 2 or 3, but some later enemies sport at least 4 or higher, and some of the largest enemies have a ridiculous total, such as 20 or even 30. Players also have hit points themselves, five per player, placed below the playable characters' icons in the top right screen. If a player's hit point total reaches zero, they fall down and are defeated, but automatically revive in thirty seconds. If all players are down at once, the player loses a life and starts over from the last checkpoint they touched. To restore hit points, the trio must collect burgers.

As with Sonic Unleashed, players will unlock new attacks and moves and other custom things by collecting experience points (defeating enemies; collecting keys; collecting burgers). The new attacks are almost always stronger than the last, and they generally help enhance gameplay. For example, Zonas can fire three shots from a Freezer in an array instead of one, Adexene can have ice effects to her bomb attacks, and Sinicini can have a rope that paralyzes enemies on contact.

As with Shadow the Hedgehog, players can find three keys in each level. By finding these keys, the players can open up locked gateways in the levels that often have rare goodies, such as a triple-powerup that takes everyone to power level three instantly. The keys are optional to collect and do not affect gameplay by much, although collecting a stray key in a level does add bonus points to the player's final score tally.

By using the different formations, the non-lead characters will be organized differently. If Zonas is in the lead, Sinicini and Adexene will be right behind him. If Sinicini is in the lead, she'll be in front of Zonas and Adexene who hold her hands. If Adexene is in the lead, Zonas and Sinicini are at her sides so she can launch them at enemies like cannonballs at any given moment. Players 2 and 3 can take control of the non-lead characters and attack other enemies to aid player 1.

By defeating enemies in the levels and by attacking, the three characters fill up a power meter that goes around their icons. The power meter has six stages, from Level 0 to Level 5. At level zero, the characters are at their most basic, but as the players level up more in the levels, their attacks are stronger, their abilities last longer and go faster, and improve the gameplay experience. For example, Sinicini's flight goes a lot longer at level five in comparison to zero, and Zonas' Freezer shots being able to cause actual damage by at the very least level three. Adexene's attacks have more range and are much stronger, and can begin taking large foes singlehandedly by level four.

To clear the levels, Team Zonas must defeat the boss that awaits them at the end of each level. The boss has its own unique strategy and has a lot of hit points. When defeated, the player's score is tallied, and they will be ranked on a scale from C to S. (worst to best)


Akin to the Phoenix Mode transformations, Zonas and his two girlfriends can transform in Gone Unleashed, and are the equivalent to Sonic Heroes' Team Blasts.  By doing generally anything, the three characters will fill up separate transformation meters, and after a while they'll be ready to activate.

Zonas transforms into a demon that goes much faster than his old incarnation and has a load of power, utilizing the demon bloodline that's been held in him since birth.  Zonas can do air dashes and swing enemies up into the air and smash them into the ground.  In its duration, both his girlfriends ride his back.

Sinicini transforms into an angel that is able to fly indefinitely for a short period of time, holding Zonas and Adexene on her back as she moves around.  In the air, Sinicini can create bursts of light that blow enemies away.  During this transformation's duration, enemy hordes do not occur and she restores everyone's health to max.

Adexene transforms into a fighter robot that is twice the strength, twice the speed, and has OHKO attacks in the form of sonic screeches that can tear metallic enemies apart and can knock out most humans with a few strikes.  She can fire the rare Hyper Beam, which rips through any enemy and even boss.

Level Elements

  • BOBSLED: Rather rarely, the trio will come onto a bobsled that goes down a usually short road, the player having to jump over lasers and stuff and going left to right as they automatically advance forward.  Unlike the one from Sonic Heroes, the bobsled has a life bar of three hit points, and can fire bullets from its front.
  • FAN: Using Adexene, the three can hold hands and get into a triangle formation, the fan rising them upwards as a result.  This presses the air against their bodies so they can get far from the ground, and this is necessary often to reach high places, places not even Sinicini can reach.
  • POLES: Sometimes, the players will encounter tall, thin poles.  By utilizing a wind attack from Zonas, the three will go up the column and dash off into the distance.  Sometimes, they'll dash towards other poles and go even higher.  Some poles lead downwards from ceilings.
  • SWITCHES: Small switches, often in the shape of spheres held to the ground, are sometimes found in specific areas of levels.  Switches often open up doors and cages.  Sometimes, more than one switch needs to be pressed, and the characters will often separate to do such as some doors cannot open unless all switches are pressed at the same time.
  • TRANSFORMATION: When the player is Adexene and they touch a transformation bubble, Adexene will transform into the vehicle displayed; a car, a bike, a plane, or a boat that the player can use, Zonas and Sinicini hopping on her back.  Adexene can fire bullets from each vehicle.
  • UNDERWATER: When underwater, movement slows down by 0.33%, and jump height is increased.  Players can actually drown underwater, so they must collect air bubbles at all times.


In Gone Unleashed, there are badges you can equip to your characters, purchasable from Oyster's shop. Badges improve a character's performance in stages or give little, extra effects to the character that really make them shine. Within the game, there are sixty badges that can be bought. Only one badge can be equipped on a character at a time.

Some badges are character exclusive.

All Badges
Zonas Sinicini Adexene Thunder Ice Fire Quake Blast Duplicate Rocket
Magnet Repel Shield Quick Bounce Launch Smash Blitz Core Risky Core
Light Heavy Hero Dark Fast Slow Focus Duration Double Risk
Valerie Syi Scotch Bowie Crimson Fandro Shredder Crymsia Pierce Endal
Silver Hene Syande Ashe Frozerade Bob Frink Nightshade Devina KrunchKake
Werine May Snickers Flare Dragione Ono Cupcake Oyster Black Eyes Mallory

Character Customization

The characters can be customized and given different clothing and outfits to wear. You can also dye their hair and restyle it as you please. Here are a list of clothes and outfits that can be worn, and extra accessories. Some outfits can only be worn by Zonas, some only by Sinicini and some only by Adexene, some are shared between two. All these items must be purchased from Oyster before being worn.

Players can use any color for their clothing, they can fill in the different parts of their clothing with a provided fill tool and take any color from the limitless color-picker.  As such, players can use more than one color on most articles of clothing, notably on the ones with stripes.

Upper Body Bikini Top · Coat (Long · Torn) · Hoodie (Long · Short Sleeves) · Parka · Robes (Long · Thin) · Shirt (Long · Striped · Team Unten · Torn · With Pattern) · Sweater (Vest) · Suspenders
Lower Body Bikini Bottom · Jeans (Striped · Torn) · Normal Pants (Stripes) · Sweatpants
Socks Socks · (Long · Striped · Rainbow)
Shoes Boots · (Cleats · Fancy · Military · Tall) · Heels · Normal Shoes (Shoelaced) · Slippers (Bunny · Fuzzy) · Soap Shoes
Headgear Cap (Luigi's · Mario's · Waluigi's · Wario's) Cat Ears · Devil Horns · Dog Ears · Halo · Headband (Ninja) · Hedgehog Spines (Shadow · Silver · Sonic) · King's Crown · Mask (Dedede's · Knight's)
Accessories Belt (Pelt) · Glasses (Contact Lens · Rounded · Square · Sunglasses) · Headphones
Outfits Agent · Angel · Baseball · Biker · Builder · Business · Cowboy · Cyborg · Devil · Dragon · Fancy · Fighter · General · Hockey · Kimono · Kung Fu · Mage · Medieval Knight · Miner · Ninja · Nurse · Pirate · Plumber · Samurai · Schoolwear · Tuxedo · Vampire · '80s Disco
Suits Astronaut · Mecha Suit · Panda Suit · Pikachu Onesie · Scarecrow Armor · Steampunk · Teddy Bear
Character Suits Blank · Corrina Faircloud · Crow · Crymsia · Elize Bolt · General Scotch · General Syande · Iron Mask · Leah Needlenam · Mallory · PAIN-T 2.0 · Pierce Hazel · Rachel Harel · Sakeena Metals · Sheriff Bowie · Silver Heartgold · Syi the Scarecrow · The Threat · Unten · Valerie Heartgold



Character Description

Zonas is one of those self-depreciative characters, having been wanted in the past for thievery his family forced him to commit.  Having hidden in the shadows until Sinicini and Adexene came into his life, Zonas is afraid, almost always tense, and is reliant on others for helping him feel better.  However, since he got together with his girlfriends, he became notably more brave and is able to put up a fight, even if it's really small.  Zonas tends to be incredibly honest to others despite his past.

