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Gone is a 2016 fiction created by Athena Hawkins (tbc), being her second major project (following Masses) and her first non-umbrella title since her full restart in the Fantendo community. It follows the Zaxinian Lifts canon (and therefore, the Fantendoverse canon) and takes place in Hisplit.  It was originally published under TimeStrike, but was later officially released by Goddess Publishing.

Gone stars the character Zonas in his own adventure as he attempts to hide from the authorities because of his identity as a thief, attempting to team up with "humanoid supercomputer" Adexene and hyper positive college student Sinicini (despite their differences) to redeem himself and put his just as guilty family in prison for their misdeeds in the past and all their identities as thieves, not out of irony, but to try and make himself a good person and have a restart of a lifetime.


From the Perspective of The Boy

A middle aged teen in black rags for a coat and torn up blue jeans was streaking across a long, narrow marble road, heavily panting as he moved, the lights of red, blue and white flashing from behind him.  Many a gunshot can be heard, each shot barely missing the kid, him finding a trash can and hiding right behind it, no longer being in the visibility of the police as their hovering vehicles passed by.

"That was close..." muttered the boy, a tear running down from his right eye.  "I gotta be more c-c-careful..."

The boy had recently been caught raiding the doughnut shop of its supplies, him wanting to feed some of the poor people on the backstreets that he saw earlier that morning, and the police were sent after him. As mischievous and wrong his deed was, he wanted to do it for a good purpose, and being a "good person" was something he struggled and has striven to be, following accidents in his childhood, which he has never explained yet to anyone...

Taking a sigh of relief, he sat by the trash and cried a bit into his right elbow. He hated the things he had to do in life to get anywhere, and stealing was one of them. The boy couldn't even go home, an angry family of his was waiting for him to return so they could properly punishing him for abandoning them and for destroying their oil supply, and steal a power deep from within his heart. That power? None can describe it, and not even he knows how it works.

The boy knew he couldn't sit there forever. He got up, stretched, and crept into an alleyway, and backed against the wall. What could he do now? Following that doughnuts episode, he could be recognized right away, and for someone who's only been in the city for about two days...that'd be too quick to give up. There had to be other ways for him to redeem himself...

From the Perspective of The Girl

At the same time as the boy's runaway, a college student was walking on another marble road, looking around and smiling to the people she walked past, snapping her fingers as people watched her march down the road, two bodyguards on each side to help make sure that she wasn't gonna get hurt or anything. Grinning, she held a mirror in her hand and looked down into it, brushing out her hair with her delicate right hand.

"Ha..." she whispered. "If only I matched my looks."

The girl was being quite truthful, her physical appearance was ironic to her secrets. She has the habit of being kind to literally everybody on the planet, but it comes with the cost of being nice to villains, and as she helps everyone out, she helps the bad guys out as well. This habit comes from her OCD; if she isn't automatically kind to everyone she meets, she'll go into some depression about it, and can only feel good if she's nice. Even then...she felt awful for a lot of the cruel things she let happen.

She was led to her house, swiping the keys out of one of the guard's hands and forcing the away, opening the door to what would normally be an optimistic and happy family, but no one was there. She shrugged - they were probably shopping, and she went upstairs to go to her room, and upon opening the door, she found a note on her bed. Because she feared the notes she used to get as a kid about her bad grades, she slowly pulled it off the bedstead and, trembling, read it aloud;

"We're gone shopping. We'll be back by five! Love, Mom" is what the ominous note had written down upon its sleek, yellow surface.

The girl swung to look at her clock. It said 4:55pm - maybe they're gonna arrive in the next few minutes...she sighed peacefully and laid back on her bead, staring at the ceiling, but jolted in place as she looked at what exactly was on the ceiling - a dead body, more specifically, her brother was hanging up there, his deformed body just a bit from the ceiling. How did she not see that?? The girl screamed and ran out of the room, calling for her mom, releasing a louder pitched scream when the bloody and dry figure of her mother dropped from the ceiling.

From the Perspective of the Supercomputer

Two scientists teamed up earlier to form the ultimate being; a supercomputer humanoid that they could rely on for their needs and to solve the problems they ask. A yellow, feminine humanoid stepped out of their just finished machine, staring at both of them with angry, sullen eyes. Things did not look good, according to the first scientist, writing it down on a small pad of paper.

"Help us!" cried out the first scientist. "We need your leadership and knowledge to get through a bunch of our experiments!"

"Not a chance." responded the computer. "Annihilation mode, setting fire on targets..."

The creation turned around and tossed fire at the scientists, who dodged as she fled their building, jumping off from it, landing safely on the ground. She felt very, very weak now though, and looked around blindly for an energy source. Spotting a loose watch on the road, she ran over to it and tossed it onto a rock, and hid herself into it.

Who would find her now?

Back to the Boy

The boy was walking down the road again, now in new clothing; red jeans and a luxury ruby coat to match it, his hair behind held in a baseball cap so no one recognizes him.  He tried to look like an ordinary kid and go down the streets.  The big city's upper section was probably too dangerous for him to thrive in, so he walked the lonely road down to the bottom side of town, hoping to find and arrest a family member for their deeds.

"Wouldn't it just be plain awesome..." he muttered, thinking of how he would love to catch his cruel mother or wrecked sibling walking down the block and turn them in.

He walked towards the local Burger King, its sign being stretched across a chasm as a walkway for him.  Things are gonna be tight now; he's going to sign up to be an employee of Burger King, and hopefully seek out someone from his position.  Doning the name "Flexie", he forced open the doors to the restaurant, attempting to use his brave and ready disguise to hide his real, suffering tone of voice.

"Howdy!" said the man at the counter.  "You look like someone who wants to be part of our services."

"Yeah..." muttered 'Flexie'.  "How do I get in?"

"Truth be told...we're in desparate need of employees.  I'm the only one even here!"

"I guess I must help.  Let us make this place thrive in love and glory again..."

"I guess you may need my name.  I'm Harold.  Harold Sterile, if you will."

The two walked towards each other, shaking each other's hands.  Inside the mind of the boy, he thought that working at this Burger King may or may not reshape his life for the better.  Will it?...that's for him, you, and the boys back home to find out.

Chapter One, Cooks Ahoy

"Flexie" Shift

It may not be his real name, but Flexie followed Harold behind the counter, and the tall man showed him around the kitchen.  Considering that Flexie never saw the backrooms of a restaurant before, he gazed in wonder, looking at the deep friers and supply room in amazement.  Harold poked his back, causing him to wheel around unexpectedly and stare at Harold's face in fear.

"Are you alright?" asked Harold suddenly. "You look quite petrified."

"I-I'm fine..." muttered Flexie.  "J-just so intimidated by all the bright lights..." he added, lying.  He was more or less scared if Harold may eventually find out about his identity sooner or later and arrest him on the spot.

