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Gone is one of several series connected with the Zaxinian Lifts, starring the notable characters Zonas, Sinicini, and Adexene. Athena Hawkins (tbc) and Exotoro (tbc) both have control over this property.

Main Characters

  • Zonas: Often regarded as the main protagonist and the central character, the only good person of seven in a family of thieves, having rebelled them and betrayed them for the causes of good. Master of disguise, but perhaps one of the shyest around.
  • Sinicini: One of two deuteragonists alongside Adexene, Sinicini is a girl suffering from the OCD that always forces her to tell the truth and can't hide secrets, but is a very kind person with mastery of charm and friendship.
  • Adexene: One of two deuteragonists alongside Sinicini, Adexene is a cyborg with a very conflicting personality, acting a lot like a human being lost in the depths of reality. She is always attempting to try her best to act like a real human.



Spin offs

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Projects that aren't exactly Gone but feature it in one way or another.


  • Gone was intended to be the only one of its kind, but its success led to more of its kind.