In this game, Zonas takes the role of speed, being the fastest of the three and being able to home on enemies using his Rocket Boots, moving on the ground and through the air at high speeds.  He can also utilize his Freezer weapons in combat to stun enemies and allow his teammates to go in for the kill, especially Adexene.  Zonas' transformation turns him into a demonic beast, able to tear through enemies and blur through stages at very high speeds.

  • Level 1 makes him deal +1 damage, gives him faster speed and makes his Freezer weapons freeze longer.
  • Level 2 makes him deal +1 damage, makes his jumps higher and makes his tornado attack faster.
  • Level 3 makes him deal +2 damage, boosts both speed and jump and makes his Freezers actually deal damage (1).
  • Level 4 boosts his overall acceleration and does not require him to use his tornado attack any longer to activate Spin Poles.
  • Level 5 makes him deal +3 damage, increases speed and jump to max and makes his Freezers deal 2 damage on contact.

An unintentional tattletale with the habit to always tell the truth and never hide secrets on account of her OCD, Sinicini can be somewhat notorious to others, but remains a good friend - a good girlfriend even - of Zonas and Adexene.  Born in a wealthy family and raised to be super good, she lost that family upon Zonas' demonic father killing them.  Ever since Zonas offered to help her out, she's been traveling with him since and eventually Adexene, whom she originally rivaled.

Sinicini takes the role of being the flight character, able to use her newly earned Rocket Pack to ascend into the air with her friends, going across gaps that they can't otherwise pass.  She can fire rockets from the Rocket Pack to damage foes that try and halt her progress in the air.  In combat, Sinicini uses her rope to strangle and tangle enemies.  Her transformation turns her into an angel, able to fly anywhere while using light to blow enemies away.

  • Level 1 increases her Flight Guage (10 seconds of flight to 12).
  • Level 2 increases her Flight time from 12 seconds to 14.
  • Level 3 makes her ally shooting attacks deal 1 damage now on contact, increases flight time from 14 to 16.
  • Level 4 increases flight time from 16 to 18, her rope deals an extra point of damage (now 2).  She's overall faster too.  Allies deal 2 damage on contact.
  • Level 5 increases flight time from 18 to 20, the max possible, and when she shoots her allies they deal 3 damage on contact.

An intelligent supercomputer, Adexene is not one to mess with at all judging by her wide arsenal of weapons.  When turned into this form, she ran from her creators and hid in the shadows, looking up to Zonas as an immediate crush before she clashed ways with Sinicini, sparking what was a small rivalry until they worked together to bring Zonas conscious after he got hit hard with a blast of energy.  As of now, the three are all in a relationship with one another.

Adexene's power is overwhelming and she takes the role as the game's offense character, able to plow through enemies with fire, bombs, and laser beams, and often finishes up the setups that Zonas and Sinicini give her.  She can launch Zonas and Sinicini as cannonball projectiles at enemies and can smash through the toughest of material.  Her transformation turns her into a killer robot formation that doubles her statistics, making many of her attacks able to OHKO.

  • Level 1 grants her a third attack to compliment her combos.  This new attack deals 3 damage and forms a paralyzing shockwave across the ground.
  • Level 2 changes the attack so that it deals 4 damage and burns up close, paralyzing from a great distance away.
  • Level 3 increases the attack damage to 5, and turns the attack into a series of rocket launches that form several explosions around her and home on foes.
  • Level 4 increases the attack damage to 6, and increases the amount of rockets and lowers the attack's duration so she's not as vulnerable.
  • Level 5 increases the attack damage to 8, and creates atomic rifts that deal immense damage within a good radius of herself.


Character Description

Pierce Hazel is a young adult with a split personality, running on a heroic part of his mind, a devilish part, and his own mind, and these personalities clash together and make it difficult for him to communicate properly with others.  He's very strong in terms of psychic powers and can smash people into the walls, ceiling, and floor as he wishes, and can take crush people out of existence.

While Pierce is not a playable character, he can be found sometimes in levels, where he'll offer to the player to join them temporarily as a fourth character, and if his offer is accepted, he'll deal massive damage to enemies and halt mechanisms to puzzles, allowing players to run through areas without the need for solving whatever puzzles that come their way first.


Harold is the manager of a Burger King in the midst of the Metropolis, being pretty much only one of a few workers in the workplace.  He tends to be friendly, eager to pay his employees, and wants his place to actually be a success.  While he attempts to capture the thieves that attempt to deceive him (like Zonas a long while back), he has a heart and will realize where he is wrong, and upon hearing Zonas' story, he began being nice to him again.

Harold is not playable, but resides in the Burger King and for a price offers burgers to Zonas and his girlfriends.  Later in the game, he'll have a larger library of burgers and sell Fiery Burgers that increase character offense upon entering a level, Jumbo Burgers that increase a character's total health, and even sell Hyper Burgers that immediately boost a transformation bar to full.


Dry is the talking corpse from Gone, having made it onto the scene of Unleashed.  He's been interested in attempting to get into the business scene where Valerie dominates, and as such, he's made his store more popular and more public.  He makes it very clear that since his stuff has very little low prices, his stuff goes away fast, meaning players should try and purchase his stuff before he runs out of it.

Dry remains in his Sea Store, where everything is almost free.  He's very polite and is more than willing to explain how everything around the seas work to them, and offers them tips when it comes to underwater sections.  Sometimes Dry can be a bit snappy and impatient when the player takes long to select objects to take from his store.


Mixx is the host of the game's soundtrack, and is in the highest floor of Valerie's apartment.  She's a person obsessed with the flow of music, and owns the entire soundtrack of Gone Unleashed as well as other games like Sweet Invader and Demolish Nation.  She loves flirting with others, not because she's into relationships, but because she's asexual and wants to play games with them.  It's pretty sad.

By paying her in-game money, players can purchase music from this game, Sweet Invader, Demolish Nation, Constellation Warfare, Crimson the Roserade, Masses, Nature Warrior, Tafu, The Adventures of Captain Crunch, Sanguine Bloodshed, Sanguine Uprising, Horizon Zero, and Sonic Adventure 2, and play them in the game's Sound Test.

Spyro collab moneybags by turquoisephoenix-d4b92mp
Mr. Moneybags

Mr. Moneybags is a bit of an out-of-place character considering his origins in the Spyro the Dragon series, but he really compliments half the game's currency; gems.  Mr. Moneybags is calm and collected and pretty polite, and wants nothing more than gems before buzzing off appropriately.  It's never been really explained what he wants the gems for and how he manages to get to all these different places, but hey, that's video game magic, man.