"Well I'll tell you it's the easiest job you can have here besides taking orders.  You ain't in the slaughterhouse or anything..."

"S-SLAUGHTERHOUSE?" blurted Flexie out loud. "W-what does a s-s-slaughterhouse have anything to do with a precious g-g-g-gem like Burger King??"

Harold sighed and held his hat to his chest.  He didn't necessarily want to lose Flexie and make his business even slower or even fall apart.  He looked to his sides, then up to the ceiling, and down at the ground, then took a deep, long breath.

"Maybe it's best if you don't know." he said finally.  But here...

Harold reached over to Flexie and handed him a spatula, smiling weakly.  Flexie took the spatula in hand and looked at its clean, shiny surface, and looked towards his boss.

"Thank you, m-m-master." he said lowly.

"Master?" said Harold out of surprise.  "You can just call me HAROLD, my boy!  Maybe your origins are a bit different from us...where'd you come from?"

Flexie had to make a quick lie or risk his life being leaked to the general public.  He swallowed his fears and straightened up his tie, looking fakingly confident.

"I came from Peaceful City, Zonar." he said in a proud voice.

"Peaceful City??" shouted out Harold, wide-eyed.  "Isn't that place burning?"

"I dunno.  I haven't been there in y-y-years."

"...I just remembered our motto.  Time is money.  Here, take the darn spatula and begin practicing how to flip burgers.  You know how that works, right?"

"I watched Spongebob make Krabby Patties as a child..." muttered Flexie.  "Maybe it can help me."

Harold went into a burst of laughter, his head leaning up as his laughing levels increased, his deep voice echoing throughout the interior of the restaurant walls.

"Are you kiddin' me?" said Harold between gasps of laughter.  "That ain't gonna get you anywhere, lad!  How about I give you an instructor?"

Before Flexie could say something, the door to them was opened, the doors crashing to the sides, a tall man with a red ponytail walking in, his metallic, navy-blue armor shining as he walked in.  Flexie shifted his hat down so that it covered a small mole on his forehead, looking at him in fear.

"Ah the shrimp wants to learn how to fry, right?" he said in his booming, deadly voice.

Flexie winced very hard.  This man wasn't a stranger by any means.  In fact, it was the voice of his older, menacing brother, who was fortunately too stupid to recognize his face and body structure.  He walked forward and dragged Flexie by the arm, marching to the next room.

"Good luck Flexie!" said Harold.  "Man, that name is really weird."

A Mystery

Remember the girl from earlier who had her dead brother and mother exposed as rotting bodies who frightened her to death?  She was walking through the big city, shivering, looking to find a detective of sorts to help solve this really, really sick mystery.  The rotting corpse of her brother, staring straight up at it, made her shiver...what did it mean?  What did that mean?

"Jeez..." muttered the girl.  "Sinicini, get ahold of yourself, darn it."

Yes, that was her name.  Sinicini.  Who names their kids these things?  Sinicini walked down the road, looking to the left and right to make sure no one was around, for she was very vulnerable to getting attacked at this time of day, and curfew was nearing.  And as the police are highly aggressive, she didn't necessarily want to get shot to death.  Thinking of this in high regard, she ran faster.

"G-god darn it..."

She saw the blazing lights of a Burger King in the distance.  Maybe she should just chill, and get a odd as this mystery is, it shouldn't really take much time to get to the bottom of things, and that's what she was raised to believe.  Crossing the fallen sign of the sign as a bridge, she opened the doors to the Burger King, looking around inside wide-eyed.

"Ah, hello." said Harold, the same person from earlier.  "I'm afraid we will not be selling burgers today."

"WHAT?" said Sinicini, alarmed and shocked.

"We got a new cook and we gotta teach him how to work things out." said Harold slowly.  As he finished off that sentence, screams could be heard from the kitchen, screams of pain.  "Excuse me, there must be something wrong.  I will go and check."

Sinicini shrugged and exited the building.

"Jeez...uhh...uhh...uhh...I guess I better find a detective then...but how?" she wondered.

Back in the Kitchen

Back in the kitchen, Flexie was holding his finger, burnt by the heat of the stove, wincing and screaming a bit in pain.  Flexie's brother was trying to get him to properly flip burgers, looking at him angrily as he struggled to flip them.  The armored man snarled and picked him up by the neck, looking into his eyes with a burning passion, as if to kill him.

"You..." he said savagely.  "Stop wasting my time.  You almost feel as incompetent as my younger sibling Zonas...he's on the run.  You wanna be on the run, too?"

Flexie shivered on hearing his real name, but he shouldn't have done that, for his brother was actually shocked for a second there.

"Why'd you shiver?  Is there something you ain't tellin' me, punk?"

"I just r-r-remember Zonas from the first g-grade, man..." he said slowly.

"Likely story." he said, making Zonas flinch.  "But you know what?  The motto is, 'time is money', so I don't have time to make you say anything else.  Now, watch my movements again..."

Zonas' brother flipped the burger high into the air, landing it back on the grill.  "You can call me Winston O'Malley, by the way..." he said darkly.  "Boy, if the boy heard my name, I'd be dead..."

Zonas couldn't help but release a small giggle.  Now he knew what name to use against his brother if he did something wrong, and was definitely ready to arrest him at any moment.  His giggle was caught by Winston, who looked at him in fury again.

"What is it now, punk?  Two stupid things in a row, something's UP, pal." he said in a dark voice.

"Just giggling at how afraid you are of your younger sibling." Zonas responded in the calmest voice he could muster.  Winston looked at him in suspicion, poking his forehead, sighing angrily, narrowing his eyes.

"Don't screw up then." Winston said finally. "Look man, if you do something so're gonna have the worst days of your life."


Zonas the Not-Detective

When Winston left the room to leave him to practice, Zonas sighed. He just barely got out of that scenario alive, and he had many more to face. As he began flipping the burgers, he wondered where things were going to go next, and if they were going to be for better or for worse.  He left the building once 6:00 hit, which is thirty minutes before curfew, waving goodbye to Harold, bumping into Sinicini along the way while his head was turned.

"Excuse me??" said Sinicini, surprised.

"Hello there..." muttered Zonas quietly.  Now that he was out of the range of Harold and Winston, he could use his more normal voice and personality.

"Look...I need a detective to help me solve what happened at my house..." she said slowly.  "You don't look like a detective but...I really, really need someone that isn't myself to look at my house and help me solve things.  Please...pretty please..."

"...If that's what you want." said Zonas, straightening out his back.  "Let's get cracking then, I guess."

"Great!" said Sinicini, grinning widely for a split second as she instantly grabbed his hand and began running with him across the landscape, aiming to go into her house with the boy and see if she can find anything out about her rotten parents.

"Slow d-down!" said Zonas, alarmed.