Mr. Moneybags is sometimes found in front of areas in the hub worlds, blocking Team Zonas from accessing those areas until they pay him a fine of gems.  Once the requirements are met, Mr. Moneybags will take the gems happily and leave, allowing the player to move into whatever he was blocking.


Valerie is certainly different from most other characters in the fact that she has no real alignment, she tends to always work for her own goals, and has no preference in anyone and no true objective besides to expand her empire and gain the most amount of money possible.  She's notable for being very flexible and capable in combat, and is extremely flirty and a bit sexual in ways.

Valerie, like Pierce, is not playable, but offers the players rides around the Metropolis and Naxaz areas, the game's two main hub worlds.  If you encounter her in her home apartment, she'll make extra challenges for the player to do in the game's levels, which are almost always harder than the usual missions you clear in the game.

Silver thing

Silver is the odd man out from the cast, being a dark mage that has little to no interest in helping Zonas and his friends whatsoever.  However he's rather dragged along on adventures by Valerie, who persists that he be his bodyguard, and embarrasses him if he screws something up.  Silver is noted for his notably high prowess, having extremely powerful dark attacks and being able to warp enemies out of sight and even existence.

Silver hangs around in Valerie's apartment and hosts three things, one being the game's settings, including volume, data management and menu themes.  Otherwise, Silver owns a small casino south in Naxaz where you can earn prizes or lose a lot of money for no real reason, and you can also help Silver collect three Red Keys in each level, hidden well from the players.


Oyster is the manager of a bar in southern Naxaz, and is perhaps one of the most shy people one could ever meet, for she is very antisocial and cannot stand being around people for even a few seconds, whether or not they are her friends.  However, she is very willing to help out others, and even if it embarrasses her greatly, she'll take any kind of drastic measurements to achieve what her friends want to achieve.

Oyster is the owner of the game's shop, appropriately owning the bar in Naxaz.  While Harold sells burgers, Oyster sells drinks, artifacts, pancakes, and all kinds of odd stuff you couldn't see in the Burger King area.  Oyster is very talkative when you're around her for a while, and says a lot that's on her mind as you speak to her.


A scarecrow from the town of Hynau, Syi is a rather scary (and scared) being with the power to manipulate and abuse the powers of nature to her own advantage.  Syi is always in a bad mood of sorts and isn't talkative really, except in conversations revolving around the subject of butts.  She resides in Valerie's apartment building as her guest, often seen wearing white clothes and a tiara and what appears to be a wedding viel.  She says that "it's comforting".

Syi offers to assist Team Zonas if they give her money so she can buy pictures of Hene from what she believes to be Hene's mother.  If the player does such, she'll give the players an extra hit point for the next time they enter a level.

General Scotch

General Scotch is the leader of a seven-man crew, working in it alongside siblings Snickers and Syande, girlfriend Oshelia, and friends Mega, Keil and Brook.  He's kind of a drunkard and lacks a lot of logic, but has had extreme improvements in that and acts mostly like a normal person now.  Scotch is considered as a jack of all trades, a master of none, being a rather balanced character.

Scotch gives tips to Team Zonas upon them reaching northern Naxaz, where his base is located at.  He helps them learn new abilities, upgrades, and shows them neat tricks that will help aid them in the stages.  Sometimes, Scotch isn't there, and Snickers is in his place.

General Snickers

General Snickers is Scotch's older, more sinister sibling, having a rather black heart in comparison.  Snickers is snide, cruel, and great at hatching evil plans that place Scotch and his friends' lives in jeopardy.  However, he's been less of that kind of person as of late and has had a slight change of heart, ever since he broke up with Mallory he felt bad for the mistakes he caused in the past.

Snickers doesn't give tips to Team Zonas, instead, he offers to fix their weapons or go down to Oyster and persuade her to lower the prices of her items temporarily to "gain more customers", mainly the team themselves.  Sometimes he's not there, and Scotch is in his place.


Character Description

A man from another world that has origins as part of a dark clan, emerging from it as one of its leaders and escaping from a malevolent witch, residing in Zonar.  It sought out Zonas to try and begin a new reign of power, focused on destroying him so he could earn his confidence back in being a supervillain.

All other information unknown.

Vitch Vitch was resurrected by an unknown being, appearing back in the Metropolis, but is recognized as wanted and hides out with the also resurrected Father, planning schemes to rid of Zonas once and for all.  She's cruel and cold, and holds nothing back when fighting, be it with her snake arms or with her commanding, dirty mouth.
The Father The Father, who has no known name, was resurrected by an unknown being and appearing back in the Metropolis.  Eerie and slow as before, the Father walks the streets of the city, shamelessly murdering those he crosses in his path, often working in combination with Vitch to seek out Zonas.

Nyx is the leader of the Perplexi team, being the "Speed" member.  Nyx is gloating, complex, and likes to pick on others for their size and their low significance, considering she towers above most people at her ridiculous height of twelve feet.  Nyx can run really fast using her jet anklets and can fly utilizing the wind and turning oxygen into fuel for the jet pack on her back, which allows her to burst through the skies.

As demonstrated in the boss fights that feature Team Zonas against Team Perplexi, Nyx always attempts to aim for Zonas and tries to knock him off the course of the level.  After that, she will attempt to tangle Sinicini and Adexene in ropes and shove them overboard.


Comma is the boyfriend of Tomma and is one of three in the team Perplexi, being the "Flight" member.  Comma is very selfish and always tries to make himself look like he's the most correct person in the world, criticizing those with poor grammar or speech.  He flies utilizing a pair of angel wings that he stole from a poor angel somewhere in the heavens with the help of Nyx and Tomma.

As demonstrated in the boss fights that feature Team Zonas against Team Perplexi, Comma always attempts to aim for Sinicini and tries to knock her off the course of the level.  After that, he'll use rifles to beat up Zonas and Adexene.


Tomma is the boyfriend of Comma and is one of three in the team Perplexi, being the "Power" member.  Tomma is polite and sweet, yet he's also insane and wishes to bring the world into the depths of hell, disturbed by its peace and quiet and the happiness it all brings.  He has strong hands and can quickly draw out attacks using his katanas and powerful forces.  He's considered to be the most threatening of the three.

As demonstrated in the boss fights that feature Team Zonas against Team Perplexi, Tomma always attempts to aim for Adexene and tries to knock her off the course of the level.  After that, he will attempt to smash Zonas and Sinicini to death.

Mermis Mermis, resurrected as half-mechanical and half-flesh, rose up from her underground prison when a mysterious person helped place her back together for the most part.  Given new legs thanks to the cybernetic enhancements, she now goes atop the surface, turning those into stone that come in her way.
Scary echeno
The Echeno

The Echeno is a source of deep and dark power, and is without a doubt among the Lifts' most threatening residents, even having been there in the ancient days of Zaxina.  While it's not as strong as it was before, evidenced by the vines entangling its body and the cracks in its front, it's still well threatening and its teeth can crush through bone and even diamond.

Its role in Gone Unleashed is not known.


Name Description / S Rank Information Missions
Area 01
Downtown Drive

Downtown Drive is a stage that mostly goes downhill, Team Zonas going across streets and damaging cars and trucks in their way, taking them down for points.  As they run throughout the streets, police vehicles will chase after them, shooting at the three if they're not far in the lead.

Halfway, they'll stop running across the streets and enter a more casual beginners' section, running up ramps and walls of buildings as Zonas and flying across large cracks in the road as Sinicini.  By that point, the goal will be to make it to the top of the Naxaz capital building, which is where the level ends.

As the players advance in the level, the skies darken and security drones will begin roaming the level, attacking players on sight with their search lights.  If players are spotted, they'll be forced to fight hordes of weak security drones.

  • Escape the police pursuit. (Normal)
  • Destroy fifty vehicles on the streets. (1st Challenge)
  • Beat the time limit of five minutes. (2nd Challenge)
  • Clear the level via the dangerous low route. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Flying Shot. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 50000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 1:25.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 3:30.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
Area 02
Poison Plant

Poison Plant is, in contrast to Downtown Drive, an upwards-going level that has Team Zonas walk around an elevator going around a large metallic pole, leading high into the Plant.  As the elevator rises up, it will occasionally stop so players have to fight off enemies, which are required to die so the elevator can continue going up.

When the elevator ends, the players move across a series of hallways with energy-powered floors with hexagon designs, going down slides and carefully ascending platforms with toxic pits embedded in them.  Team Zonas will enter another elevator...with rising toxins underneath!

In this second and only other elevator, Team Zonas must climb the broken down elevator, using careful platforming skills to escape the Plant room.  If a player falls into the toxins, they burn to death and they must restart from the checkpoint in front of the plant.  Once they pass the section, the floor will close under them and the goal will be right ahead of them.

  • Locate the Plant core. (Normal)
  • Collect 150 lost burgers. (1st Challenge)
  • Demolish 50 enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat Coris. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:45.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 3:30.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 25000.
Area 03
Forest Frolic

Forest Frolic is a straight path stage, having the three blur through green and orange paths with beautiful trees lining the sides and also taking up pieces of the road's middle.  The stage is split up into several paths, which must be followed carefully or the players will risk falling into the abyss underneath the forest road.

Forest Frolic properly introduces enemy hordes, which will often appear on large patches of grass for the players to fight off, specifically Adexene.  It also introduces underweater sections, and the three will submerge underneath water often to bypass giant trees.  The three will ride on a giant log down a river by the stage's end to escape a giant alligator, too.

Throughout the level, players will notice people singing and playing banjos.  The banjos are magical and keep large pillars raised high into the air.  If the banjo players are hit by anything, they'll stop playing the banjos and the pillars will lower.  Sometimes this is necessary to move on.

  • Locate the Jazz Jungle. (Normal)
  • Collect 75 fallen fruit. (1st Challenge)
  • Take the dangerous, underground route to the end. (2nd Challenge)
  • Locate ten secret disks. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Phantom Totem. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 50000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of
  • S Rank in the Valere mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 5:00.
Area 04
Jazzy Jungle

Jazzy Jungle is a lot like Frolic Forest in terms of design, with several winding paths, but these intertwine a lot more often and often break apart towards dangerous sections that require the players to watch their step as they move along.  It's much more acrobatic in structure too, with vine swinging action and rail grinding.

In the Jazzy Jungle, players are expected to swing from vine to vine carefully, avoiding the monkeys and tarantulas that might be able to halt their progress if they're too slow, and they should always be quick on their feet for the footing often becomes loose or otherwise broken.

As players tread this level, they'll often have to move around in a dance-like fashion to the jazzy theme of the overall level, and if they don't in the jazz-themed areas, they'll trigger enemies in the distance, who will attack the trio on sight and cause major damage if not disposed of quickly.

  • Locate the White Light source. (Normal)
  • Clear all jazz puzzles. (1st Challenge)
  • Take down the Purple Balloon. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Jungle King. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 55000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge is obtained if the player has a time of under 7:30.
  • S Rank in the second challenge is obtained if the player has under a time of under 4:00.
  • S Rank in the Valerie challenge is obtained if the player has a score of 30000.
Area 05
Rainbow Ridges

Rainbow Ridges is a short course in comparison to the others, but it's definitely a curve up in difficulty, with shorter platforms, collapsing footing on the outer edges of the grounds.  Rainbow Ridges has a lot of passageways that must be opened up with Adexene's powers, and they lead to floorless corridors that require some of the first usage of Zonas' wall jumping.

Rainbow Ridges, like its following stage, is notable for illusions, and some parts of the stage seem to not be real until you come close.  Always take caution when approaching what seem to be friendly areas, and feel free to zip towards what appears to be evil-filled areas of mass destruction.

As Team Zonas advances through the Rainbow Ridges, they'll be grinding on a lot of rails that connect the ridges together, and they'll find themselves often on unstable platforms with small hordes of enemies they must throw off.  After these enemies are defeated, new platforms will show up so they can escape.

  • Acquire the Gold Medallion. (Normal)
  • Collect 100 Rainbow Spirits. (1st Challenge)
  • Destroy the Dark Edges. (2nd Challenge)
  • Collect 20 Valerie Tokens. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Spectrum Beast. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 3:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 4:45.
  • S Rank in the Valere mission is obtained if the player has a score of 15000.
Area 06
Illusion Island

Illusion Island is very much like a labyrinth, being a mess of corridors and pathwayss, Team Zonas having to find the exit.  This is one of the skill test stages in this game, and tests a player's skill with Zonas' wall jumping and attacking, Sinicini's flying skills, and Adexene's raw power and pathway finding.

Like with Rainbow Ridges, a lot of the area is shrouded in illusions, and they work the same way.  However, they're everywhere now and they affect how soon a player gets out of the stage; they should never take pathways that appear to be exits, they'll get lost more in the level, take pathways that appear to be hopeless.

Illusion Island locks the player up in rooms at points where they need to use careful acrobatic talent to get from the entrance to the exit, and some rooms have a lot of enemies that a player must defeat in order to escape.  These enemies have plenty of HP, but usually help level the team up to new heights.

  • Escape the Illusion Island. (Normal)
  • Find and locate the Eight Red Coins. (1st Challenge)
  • Seek and destroy 100 enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Illusion Master. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 7:30.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 12:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 25000.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 20000.
Area 07
Skyscraper Scamper

Skyscaper Scamper is the seventh level and features the trio running up a skyscraper as its base collapses, being held in the air by rocket propellers.  Team Zonas must zone up the area fast, zooming through doorways and jumping from platform to platform fast as the skyscraper ascends into the skies.  Zonas is the player's main character here, thanks to his needed speed.

In this level, the three have to move real fast or they'll fall down with the rest of the building.  Therefore, the player will mostly play as Zonas, but sometimes they'll need to switch to Sinicini so they can disable gates holding them back or to Adexene so she can break through locked doors.  Zonas will be able to wall jump from floor to floor and run up and down the hallways the fastest.

There are little enemies, but almost all of them are required to be destroyed as the enemies are usually set up so that Zonas has to chain them in order to ascend floors, or a few enemies will be in rooms that have a door that'll only open if they're defeated, but those are rare and in between.  If players manage to make it through the obstacles, they'll land on a stable airship and win.

  • Reach the Violet Flagship. (Normal)
  • Destroy all enemies. (1st Challenge)
  • Locate and touch all 30 flags. (2nd Challenge)
  • Reach the end of the level in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. (Valerie)
  • Defeat Donald Dumpet II. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 55000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 1:30.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:15.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 25000.
Area 08
Airship Assault

Airship Assault begins immediately after Skyscraper Scamper, and takes a lot of level design inspiration off of the Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes.  The trio moves form airship to airship, destroying the innards of each and flying from ship to ship, grinding on rails and running on the sides of smaller airships to move on.  Like with the previous levels, there are various enemies that should be chained to pass big gaps.