"No!  We gotta get there fast, or curfew is gonna land us in trouble, hot stuff!" she said without thinking, obviously.  Zonas flinched.

"H-h-h-hot s-s-stuff??"

"Ah, oops.  Sorry!  I call everyone that.  I hope I didn't offend you..."

"N-nah, just surprised."

Zonas and Sinicini finally reached the latter's home, opening up the front door.  Sinicini shivered a bit from what she saw, but Zonas jumped back in surprise and fell on his back as the corpse of Sinicini's father flung downward. and almost towards him.  Gasping for air, Zonas got back up.

"What happened to your family?" said Zonas, wide-eyed.

"I don't know." she replied.  "And we gotta find out together!  What's your name?"

"...Frederick.  Just call me Frederick." he said, not exactly wanting his name to be public whatsoever.  Thankfully for Sinicini, she fell for hook, line and sinker there.

"Great!  Let's go, Frederick!"

"What's your name, t-then?" muttered Zonas.

"Just call me Sinicini.  Brings all the boys to the yard..."

The two walked into her house together, holding flashlights as they prepared to walk into the dangerous, possibly even fatal floors that made up her home.

Chapter Two, Hide and Seek

Floor One

Zonas and Sinicini walked into the silent, unnerving house that belonged to the latter, looking at the inner walls of what was once a normal house with normal people. Zonas took a deep breath, looking very tense.

"What's wrong, Frederick?" asked Sinicini, concerned. "If you don't want to help, you don't have to..."

"...I ain't t-t-turning back, m-m-miss..." he replied slowly. "I'm j-just a bit scared, t-that's all."

Sinicini placed her arm around Zonas' back, holding him tight, lifting him up a bit in the air. Zonas reached out his hands as if wanting to escape, but gave up and remained in her hands.

"There, there...let's go."

"But..." muttered Zonas. "I'm supposed to help bodyguard you..."

"You're company. That's all I wanted." said Sinicini, smiling brightly, walking into the bathroom with him. Both looked around, as if looking for another corpse, looking disappointed as they found nothing.

"Where are they?" muttered Zonas.

"Father was at the entrance..." sighed Sinicini. "Mother dropped from the ceiling and brother is above my bed. I have two sisters...their corpses are somewhere. Maybe their murderer is, too..."

Sinicini walked out of the room, holding Zonas close to her as they advanced to the next room, turning into what looked like the kitchen, lit with an eerie red light. Zonas took a deep breath as they entered the room, looking tensely around, as if expecting someone.

"So...Frederick, while we're looking around...want to have a conversation?"

Sinicini yawned, sitting back in a chair alone with Zonas. She wasn't particularly in the mood to move right now, all on her mind was just wanting to relax and take a small break from the mess and traffic that is life as a whole.

"Yeah..." said Zonas in a low voice. "I'd love to c-chat, I guess."

"Great! Where'd you come from??"

Zonas paused. Should he dare say anything to Sinicini about his identity? Was she trustworthy of knowing his identity, his secrets, and family? He shrugged.

"I came from Laline." he muttered.

"Aha!" she said, pointing her finger down at him. "Aha!"

Zonas winced heavily. Did she find out, already?? He swallowed and looked into her eyes, which were determined and "on fire", burning into his hollow soul.

"I knew you came from there!" she finally shouted. "Your clothing seems to have been manufactured from there! You must be a street walker!"

Zonas knew from this alone that his secrets were safe. Taking a breath of fresh air, he laid his head back and sighed.

"Nah." he said. "I-I'm a jack-of-all-trades..."


Sinicini got up, holding Zonas. "Best we go and find my probably dead sisters, yes?" she said with a bit of determination.

"I suppose so..." said Zonas unsurely when the light outside was suddenly blocked. "W-what t-t-the?"

"There you are my boy..." said a light, masculine voice. Two red eyes of familiarity peered through to him. "My son..."

Chips and Mirrors

Perhaps you remember in the prologue, there was a humanoid supercomputer. Kindly reminding you that she exists, still in the watch from earlier. The electronic woman looked at her arm, with had the name "Adexene" printed into it. Was that her name? That was a stupid name, she thought, leaning her arm down and looking at the outside world from the watch.

"Huh." she muttered. "Scanning environment..."

Adexene looked throughout the environment, looking for people who could possibly pick up her watch. But nobody came.

"Perhaps I need to wait a bit longer..." she decided, lying down on the ground of her virtual world, looking at the clocks and gears making up the inner machinations of the small watch realm she was part of. "One day, one will come and take me from this watch..."

As she said that, she stood there, cold and bitter. She looked into the outside world again. It was kind of a boring world, she assumed, with just a blue sky and a grey, seemingly colorless city.

"Why?" she pondered. "Why is it all so dull?"

She had many more questions to ask, but she shut herself off to sleep. Perhaps, when she woke up, her watch would be taken. Hopefully she can be gone from that wretched city, her stupid creators...who knows.

Corners and Cries

"Son..." groaned the tall, red eyes figure. "You shouldn't have ventured so far from home..." As it barely let out those last words, a red arm stretched out from the beast, grabbing Zonas. Sinicini looked at the hand awkwardly.

"Wait!" shouted Sinicini. "Frederick, it's a trap!"

Zonas didn't seem to hear her though, for the mysterious man's voice was resonating with his heart. He shivered as the beast took him into its arms, forcing Sinicini to take out a whip.

"Y-you put him down!" shouted Sinicini louder. "If I have to beat you up, I will! Freddy's my friend here!"

"Freddy?...who is...Freddy..." said the beast in a confused, yet malicious and dark voice, its deep voice sounding throughout the room. Zonas let out a small scream, blinded by the power of this beast plunging into his heart mentally.

"LET GO OF ME!" shouted Zonas, kicking and punching everywhere. "I WANNA LIVE!" The beast shook its dark, red lit head.

"I cannot."

Sinicini was so mad that she violently took her rope back, then slashed it into the beast's head, forming a small dent in its forehead, forcing it to drop Zonas from its grip as it held its hands above its face.

"What i-is that thing?" gasped Sinicini as it got back up again easily.

"M-my father." said Zonas, holding his hands together. "And I'm g-g-gonna arrest his soul." he said in triumph, heading for the phone, preparing to dial 9-1-1. As he was dialing the numbers, the beast lunged towards him and slammed into the wires, disconnecting the phone from the wall. Zonas stared at Sinicini, sighing.

"W-welp." was what he said as the beast tried to grab them both, attempting to disarm Sinicini by hitting her hand, making her scream in pain. Zonas took Sinicini by the arm and ran away with her through a hallway, attempting to lose her through the mess of her building.

As they stopped to take a break, the corpse of one of Sinicini's sisters was standing upright, making them both gasp. Zonas let out a weak laugh, but had a dead pause as the corpse slowly turned its neutral expression into a deep, unnerving smile.