The trio will find themselves mostly outside on the airships, breaking down enemies and doing careful platforming so they don't fall into the pits below.  Some of the airships sport different elements, like some have underwater sections, some have boiling pits of lava, and some airships are falling apart and require the players to be fast so they don't fall with the ship to their doom.

On the last airship, the trio will run down the largest stretch of road in the stage and solve some puzzles in connected rooms.  These puzzles involve switches and pulleys.  When they're done, the final room will open up, where a boss will await.  After it's defeated, Zonas and friends will blow up the final airship and catapult to the first stage of the next half of the game; Gamble Gardens.

  • Destroy the Violet Fleet. (Normal)
  • Get to the end without destroying any airships, using shortcuts to get by. (1st Challenge)
  • Destroy 200 enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat The Father. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 60000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 6:30.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 25000.
Sky Area
Lethal Lightning

An area inspired by Sonic Adventure's Sky Chase, Zonas and Sinicini ride on Adexene's back (she's an airplane for the level) and chase after the ship of the main antagonist, rolling through dark and thundering skies as they give chase.

Along the way, Zonas and Sinicini must switch between each other and shoot and strangle opposing ships, respectively, and Adexene needs to steer herself out of trouble, especially against the boss at the end of the Lethal Lightning stage.

Area 09
Gamble Gardens

Gamble Gardens is a set of walkways taking the trio to a world of casino and gambling-related mechanics, including a pinball course the three tumble down, slot machines the three can activate by standing on switches and small platforms, and balancing themselves on bumpers to score points.  The trio can also step on bingo spaces set around the casino to score points, and there are 25 of them.

The walkways are notorious for being high in the air, and if a player falls through the often large gaps in them, they'll fall to their death below.  The Gamble Gardens are a rather simple stage, but that doesn't mean a player shouldn't keep caution when playing this course.  The goal of the stage is at the casino's peak, meaning the player will have to rise floors, and that's where Sinicini's flight and Zonas' wall jumps shine best.

Gamble Gardens has a lot of security, and enemies will be flying everywhere and searching out the trio.  If they detect the trio, the doors lock up, the games shut down and the trio will be forced to defeat the given enemies in order to open the door again, including the security robots.  Sometimes, the security will break open the floor, which can make for a lethal fall for the heroes.

  • Seek out the hidden carnival. (Normal)
  • Collect 10000 USA CASH MONEY. (1st Challenge)
  • Step on all 25 Bingo spaces within 8 minutes. (2nd Challenge)
  • Collect 200 sardines. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Satanic Dealer. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 80000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 50000.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 60000.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 6:00.
Area 10
Carnival Crash

Carnival Crash is the tenth level and is notably more dangerous, having thin walkways, circus-like antics like burning hoops and dangerous swings, and features carnival rides that can break one's neck.  The trio must make it from the beginning, functioning roller coaster to the other one, whereas they battle a trio that they never have engaged combat with before.

The trio hardly get breaks in this level as there isn't much of a floor, and as such Sinicini is this level's main focus, as she has to get the trio from balcony to balcony safely, and start up the rides so they can take them to get to the level's other areas.  When in danger, Sinicini is often relied on to get them out of there.  Zonas and Adexene have little use, but Zonas will sometimes have to chain enemie.

Carnival Crash has hardly any enemies, but the ones faced are often big and strong in comparison and some of these are even unfamiliar to the player.  Defeating these requires strategy usually, and it's where Adexene shines the most, as her power can hopefully make quick work of the enemies.  Zonas often takes on the enemies that lead the trio to other areas.

  • Catch up to Team Nyx. (Normal)
  • Obtain 30000 points. (1st Challenge)
  • Annihilate all 50 enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat Team Nyx. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 65000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 6:30.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 7:00.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 30000.
Area 11
Hellfire Highway

Hellfire Highway is a long and winding level split up into different routes the player can take, although they have to be careful as the highway will light on fire a lot and force them to take different paths sometimes if the roads catch aflame.  A lot of the roads are broken, and some are just floating pieces of road held up by fiery pillars, which should be walked across carefully or the trio will get burnt to death.

This level surprisingly doesn't make much use of Sinicini as it does Zonas and Adexene.  Zonas can blitz down the fiery roads and take huge advantage from the speed panels spread throughout the level, and there are a lot of sections blocked off by boulders, which Adexene must destroy so the trio can move on.  Sinicini has a bit of use for Sinicini; she can fly to other roads, but it's really risky without upgrades.

Hellfire Highway features a part at the end where Nyx will press another switch, destroying the road behind them and generating a large explosion that races their way.  Zonas is permanently in the lead from there, and must run straight down the road towards the Boiling Badlands, where he has to avoid the obstacles and obstructions in his way.

  • Chase down Team Perplexi. (Normal)
  • Collect 8000 USA CASH MONEY. (1st Challenge)
  • Collect 500 Burgers. (2nd Challenge)
  • Blow up ten sections of the highway. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Daredevil. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 50000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:30.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 1:45.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 90000.
Area 12
Boiling Badlands

Boiling Badlands leads directly on from Hellfire Highway, and is much tougher, with pillars of flames bursting everywhere and rough terrain that often requires the trio to grind on rails.  Boiling Badlands features a lot of rails, which they must alternate between riding on as the rails feature a lot of hazards that can knock them off.  They'll also have to navigate carefully as meteor showers are everywhere.

The area makes heavy use of Adexene, who must break boulders for the team to pass and push down and straighten out rails so they can be grinded on to other areas.  Adexene must also take on the heavily armed enemies that appear all over the level as Zonas cannot pierce their defenses unless he is at a high level and Sinicini cannot paralyze them except at truly high levels.

The Boiling Badlands become darker as time passes, to the point where there's a cave with its only lighting being the lava held within it.  To light up the way, Zonas or Adexene need to hit torches on the wall to see around, but the torches go out after a while.  The cave is a long, perplex puuzzle that requires immense skill to solve.

  • Locate and destroy Vitch. (Normal)
  • Take the hard route out of the level. (1st Challenge)
  • Destroy 150 enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat Vitch. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 60000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 45000.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has under a time of 8:45.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
Area 13
Lava Lake

Lava Lake is a stage that sports both lava and underwater areas, and players spend most of the time under seas.  They have to be careful as the underwater movements make them sluggish, and if they hit lava, they burn to death instantly.  Adexene disappears when there's water around, so it's really up to Zonas and Sinicini to navigate the level, but above seas, Adexene can break up new exits.

The stage makes great use of Zonas' speed, often having sections underwater with several dash panels that make him go fast, and Zonas can run across the surface of water at Level 2 and over.  Sinicini can swim through the waters and have Zonas hold onto her, and from there, Sinicini can fire waterproof bullets to destroy underwater foes.  Using them in combination, they can clear the levels with ease.

Lava Lake would actually be pretty easy if it weren't for the fact that it is possible to drown.  Players cannot remain underwater for more than 30 seconds, and at 25, there's a countdown from 5 to 0.  To keep themselves together, players must collect air bubbles embedded in the ground and breathe.  If they fail to collect air bubbles, the players drown and lose a life.

  • Seek out the Perplexi team. (Normal)
  • Collect 8 red coins. (1st Challenge)
  • Clear the level within a time limit of seven minutes! (2nd Challenge)
  • Seek out the sunken airship. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Calamari Monster. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 35000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 5:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 20000.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 40000.
Area 14
Turmoil Tunnels

Turmoil Tunnels is the last level before things take a sharp turn for the most difficult.  The stage is a very fast moving one that has the players spend few minutes in the actual level, but is very dangerous and it's easy to fall off the unguarded bits of the area.  The trio ride on trains moving through rocky tunnels, which can severely hinder progress by having a chance of knocking them backwards or even off the tracks.

The level makes the most extensive use of Zonas and Adexene's abilities.  Zonas is the only one reliable in moving the trio forward on the trains and keeping them from falling off, and Adexene must break through the trains Zonas can't and attack the enemies held in the freight cars.  Sometimes the trains will submerge in lava or underwater, and the player must quickly adapt to them or they will die.

There is a time limit on the level, three minutes in fact, regardless of whatever mission you're doing.  However, when you reach the end boss of the level, the timer stops.  The time limit forces and encourages the players to go as fast as they can muster without stopping to do much else, and if players screw around, they can easily run out of time and restart the entire level over again.

  • Reach the front car under a time limit and assault the conductor. (Normal)
  • Destroy five freight trains. (1st Challenge)
  • Annihilate fifty enemies. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Valerie to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the conductor. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 75000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 2:15.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 55000.
Area 15
Metropolis Mayhem

Metropolis Mayhem is the beginning of the end two levels, and is a huge step up in overall difficulty.  Fast paced, full of non-stop movement as the metropolis blows up from the traps set up by the still-mysterious cyborg, and consisting of some of the strongest enemies, if one feared this level, we wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.

Zonas is the most used person in this level thanks to his high speed able to burst through the city and the fact that when he's in the lead, he tells the player exactly where to go.  His high speed is used to go up walls, grind on rails, and escape military vehicles sent on his tail.  Adexene and Sinicini have very little use, and are mostly used to obliterate the enemies that Zonas can't.

The key to completing this level is knowing the controls well enough, as if one gets stuck for too long, they can get burned by the trail of flames that were sent after them.  Zonas, again, should almost always be in the lead as he knows how to navigate this city, but Sinicini and Adexene are sometimes needed to be switched into so that they can take out flying enemies or steel ones.

  • Seek out the cyborg's home land. (Normal)
  • Light up 40 torches. (1st Challenge)
  • Find the lost child. (2nd Challenge)
  • Blow up 60 vehicles. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Malicious Cyborg. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 50000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 6:00.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 4:30.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtained if the player has a score of 60000.
Area 16
Winding Wasteland
This must be their headquarters!

The final level of the game, and without a doubt, the most challenging and most irritating stage of them all.  Like with Metropolis Mayhem, the stage is very fast paced, but this time it uses all three characters in rather equal importance instead of mainly Zonas.  Winding Wasteland has collapsing ground, auto-locking cannons, several doors that need to be opened by switches, and giant lasers that sometimes appear when the team grind on rails.

Best luck comes to the player if they have well-timed jumps and are good at finding shortcuts, as the cyborg and what remains of the Perplexi made it so that they couldn't get through the main paths.  Adexene needs to break through security doors and hordes of enemies, Sinicini needs to destroy the guard enemies that keep the toughest doors shut, and Zonas has sections of platforming that require almost precise action in order to be passed safely.  The three must often work together in puzzles, which require their best talents yet.

Winding Wasteland hasn't as much floor as it does rails and falling ground, and various platforms suspended in the air should be stepped on in order to continue moving through.  As the player progresses in the level, the cyborg's minions become more varied and some of the best of the best begin showing up.  When the player reaches the final section, a giant, mechanical dragon chases after them, requiring careful movement in order to dodge the flames and move on the platforms fight.

"Winding" suits the level correctly, as it takes about twenty minutes to complete at a normal pace.  As such, the player should play this level in conjunction with Metropolis Mayhem when they have at least an hour so they can take on both stages and the boss.

  • Infiltrate the base. (Normal)
  • Destroy 300 enemies. (1st Challenge)
  • Beat the time limit of twelve minutes. (2nd Challenge)
  • Race Silver to the end of the level. (Valerie)
  • Defeat the Omega Cyborg. (Boss)
  • S Rank in the normal mission is obtained if the player has a score of 100000.
  • S Rank in the first challenge mission is obtained if the player has a time of under 13:30.
  • S Rank in the second challenge mission is obtained if the player has a score of 80000.
  • S Rank in the Valerie mission is obtaiend if the player has a score of 50000.


Like with Sonic Heroes and most Sonic games, Gone Unleashed features items, but many more and they're held in large, pill-like containers with an image of the respective item on it instead of simple item boxes.

Name Description Rarity
Bomb Destroys all on-screen enemies. Rare
Deluxe Burger
Restores a character's health back by 2 points.
Restores a character's health back up to max.
Enemy The enemy container breaks out the enemy displayed on the front. Rare
Extra Life Grants the player an extra life, pretty much a "retry" item. Rare
Hyperify Speed
Hyperify Flight
Hyperify Power
Executes attacks for Zonas much faster, increases acceleration.
Executes attacks for Sinicini much faster, increases flight.
Executes attacks for Adexene much faster, increases power.
Invincibility Temporarily makes Team Zonas invincbile to attacks. Uncommon
Multiply Doubles attack duration and Adexene's used ammo. Uncommon
Power Core
Super Core
Max Core
Levels a character up by one.
Levels a character up by three.
Brings a character up to the max level instantly.
Very Rare
Randomize Randomizes an item. Uncommon
Super Shield
Pyro Shield
Magnetic Shield
Aqua Shield
Protects a character from a single attack.
Protects a character from three attacks.
Protects a character from fire attacks and increases speed.
Protects a character from electricity attacks and attracts burgers.
Protects a character from wind and water attacks and prevents drowning.
Size Grow
Size Shrink
Increases the player's size and increases statistics, although decreases jump.
Decreases the player's size and decreases statistics, although increases jump.
Super Speed
Hyper Speed
Doubles a character's speed for fifteen seconds.
Doubles a character's speed for thirty seconds.
Time Stop Stops time momentarily, preventing all enemies from moving. Rare


Name Description
Flying Shot

Taking huge inspiration from Sonic Adventure 2's Hot Shot, this giant mech flies around the stage, firing at Team Zonas with its front turrets, often zoning right across the stage and making u-turns back.  After a few circles, it'll get on the ground and run around, firing rockets around the stage that home on sight.  Once it takes enough damage, it'll begin firing pure energy beams around the stage, cracking it and making less footing for the team to run on.

The Flying Shot has 60 HP.


Coris is a giant machine sitting in the center of the Poison Plant's core room, hence the name, spinning around and firing bullets and cannonballs at Team Zonas.  It spins around erratically if it misses too often, firing its shots everywhere, causing it to overheat and stop moving momentarily.  When it overheats, the team can damage the machine, breaking down on it.  As it takes damage, it'll begin firing more weapons and cause fire to open up from the floor to burn its foes.

Coris has 100 HP.

Phantom Totem

Phantom Totem is a tall, four-headed totem pole flying in the air, unable to be hit by any attacks except for when it's solid.  It'll fire out harmful music notes that cause their victims to become dizzy and temporarily uncontrollable, and deal a bit of racked-up damage.  When it's done firing music notes, it'll go on the ground and breathe fire, becoming solid so it can do such.  The player must switch to Sinicini and hurl Zonas and Adexene at it, stunning it so it can be attacked.