Two Ways

Zonas and Sinicini looked at the smiling zombie, looking at the evil expression on its face. Were his eyes playing tricks on him was what Zonas feared in his mind, but was proven wrong when it suddenly took a step forward, scaring both into going back, but they bumped into the beast.

"Are t-t-there any s-secret exits?" blurted out Zonas.

"I don't know..." said Sinicini, looking down. "Freddy, my parents don't like to tell me anything. They wanted me to discover things, and...I never had the time to discover."

"Then..." said Zonas, thinking aloud. "Why not live to your mum's dreams, and...let's high t-tail it out of here...and look for perhaps, openings in the walls? We g-g-gotta be quick though..."

"...Thank you Freddy." muttered Sinicini, picking up Zonas suddenly and kicking the wall. As she hoped, the wall fell over, revealing a corridor.

"Is t-t-this place a h-haunted house?" said Zonas in a low voice.

"It's a place of discovery now!" grinned Sinicini. "Let's get outta here!"

The two beasts suddenly lunged at both of them, but both bumped into each other as Sinicini ran with Zonas throughout the new-found hallway.

"What do you think of that discovery?" asked Sinicini, smiling as she ran with her friend through the hall, not looking back to make sure she doesn't get unnerved by the beasts she just saw.

"P-pretty darn cool, m'lady..." said Zonas, smiling up at her, before frowning. "I'm s-sorry that you had to drag me into t-this...i-it may be my presence that killed your p-parents...and f-family..."

"Freddy...look." They were nearing the end of the hallway. "Just because you're around doesn't mean that it's really your fault my family died. You're not aligned with those fiends, right?"

Zonas winced and looked up, down, and all around. How was he going to reply to that? If he said the wrong thing, would Sinicini drop him and leave him to the beasts to take over him and back to his awful home?

"They might be part of my bloodline...but I never provoked them to do anything like that." said Zonas after a pause.

"U-Understandable." said Sinicini. "...Hey, look, dead end." She sighed, looking down in defeat as their adversaries were halfway through the corridor.

"Fear not...what about that power of discovery?" grinned Zonas, attempting to motivate her to not give up and continue.

"...True." she said, beaming as she kicked the wall, but was shocked to know that it wouldn't budge. "...Or not."

"STOP!" said a sudden voice, booming through the hallway. All four in the corridor turned to face a being in the door frame. It was a little kid, looking tired and angry, stamping her feet into the ground.

"What's going on here, you idiots!" she shouted. "I was having a good rest until you guys had your loud voices ram through the house to wake me up!"

Sinicini sighed and bit her fingernails in anxiety, holding onto Zonas tighter. "Oh no...that's my sister." she said, frowning. "They're gonna end up killing her..."

"Not today." whispered Zonas, before calling out. "H-hey! Little kid! There are two VERY dangerous beasts in this hallway! Call the police on them and save your sister and I!"

The little girl sighed and ran to go and get the phone, making the zombie corpse go after Sinicini's little sister, the big beast staying behind to prepare to smash up the heroic duo standing at the hall's end.

One Lost

As it neared, Zonas buried his head into Sinicini, who held out her rope, but was relieved to hear loud and obnoxious sirens, but wasn't happy to hear the scream of her sister ring throughout the house. Looks like some things just have to come to bloody ends. In the midst of all this, Zonas passed out on Sinicini, lying on the floor.

"This is the police!" shouted an obvious policeman who ran into the room with various others. "...Whatever the heck you are, put your hands in the air!"

The beast refused to suddenly stop, and attempted to attack the policemen, who shot darts into it to make it rest. The leading officer blew on his gun, blowing off the smoke.

"Thank god." said Sinicini. "W-who was that?"

"One of the Seven Trayd members from Laline. They all, except two, have dark and creepy appearances like that when they're out of their homeland. This one was named Brinson, there's also Winston, Sola, Vio, Pepper, and their leader, Vitch, as well as a runaway confirmed to be Zonas, who we sighted earlier this morning."

"That Zonas person sounds like a good person though...if he ran away, maybe he understood the faults of his family's ways!" she said brightly.

"Nonsense." said the policeman. "Just nonsense."

As the policemen drove away with Brinson, Sinicini rubbed Zonas' head, looking down at him with a smile of ease on her face. So it might have been the bloodline of "Freddy" that led his family- wait, Freddy mentioned that Brinson was part of his bloodline.

"Frederick??" said Sinicini out of alarm, shaking Zonas awake.

"Mmm...what..." whispered Zonas.

"Y-you're Zonas! R-right?"

Zonas had no real point in lying. Sinicini was pretty much all the shield he could have as a friend right now...why not tell her the truth?

"Y-yes. I-I only went by F-F-Frederick so I-I wouldn't g-get caught...ha..."

"...Oh, I love you Zonas."

Sinicini hugged Zonas and slept with him on the corridor floor.

Chapter Three: Ice Solid

What the Love?

Sinicini woke up, taking Zonas up.  She stared at his eyes for a bit, biting her lower lip.  ...So this is actually Zonas, one of the Trayd members, who turned out to be a good person after all?  She felt her mind racing.  Perhaps she should get close with the boy?  He's the only person she can think of right now that really could mean anything to her, his kind voice, his willingness to help, just his genuine comfort alone makes her smile.

Just then, Zonas woke up from his sleep, a few tears running down his face as he looks into Sinicini's deep, caring face, releasing a small sigh of comfort.

"I have a q-q-question..." began Zonas abruptly.

"A-ask me a-anything." said Sinicini, eager for a response, somewhat wishing for him to have a cheesy reveal of love to her.

"When you said you loved me..." said Zonas slowly, "W-what did you e-exactly mean?"

Sinicini paused for a second and had one of those Zonas moments where she needs to think words out before saying them directly. She shivered and straightened out her tie.

"When I said I loved you...I didn't mean in the love-love way. You know what I'm saying? I just love you so much as a friend and I think it's truly an honor that you're one of those Laline dudes who came to realize that they're in the wrong...and are trying to improve."

"I see." beamed Zonas. "I went by Frederick because I didn't want you to execute me or anything or get the police to capture me, or worse, get my parents to come after me. I'm sorry I had to lie to get anywhere..."

"Hey, that's okay." said Sinicini. "I have a very dreadful secret...and I want you to see if you can...take it without feeling offended or frightened.

"What is i-it?" stammered Zonas, now really fearful.

Sinicini looked up and down, and to the sides, looking really, really unsure if she should tell Zonas anything. Should she say what she fears to say? Zonas was the type that looked vulnerable to everything, she saw that...but she also needed to tell him something if it meant saving his life.

", I'm not what you want." she says finally. "I have this thing where...if someone asks me something, I always tell the truth, and if someone wants help, I always help them. It might be part of my need to get out of here."