Phantom Totem has 30 HP per head.

Jungle King

Jungle King is a giant, muscular mutant human that goes around the stage wildly, attempting to slam hard into the trio and knock them off the stage.  He'll swing from vine to vine, and as he does so, players have to hit his butt so that he takes damage and falls down, players able to hit him before he gets back up again.  As he takes damage, he'll begin stomping on the stage, creating electrifying shockwaves and can also pick up the stage a bit and snap it in half, forming a rift that is fatal to fall into.

The Jungle King has 100 HP.

Spectrum Beast

Spectrum Beast is a giant, basilisk-like animal moving at high speeds around the hexagon-shaped arena, going under the platform and over it, attempting to ram into Team Zonas.  Notably, the Spectrum Beast's body is all invincible except for its head, and the different parts of its body reflect attacks and also light.  The players must move slowly and attack the head when it misses, which damages it.  At lower health, it'll begin tossing fire from its sides, damaging players that are too close.

The Spectrum Beast has 50 HP.

Illusion Master

The Illusion Master is a magical human being split into tens, teleporting all around the arena and firing harmful magic at Team Zonas.  He'll levitate around the arena and drop bombs as well, which must be kicked back at him (they have low priority) to cause damage.  When the fakes are damaged, they'll disappear, leaving the Illusion Master with less fakes to defend with.  As the battle goes on, the Illusion Master will begin moving away from the player when they come too close.

The Illusion Master has 150 HP.

Donald Dumpet II

Donald Dumpet II is an improved and renewed version of the antagonist from Human Devastation, being a robot that flies around and drops bombs in an attempt to devastate the three.  When it comes close, it'll come onto the ground and smash its heavy arms into them in order to cause damage, or fire rockets and energy orbs when it's far away from them.  To damage Donald Dumpet II, Team Zonas needs to paralyze it and attack it harshly with Adexene.

Donald Dumpet II has 130 HP.

The Father

The Father is the first major boss in the game, standing in the center of the room and forming shadowy hands everywhere, attempting to smash them into Zonas and his friends or take them into his hands, crushing them to death.  Sinicini needs to strangle his hands, Adexene needs to destroy them, and Zonas needs to hit his father as only demons can damage these demons.  After several hits, the Father will be faster and hurl small meteors around in an attempt to destroy the team once and for all.

The Father has 200 HP.


The Blackship is a giant airship fought at the end of Lethal Lightning, flying far ahead of Zonas' team and firing lasers and bombs at them.  The Blackship can also turn into a skewer and attempt to slam into the team, but they can avoid by going to the sides.  To damage the Blackship, the three must wait for the ship to open up its core, where it'll fire a near unavoidable laser that deals a lot of damage on contact with the players.  However, the core is its weakness and loses a lot of health when hit.

The Blackship has 500 HP.

Satanic Dealer

The Satanic Dealer fights the Gone Trio on a square battlefield, being a machine with the recurring cyborg piloting it.  It'll drive around the battlefield, spinning its slots and preparing to launch random attacks at the team.  It can fire rockets, arrays of bombs, lasers, or summon security drones to attack the players.  To attack the machine, the player must be Adexene and collect the always-appearing power cores from defeating the drones, and then attack the machine with strong attacks.  However, the player must switch to Sinicini to fly over large waves of fire or to Zonas to take off its security armor when it's at low health.

The Satanic Dealer has 200 HP.

Team Nyx

Team Nyx is the equivalent to the team battles featured in Sonic Heroes, fighting Team Zonas on a circular platform with heavy metal bursting in the background.  They function a lot like Team Zonas; Nyx is speed, Comma is flight, and Tomma is power, and they all have similar moves, save for the darkness effects at the end of each and their black-and-white colors.  They'll always aim for their rivals and attempt to knock them off the course, but Team Zonas must fight back and deplete their health.  Zonas should disrupt Comma's attacks, Adexene should counter Nyx, and Sinicini should interrupt Tomma.  By being careful with strategy, Team Nyx will be down easily.  NOTABLY, Power Cores and Burgers are around the field, and should be collected before Team Nyx takes them so that the player has an advantage against them.

All three members have 50 HP each.

The Daredevil

The Daredevil keeps ahead of the trio, facing backwards and looking towards the trio, firing bombs at them and firing lasers from the sides of its body.  The trio must wait for the machine to come near them to attack, for if they try to get close, the machine will drive away and force them to catch up to it.  Once it's close, the player must become Sinicini and take the vehicle close to them, and then Adexene needs to land heavy hits after Zonas blows off its shield.  At low health, it'll begin using chainsaws and tear away at the ground to form a gap that the team can fall through to die.

The Daredevil has 250 HP.


The second major boss in the game, Vitch will distance herself away from the Gone trio and attack from far away with her snake arms.  When they're close, she'll slash at them with a long cutlass, which she can also swing and toss as a projectile from far away, forming another with her hands after use.  Vitch can also bring cops from around her to shoot at the trio to cut away at their health, bringing them down to succumb to defeat.  As strong as Vitch is, the trio can defeat her if they devise a careful strategy.  Getting close to Vitch makes her teleport to the opposite side of the battlefield, so Sinicini needs to toss her rope at her snake arms when they appear, and then spin her upside down.  The trio can then attack her, but only Adexene can smash through her rough defense.  Vitch will fly up in an attempt to escape, but this is where Zonas needs to hit her to cause true damage.

Vitch has 300 HP.

Calamari Monster

The Calamari Monster is the boss of the Lava Lake.  It resides on the stage's center and thrusts its tentacles everywhere, attempting to slip the trio and whip the health out of them.  Additionally, it can roll up its tentacles and shove them forward as fists to knock the trio far away, which makes it an opponent that can safely attack from close and from afar.  The monster is usually underwater, but by attacking the switches on the sides of the stage, the water will drain.  When this is the case, the player must turn to Adexene and attack the beast's tentacles.  There are eight tentacles, and each has 10 HP.  When they are defeated, the head will be available to be damaged; it will roll around and attempt to smash the trio apart, but by attacking its eyes, it'll take severe damage.  After a bit of rolling, it'll regenerate its tentacles and repeat strategy.

Calamari Monster has 120 HP.

The Conductor

The Conductor is the boss of the Turmoil Tunnels.  In contrast to previous bosses, it isn't difficult to defeat, and flies up in the air and drops bombs towards the trio.  That's all it can do, so the player needs to rebound its bombs back at it to make it fall, then beat up the conductor enough so that it can't fly back up.  Then the player must switch to Sinicini to fling it off the train to fully destroy it.

The Conductor has 600 HP.

Malicious Cyborg

Prototype version of the Omega Cyborg, and the boss of the Metropolis Mayhem level.  This boss is extremely tough to face, with its extremely large body able to knock the trio off its platform and breathe fire all over the level.  The beast can jump around and can send its drills into the ground to tear up the stage into pieces, making it hard to fight on.  The player must wait for it to crash down either of its arms, then attack the segmented shell as Adexene (80 HP).  Once both arms have fallen, Zonas should shoot the innards of the arms to stop it from attacking.  Sinicini should be able to lift the trio up to attack the cyborg, attacking its face while avoiding its lasers.  After taking a recovery period, it will regenerate its arm energy and 50 HP before attacking again.

The Malicious Cyborg has 400 HP.