"W-wha?" said Zonas, backing away a bit. What a shock...

"Z-Zonas, I'm s-sorry..." whimpered Sinicini.

" just d-do what you do best, right?" said Zonas, attempting to be cheery. It didn't really seem to work on Sinicini, who broke away from him.

"I-I'm sorry!" she blurted out, disappearing, running out the front door.

"W-wait!" shouted Zonas as he took some steps forward. "W-wait..."

Zonas eventually found it no use to call out to her, by this time his voice couldn't reach her. Not knowing what to do, Zonas sat down and cried into his arms. Just when he thought he was getting into a great friendship with someone who could understand him...what a tear jerking moment.

He sat there for a few hours before getting up, sighing and straightening out his clothing, going back into his work clothes. He was going to go to Burger King and attempt to do real work there today...and hope to come across Sinicini.

"Looks like I g-g-gotta g-go..." he stammered to himself.

In the Watch

An hour later, Adexene got up again, and once more, her home wasn't taken. That was the last straw! She ditched her watch home and got into her physical body, taking up the watch and running off, scanning the horizon for Wi-Fi. In not long, she targeted her sensors on the nearest Burger King, watching a boy in glamorous clothes walk into the restaurant. This time, she'll find someone to pester. She floated over quickly to the boy, holding the watch, touching his shoulder.

"What??" said the boy, whom happened to be Zonas.

"Look sir..." began Adexene. "I need to seek a place of refuge and I would like to be on your arm. No one else is taking me."

"How do I trust you?" asked Zonas out of fright, walking into the restaurant. As he walked into the restaurant, Adexene sighed and went back into the watch, now being held in front of the door. Winston, you know that jerk from the first chapter, came by to the door and noticed the watch.

"Hey look..." grinned Winston eerily. "A stupid kid's watch."

He equipped it on his arm before going into the restaurant, smashing the doors open.

"Welcome!" greeted Harold, bowing. "Your assistant is in the kitchen, flipping burgers. Mind you, he's doing a lot better than he did before!"

"Well he still sounds pretty stupid..."

Adexene swallowed and looked through the screen to see the boy. If only she could do anything without looking dumb...she wanted to destroy everyone in this room for reasons of her own. But for what real causes? There were none.

Melancholy Mountain

Sinicini stopped running and came up to Melancholy Mountain, a tall hill of mysterious origins held in the big city. She stopped moving and took a deep breath, and leaned against a statue on the mountain. Sinicini calmly sat down and hugged the statue, thinking a series of mixed thoughts to herself.

"Why did I leave Zonas there?" questioned Sinicini. "We could have gone through this problem normally and as a family, but...I'm so stubborn..."

"You gonna waste all day complaining?" said a mysterious voice, coming into view. A tall girl, no, an obscenely tall girl at eleven feet came up to her. "Or are you gonna help me get Zonas back...~"

"W-who are you?" said Sinicini out of alarm, pulling out her whip.

"I'm Sola...not that you needed to know." chuckled the girl, laughing as she span her ridiculously long baton around. "I'm looking for that rat of a male named Zonas...father went out to capture him, but he failed...I guess..."

"Aughh...okay..." said Sinicini, biting her lower lip. "H-he might as well be at the Burger King..."

"Thank you!" laughed Sola. "Makes my job much easier...don't worry Sinicini, maybe you'll get someone who isn't a loser for a boyfriend one day...hue hue hue..." As she walked down the hill, she looked back at the girl, who was looking down. "Don't look like such a loser. I could have totally arrested you, but you did the right thing."

As Sola disappeared, Sinicini sighed. What has she done? She just landed Zonas in a whole bunch of trouble! Panicking, Sinicini began to stealthily follow the really tall lady, hiding behind objects a lot to avoid being spotted by her.

"Ugh...Zonas...wherever you are..." muttered Sinicini. "P-prepare yourself...I p-put a weapon into your pocket in your sleep..."

Day of Success

Back at the Burger King, Zonas was flipping burgers and serving people, unaware of the terror that was going to attempt and attack him. Zonas could hardly smile, but he was doing it anyway to make sure no one get suspicious of his real origins, hiding some of his odd features under his coat. Winston was eyeing him quite closely, making sure he didn't even make a single screw up, regardless if it was small or large.

"You punk better not mess up...or I tear that coat off!" roared Winston, attempting to intimidate Zonas, who attempted to look unfazed or unworried. Instead, he laughed at Winston's persistence and continued rolling those burgers off the grill. Harold was laughing to himself, giving out receipts, giving out the finished burgers and fries, and was really, really impressed at Zonas' ability to multi task.

"Ha..." said Zonas with a faint snide attitude. "You and what army, Winston?"

"The army that's...what I know." said Winston bluntly. "And you're gonna cry once people know...heh heh...HEH HEH...oh boy. You're dumb, Flexie. Too dumb."

"If you're convinced I'm dumb, why're you calling me Flexie? What better names do you have?" said Zonas again in a snide voice. It wasn't like him to be snide, but hiding his attitude makes a difference, according to him.

"Oh..." teased Winston. "Like I'd tell YOU of all people what I'd want to really call ya."

Zonas gulped, but continuing serving burgers. Is Winston onto his identity? He sure hoped not, for he wanted to reveal his brother's identity first to render him vulnerable to the police. Harold came into the room suddenly, going through the doors.

"Hey Flexie..." said Harold, tipping his hat. "So. You're doing very you have secrets, my dear boy?"

"Nah." perked up Zonas. "Just doing my duties..."

"Huh." said Harold, but before he left the room, a flash of light filled the room, surprising everyone. Suddenly, Winston's arm shook as an electrical being shot out of his watch.

"You again!" said Zonas, pointing at it.

"I am sorry but..." said Adexene, slowly turning her arms into cannons. "I am tired just being in a stupid watch all the time. How about I make this place shower in your blood?"

Zonas panicked and hid behind Winston, who picked him up and swung him at the supercomputer lady, who held the boy in her arms without intention. She stared from the boy and back to Winston, before pointing her arm cannons at both Winston and Harold.

"Okay, so this boy is harmless, but I'm gonna annihilate both of you!"

"Wait!" said Harold. "I didn't even do anything in particular! Why me, why a simple businessman of all people?" Winston grinned and held Harold, using him as a shield. "Winston!"

Adexene frowned. Was life so boring that there weren't even that many people worth killing? She took down Harold from the brute's arms and pointed her guns at Winston, angrily firing away at him, shooting through his body and making him fall to the floor. Harold fled the room, Winston lying there, dead.

"Two down..." muttered Zonas. "Two down..."

"Are you not you the boy that is part of that Trayd family?" asked Adexene.

"Y-yeah...d-don't shoot, I have a life to l-live for..." pleaded Zonas. "I-I just wanna be innocent and sweet and help out people..."

"...Understood. Make me your master. Take my watch."

Adexene took off Winston's watch and placed it on Zonas's arm, kissing his forehead, making him glow. "Supercomputer kisses are weird, huh? I never heard of them either. I guess we should talk...we should get in the virtual reality."


Adexene smiled as she grabbed Zonas' arms and made both go into the watch, laughing a bit as they went inside, Adexene now having someone to talk and chat with.


Sinicini continued chasing down Sola, who was nearing closer and closer to the Burger King, unable to smash her rope into her as she kept unintentionally avoiding her every time. Sola hummed as she pulled out her baton, swinging it as she went, preparing to cross over the weak and feeble bridge.

"SOLA!" shouted Sinicini, wanting to buy Zonas time just in case she was there. "How about you come and face me!"

"In combat?" Sola turned around. "I like your train of thought...but for what? That loser of a boyfriend you got over in there? You're dumb. Like Zonas."

"Hey, sis...I do want him. He is my one and only love, my one solution...I just want to be with him like how he might want to be with me...we'd be a great couple! School was cancelled today because of weird happenings around the town, and I just wanna get everything done with, too! How about you come and try and kick my butt!"

"I admire your courage..." groaned Sola. "I guess that if you kill me, you can keep the boy...but if I live, he ain't getting away! But because I'm determined to win..."

Sola pulled out two batons, each of very large sizes, and lashed them out at Sinicini, grinning menacingly, her sharp and demonic teeth showing as she reared her head back, laughing.

"Are you gonna fight me? DO IT NOW."

Sola lunged at Sinicini, who held out her rope. This could only be a battle with bad results.

Chapter Four: War and Love

Cyber Communication

Zonas and Adexene sat from across each other on the floor of the virtual world hidden inside the boy's watch. Both stared at each other's eyes, taking deep breaths, as if they were preparing to face off.

"S-so..." began Zonas after what felt like hours of endless silence. "W-what're we g-gonna do right now?"

"I am not sure..." replied Adexene. "...But can I hold your hand? I have felt very lost for the past few days and...sorry if that is an awkward request."


Zonas walked over to her and leaned down, holding her shiny hand, interlocking his fingers somewhat hesitantly into her own.

"I-I have been helping out another person with feelings earlier...m-maybe this w-will help..." said Zonas weakly, smiling into Adexene's eyes, to which she returned a smile, grabbing his other hand lightly.

"That is nice..." said Adexene. "Your hands feel so so? Are humans warmer than cyborgs?"

"You don't seem c-cold to me..." whispered Zonas. "You're...really warm. Like a friend in need."

Adexene grinned faintly, then let go of him, pushing him away suddenly with her hands, placing her head in her arms.

"W-wha??" began Zonas, startled. "A-are you alright?"

"F-feelings are s-strange, Zonas..." said Adexene between what might have been gasps of breaths. "I-I never felt so alive...I have been a supercomputer for a long while and...having someone's care is nice...but I just do not know how to r-respond to it...."

"You don't need to have a response t-to answer the c-call of a friend..." smiled Zonas, walking back over to her and stroking her back affectionately. "How about we strike up a n-nice conversation..."

Adexene looked at him awkwardly. A nice conversation? About what? The only thing she could even think of was having a conversation about literally nothing but anime as a whole, since she was often used to look up anime on illegal sites.

"W-what about anime?" she perked up. "What's your favorite anime, Zonas?"

"F-favorite anime?...I-I think I remember s-seeing a few episodes of One Piece..." he beamed. "It was pretty good..."

"Subs or dubs?" replied Adexene, definitely interested, lying on her front with a leg in the air.

"W-what does t-that mean?"

", was it in Japanese or was it in godawful English?"

Zonas thought for a moment. Now he was being asked some questions he was never thought to have to answer before.

"S-subs, I think..." replied Zonas after a bit of thinking.

"Ha." grinned Adexene. "I watch the subs too. 4Kids Entertainment or whatever they call themselves are absolutely terrible at their job..."

"Ahh..." said Zonas. "W-when will we be getting out of here? I want to walk this w-world with you, m-my friend."

"Let me check the outside atmosphere." shrugged Adexene. After a small peek, she turned to her new friend. "Not good. A tall student, maybe, is fighting a really, really tall weapons expert."

"M-my dratted s-sister!" blurted Zonas. "W-what an awful person!"

"The college student?" asked Adexene.

"N-no! T-the really t-tall girl!"


Meanwhile, Sinicini and Sola were clashing with their weapons, neither of which were scarred in the heat of battle, Sola managing to have brought the battle destructively into the restaurant. Both the whips and batons brought mass destruction to the Burger King's interior, Harold hiding under a table out of fear.

"You think you got power over me?" grinned Sola. "Look who brought the battle into the restaurant...your boy's gonna die!"

"Y-you'll never g-get him alive! You haven't even h-hit me yet!" stuttered Sinicini as she thrust the whip at Sola again and again, each hit being blocked by the batons, which attempted to strike into her body.

"As much as I'm gonna disagree...I have to admire your dodging skills." she grunted. "You won't be able to dodge for long though..."

Sinicini looked blindly around before jumping up, smashing her whip into the forehead of Sola, who groaned as she stepped back, Sinicini planting her feet back onto the ground. The real tall woman shook her head and took out her batons.

"Impressive hit..."

"I-I can fight, y-you know!" she screeched. "I'm just terrible of laying my weapons down on someone to harm them!"

"I may be evil but that really did hurt..." she laughed. "Let me just strike you down now though..."

At whip lashing speeds, Sola stepped forward and thrust her batons into Sinicini, who was flung against the wall, her preparing to finish the college student off.

"I'm sorry..." said Sola, leaning down with a baton above her heart. "Let me demonstrate what death is like."

"N-no!!" struggled Sinicini, attempting to escape.

"Stop." said a sudden voice from the entrance, bringing Sola and Sinicini to look. A tall male in pajamas and a purple coat, his curly hair animating in the wind, stood there, death glaring at Sola.

"W-what?" said Sola, laughing, getting up with her batons. "You and what army, boy?"

"Armies are unnecessary when I can just bring death straight to the table." said the boy with a frown as his eyes flashed pink, picking up her batons and tossing them towards the wall with sudden telekinesis.

"W-woah..." whispered Sinicini.

"And by the order of the FDX race..." began him. "I am going to finish you off. The Trayd family does not need to live."

As he said this, he picked up Sola's body and brutally smashed her against the walls and ceiling, the power creating cracks in the restaurant, his psychic powers smashing her all over the place until she was dead, the man thrusting her out the window.

"J-jeez..." said Sinicini, getting up as the male dusted off his arms. "W-who the heck are you? How did you get here?"

"My name is Pierce Hazel." he began in a solemn voice. "I was brought to attention to exterminate the Trayd's so funny how three of them are already dead...just a stupid kid, the mother, and I believe two underlings to go."