Omega Cyborg

Turns out, they did complete the robot!  This is the boss of the Winding Wasteland level, and it's hella tough.  It bears a similar fighting style to its prototype self, but can generate winds that push players off the edge and fire multitudes of rockets off its back to annihilate the opposition.  It can fire a really large laser from its mouth to incinerate remaining players as well.  The Omega Cyborg can bounce around the stage and breathe blue fire that captures any of the three characters and stops them from laying their assault.  The player must break down the arms like before, then freeze them.  Once frozen, the player should climb up the arms and use Adexene to break the robot's shell.  Once broken, Sinicini should fly up and toss her lovers at the robot's head in order to damage it whilst avoiding the multitudes of lasers it can send out.

The Omega Cyborg has 600 HP.

Team Nyx II

These brats again?  After clearing the main stages, you have to take down these persistent buggers a second time through.  Just like the original fight, Team Nyx attempt to knock the team off the edge and erase them of their existence.  This means that Team Zonas must put its energy into countering and defeating them before it's too late.  Power Cores and Burgers lie around the stadium that can be taken; the player should grab these before their opponents do.  Unlike the original fight, Team Nyx can use an equivalent to a Team Blast -- with enough power, they will charge up their energy together and unleash it in the form of a hurricane that will knock Zonas and his partners clean off stage if they don't end up hitting a wall first.

All three members have 150 HP each.


Oh God.  This final boss -- the first phase -- is a really tough one to face.  He will fire barrages of missiles from his mouth and attempt to attack the trio, and swipe his arms around the arena to finish them off.  He will also summon Fandraxonians who will infiltrate the battlefield and beat down on the players until they're defeated.  Merciless can also breathe fire from his mouth, which will light the battlefield on fire and stop his opponents from attempting to make their escape.  The three must wait until they can obtain Power Cores and get up to a high level.  3 Damage is enough to break the monster's defenses; high-leveled shots towards the beast's head will work.  It will change where its head is positioned often, so the player should follow it around carefully.

Merciless has 500 HP total.

True Merciless

The absolute final battle.  The circular platform the player was fighting on is now cut down by half, meaning there's less footing...which is bad when there's a lot of attacks to face!  Merciless' head will constantly move between its several necks and breathe elemental attacks from each of them.  It has several tentacles, which it will attempt to slam down into the players.  Blue tentacles must be smashed by Zonas, yellow ones by Sinicini, and red ones by Adexene.  After they're all smashed up, its body will rise up from the ground and fire mechanical clones based on the trio to battle them.  After they're defeated, Adexene must quickly go up to the boss and smash into their head with an attack when all the tentacles are down.  If this is the case, the head will retreat and its heart will show up.  The heart must be hit to deal damage.  After a few seconds, the cycle repeats.

True Merciless has 2000 HP total.


Gone Unleashed features DLC, mostly that in relation to the Sonic franchise and Super Mario Maker Phi.  The DLC comes by packs, released monthly starting in February of 2017.

Pack Number Contents
  • Begins offering costumes to players, Sonic costume for Zonas, Tails for Sinicini, and Knuckles for Adexene.
  • Bowie appears in the game as an NPC, counting the player's "S" ranks and giving feedback and tips on how to get more.
  • Adds a level designer to the game in an almost identical fashion to Super Mario Maker Phi.
  • Offers new costumes; Shadow for Zonas, Rouge for Sinicini, and Omega for Adexene.
  • Fandro appears in the game as an NPC, teaching Adexene how to best use her attacks and gives some extra techniques.
  • Adds two new levels to the game; Classic World and Modern World, based off of the atmosphere of Super Mario Maker, using elements from Phi such as Petey Piranha.
  • Offers new costumes; Amy for Zonas, Cream for Sinicini, and Big for Adexene.
  • Ethan appears in the game as an NPC, teaching Zonas how to make his homing attacks safer and more guaranteed to land.
  • Fusee from Phi appears as a guest character, racing Team Zonas across an event race; Fusee Course.
  • Offers new costumes; Espio for Zonas, Charmy for Sinicini, and Vector for Adexene.
  • Ghasja appears in the game as an NPC, teaching Sinicini how to sniff out flight Power Cores to help her get an edge early on in levels.
  • Some customs from Phi are added into the game as optional powerups, such as triple fireball and eggplan spell.
  • Offers new costumes; Silver for Zonas, Blaze for Sinicini, and Mephiles for Adexene.
  • Frink appears in the game as an NPC, appearing as the alternative transportation around Naxaz and the other hub world.
  • Creates five Fusee Courses, the goal of each being identical to the original from DLC pack 3.  Completing these Fusee courses however results in USA CASH MONEY awards.
  • Offers new costumes; Jet for Zonas, Wave for Sinicini, and Storm for Adexene.
  • Chezen appears in the game as an NPC, forming a cheese that the three can add to their burgers to double their effects for free.
  • Gives the game an interactive title screen akin to Super Mario Maker Phi.
  • Offers new costumes; Fang/Nack for Zonas, Bean for Sinicini, and Bark for Adexene.
  • Elvis and Pecan appear in the game as NPCs, being virtual pets that the player can raise and feed food.
  • If pack 1 was downloaded, the level design doubles in features.
  • Offers new costumes; Chip for Zonas, Marine for Sinicini, and Black Doom for Adexene.
  • Oshelia appears in the game as an NPC, giving tips about surviving underwater and gives them a free Water Boost charm which enables faster underwater movement.
  • If pack 2 was downloaded, extra missions are added to the bonus levels.
  • Offers new costumes; Enerjak for Zonas, Tikal for Sinicini, and Chaos 0 for Adexene.
  • Fandraxono appears in the game as an NPC, being an extra boss that the player can choose to battle and defeat.
  • Scanning any amiibo compatable with Super Mario Maker Phi now results in the player receiving costumes of Mario, Luigi, and Peach for Zonas, Sinicini and Adexene, respectively.
  • Offers new costumes; Erazor Djinn for Zonas, Merlina for Sinicini, and Black Knight "Arthur" for Adexene.
  • Crymsia appears in the game as an NPC, who serves little purpose other to provoke the love ship that the three share.
  • Scanning any amiibo compatable with Super Mario Maker Phi now results in the player receiving costumes of Toad, Rosalina and Fusee for Zonas, Sinicini and Adexene, respectively.
  • Offers new costumes; Dr. Robotnik for Zonas, Scratch for Sinicini, and Grounder for Adexene.
  • Ike appears in the game as an NPC, giving tips on how to fight for their friends.  If the player beats Fusee missions, Ike will replace her on hard mode.
  • More customs from Mario Maker Phi become powerups.
  • Offers new costumes; Dr. Eggman for Zonas, Zazz for Sinicini, and Metal Sonic for Adexene.
  • Knuckles appears officially in the game as a rapper, singing songs that the player can use to replace the level themes with.
  • The Mystery Mushroom makes an appearance and transforms the team into different Toroko or Zaxinian Lifts characters until they're hit.


Since its release, Gone Unleashed has been met with critical acclaim.  The homage to Sonic Heroes and other Sonic games was received very well, praised in particular for keeping the original gameplay style intact while improving on the faults that the original game carried.  The gameplay and controls were well praised for being precise and smooth, allowing any player of almost any age to pick up the game easily.  Furthermore, the characters have been met with positive reception and the missions were "fun" and "just right in difficulty".  There were generally few complaints, mostly focusing around the odd camera angle at points and the rather tough bosses, being a sharp difficulty curve in comparison to the stages.



  • Gone Unleashed is a homage to Sonic Heroes and Sonic Unleashed obviously, as they are two of the creator's favorite games.

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