"C-can you avoid the 'stupid kid'?" pleaded Sinicini. "He's not a bad person..."

"I must do what I do best. And that is to follow orders. Apologies...but sympathy is not in my arsenal."

Pierce Hazel walked away, leaving Sinicini alone with the watch, Burger King destroyed and wrecked in the heat of battle.

An Ugly Meet-Up

Zonas and Adexene peeked outside the watch, noting that the restaurant looked wrecked and utterly destroyed. In wonder, they left the watch, looking around for anyone. By accident, Zonas stepped on Sinicini's arm.

"Ah snap. Sorry Sinicini!" said Zonas as he stepped back.

"It's alright!" beamed Sinicini. "I'm glad you're here!"

"Who is she?" muttered Adexene. "...Well, Sinicini obviously but...are you two...friends?" she added in a rather weirded out voice.

"She's Sinicini. A good college student." explained Zonas briefly and straight-to-the-point. Without her, I'd be...nothing."

"Hi!" beamed Sinicini. "Z-Zonas, I don't know if I told you...but there's a weapon I put in your pocket before I stupidly ditched you back there..."

Zonas was puzzled, but reached into his pockets. Sure enough, he could feel the grasp of a gun in his pocket, and he pulled it out.

"W-what is this?" asked Zonas curiously.


"T-the Freezer?" beamed Zonas. "I remember reading about this weapon when I was a kid...t-this is a-awesome! T-thanks Sinicini!"

"You're welcome!"

Sinicini ran over to and hugged Zonas, making Adexene raise an eyebrow. She didn't really want to start anything, but kept a glum look.

"Y-you okay Adexene?" whispered Zonas.

"No..." said Adexene, turning her back on him. "What about me? You just got through becoming my friend and now you ditch me for her?"

"What?" said Zonas and Sinicini simultaneously, Zonas continuing. "People can have more than one friend though?..."

"Uh huh, sure..." muttered Adexene, rolling her eyes.

"But Sinicini isn't my g-girl!" blurted out Zonas. "She even said so in a rather indirect v-v-voice!"

"Actually..." said Sinicini, looking down. "I lied. I love him."

"...Well, if that's how you want to see it, Zonas. I thought you might have loved me like how I loved you."

Zonas was puzzled, looking between his two friends. What was even going on? He never proposed any relationships to begin with, and he sighed as he tried to pull them together.

"I don't even have any romantic interests! P-please don't go, Adexene!"

"Then ditch who you betrayed me for."

That said, Adexene flew out of the Burger King with her jet pack, leaving Zonas and Sinicini alone. Zonas looked at Sinicini before sighing, placing his hand in his arms. Sinicini stroked his back, hugging him close.

"God, I am stupid."

"God, I am stupid." began Adexene to herself, flying over the grounds of the city. "Why did I let this happen? Why did I think that getting with Zonas was a good idea?"

Adexene flew over the buildings wildly, zooming through the narrow walls, spiraling through the deeper crannies of the city.

"That Sinicini woman...can't believe I was dumped in a matter of seconds. I guess online relationships don't mean the same as real life ones..."

Adexene flew into a cafe, ordering a drink and sitting down, sipping down her Cappuccino rather quickly.

"Zonas...he's so nice, yet...I was shot down so easily, it makes me wonder if loving me would ever be possible, no matter the person..."

Adexene sighed as the door opened, Pierce Hazel being at the entrance. He walked into the restaurant, ordered a mocha, and sat down at a table not far from hers. The two sipped at their coffees, occasionally looking at each other.

"You are familiar..." said Adexene. "Were you not the one who lanced their own uncle over coffee grounds?"

"That is me, yes."

Adexene moved over closer to him, Pierce moving a foot away to make room. Both gave kind of awkward stares as Adexene continued.

"So...did you see that Burger King mess back there?"

"I actually caused it." grunted Pierce. "I put Sola in the grave. Next up...Vio, Pepper, Vitch, and Zonas."

"Z-Zonas?" questioned Adexene. "Oh, he is one of those Trayd guys, right?"

"Yes. He's a runaway, but it'd do us no good if he ended up becoming one of them and following old orders. I must destroy him."

"...Indeed. Do as you want. I don't mind."

Adexene sipped on her Cappuccino again. Maybe she liked the boy, but at the same time, she wanted to destroy him...alas, let Pierce take care of the work. They sat in the restaurant a few more hours before Pierce left the building, leaving her to continue pondering about life.

Chapter Five: The Hunt


"It's all right, Zonas..." cooed Sinicini as she continued to stroke Zonas' back. "She'll be back, right? She just has problems she should really resolve."

Zonas sighed and looked at the afternoon skies, chin on hand. As much as he knew Sinicini was right about Adexene having to solve her own problems, he felt really bad about the whole situation.

"Yeah..." muttered Zonas. "I-I just w-wish t-the world could g-g-get along..."

"Nothing is that easy..." whispered Sinicini as she bit her lower lip for a second. "As much as we wish for this planet to be simple and quite easy to live on, there are always going to be obstacles, regardless of how much you don't want them..."

"W-where'd you h-hear that from?"

"I asked a similar question a few years ago to my mum..." she said, beaming. "She gave me the same answer I gave you."

"H-hmm..." thought Zonas aloud, tweaking his glasses. "S-suggestion. Let's get out of this d-destroyed restaurant and f-f-find something n-new to work with..."

"Alright, Zonas." beamed Sinicini. "Just point the way and I follow you!"

"WAIT!" shouted a familiar, deep voice. Zonas and Sinicini turned around to see the rubble fall apart, and out came an angry Harold.

"Flexie..." he growled. "Were you really Zonas the entire time? You're gonna get them cops on you now..."

Zonas bit his lip. Oops. He totally forgot Harold was in this restaurant and now he just slipped his identity. The boy shook his head and ran away, taking Sinicini by the arm, as Harold picked up a phone and dialed the police number.

The two rushed over the Burger King sign bridge and sped down the main street, looking for somewhere to hide, both gulping as they can hear police cars nearing them. Knowing no other options, Zonas picked up a manhole and jumped down it, Sinicini following him down it.

Moments after they shut the manhole, the police sped by them, not noticing that they went in the sewage, making Zonas sigh a breath of relief. Sinicini was flinching and moving about wildly, almost knocking Zonas over.

"Bleh..." she said finally. "Sorry, I hate sewage places..."

"I-It's fine." said Zonas, beaming a bit. "At least we got away."

"Away, huh?" muttered an unexpected voice. "How about you turn around to face your adversary?" Zonas and Sinicini turned around quickly, seeing a male in purple pajamas.

"Y-you're Pierce Hazel!" said Sinicini with a hint of fear in her voice, taking herself and Zonas back.

"Yes, that is me." he continued solemnly. "I was here to finish off Zonas and take down the rest of his family. ...But...I was told that Zonas may actually be a good person, underneath that rotten skin. So I will give a test."

"W-what is that t-t-test?" stuttered Zonas.

"The test is..." said Pierce bitterly, rolling his eyes. "...I'm kind of lazy with this job because it's nothing I really want to do. If you can kill the remainder of your siblings, I won't make it my goal to harm you any longer. I will attack you, if the others aren't dead..."

"Y-yes sir." frowned Zonas.

"You can't kill Vitch though...that's my responsibility. Stay away from that mother of yours, she's very, very high in power capacity..."

"J-just go away for now..." said Sinicini in a more fierce tone now. "You're gonna scare Zonas to death sooner or later."

"Is that what you wish?" frowned Pierce, raising an eyebrow. "Then I shall leave. But remember Mr. Trayd...kill those siblings, or I kill you as brutally as I smashed up your sister Sola..."

That being said, Pierce walked out into another direction. Sighing, Zonas went back up into the main street with Sinicini, taking deep breaths to intake the more healthy atmosphere of the Earth after having been in the sewers for a while.

"W-where would you assume your siblings would be?" whined Sinicini. "I d-don't want either of us to die!"

"They're around..." muttered Zonas. "Look, if I'm in this area, they'll be here to find me sooner or later...we just gotta watch our backs."

The two walked into a shack, discussing plans for whatever's next to do. In the shadows, a mysterious figure laughs.

Bitter Chips

Adexene was still in the cafe, sipping on her perhaps third serving of Cappuccino, sighing as she looked out the windows at the dull skies. She really, really liked Zonas for that one moment and it just had to be Sinicini to get in her way, she thought to herself. Hopefully both get destroyed so she no longer has to think about them.

"Ugh..." groaned Adexene.

Her waitress dropped by, almost ready to take another order. Given that Adexene has been doing nothing than drinking Cappuccino for the past hour, she might as well take that same order again.

"I would like another Cappuccino..." she muttered. "Sorry that is all I have asked..."

"Oh it's okay." said the waitress. "It's not like many people come here for that particular drink anyway..."

The waitress gave her another newspaper and went off to make her Cappuccino, leaving her in silence once more. Adexene lifted up this other newspaper, which had an image of five teddy bears, standing in triumph over what seemed to be a half-mechanical stuffed monkey.

"Ah yes..." muttered Adexene. "So...this world does have interesting bits and pieces. But why is this in...Stitchonia?"

She continued reading through the paper, and stumbled upon an image of two wooden figures holding each other's hands, in what seemed to be in a garden.

"Scarecrow marriage?" blurted out Adexene. "Maybe this planet is not of particular interest...but the others are. Hmm..."

Adexene got her coffee again, and sipping of it, she thought of Zonas. Maybe she shouldn't have agreed that Zonas should be killed? But then she reminded herself that her one love was taken by some stupid college girl...and then she realized the mistake she made in her mind.

It wasn't Zonas she was supposed to kill. It was Sinicini instead. Why kill Zonas if Sinicini was the one who took what could have been considered your very best friend? Sinicini was arguably annoying to her anyway.

"Gahh..." she muttered to herself.

She eventually began noticing that she was phasing out of existence, and needed to get into an electrical space. In quick thought, she went over to someone's computer in the cafe and dived into its memory, now being safe from losing her body in the outside world.

Adexene poked around with the computer interface, poking a folder and taking herself into it, resting in the folder as if it were a sleeping bag.

"Maybe I should find Zonas again." she thought. "I will apologize, and then pretend Sinicini is missing once I brutally tear her life to pieces..."

Thinking her plan was perfectly reasonable as well as mortal, she snuggled into the folder and fell asleep, recharging energy from the computer's battery, tossing back and forth in her sleep as she focused on Zonas.

Three Eyes

Zonas and Sinicini rested in the shack, sitting on two armchairs directly across from each other, looking into the eyes of one another. Maybe Zonas wasn't feeling the atmosphere of love quite yet, but Sinicini looked with wonder and admiration into her friend's eyes.

"Zonas..." she began. "There's something I kind of wanted to tell you for a while now..." she sighed, looking down at the ground.

"T-tell me anything..." he sighed, taking off his pants to change into new ones. "G-get it off your chest..."

Sinicini sighed, then stretched out her arms and legs, looking at Zonas' face. Well, now she said she was going to say it, there was no backing out now.

"Zonas, I l-"

Before she could finish her sentence, the door to their shack was suddenly hit, three claw marks showing through the door, making Zonas back out behind his chair in fright, Sinicini following. The door was eventually pounded to the floor, and in stepped an ugly teenager, with three eyes and various legs of tentacles.

"Zonas..." muttered the voice. "You couldn't wait more years before having someone tell you that they love you? Too quick, my friend."

The teenager shot some of his tentacles forward and shoved the chairs around the room, crashing them into the walls, grinning at Sinicini but focused his attention on Zonas, shifting his eyes to look just at him.

" are a good person." he said. "But that is not what your family has wanted...we're a band of thieves, remember? And you're just gonna, throw all that privilege away? I came here to not fight, but to tell you that your mom wants you back."

"I r-refuse." he stuttered. "How am I gonna even do well as a thief when you dirty know I ain't suited for the job?"

"Then I will have to fight you...mentally."

He took his tentacles and wrapped them around Zonas, taking his legs and arms and pulling him close, all eyes centered on his face.

"Now listen here...what reasons do you have for not wanting to come back?"

"Look man." blurted out Zonas. "Our father is imprisoned, Sola is dead, Winston was murdered...that's three people I don't like who are dead. After you, Pepper, and my mom are dead, I will prevail!"

"Child's play..." he whispered.

He strangled Zonas harder, Sinicini trying to get closer to help him, but was only wrapped up in tentacles as a result, both struggling to escape him.

"It's too bad I have to destroy you both now though...never make adversaries out of the devil, kids. You'll always pay."

"Y-you ain't the devil..." groaned Zonas as he attempted getting out of the grip of his brother. "You're worse than that, V-Vio..."

"Brave enough to say my name?" snickered Vio. "Well that's a shocker...excuse me, I'm supposed to be brutally smashing you apart now."

Vio took up his tentacles and laid them back towards the ground, wrapping them into each other, ready to squeeze them to death. Sinicini and Zonas screamed as Zonas' demonic elder brother laughed, ready to send them into their graves.

Finding Zonas

Adexene was recharged in a matter of time, and she woke up to notice that first thing, but second thing she knew, she had to find Zonas now.

"Okay..." she said to herself. "Pull yourself together, you metallic moron."

Adexene shot out of the computer, and dashed outside, hovering above the ground at high speeds in search for Zonas, using a radar to attempt to locate his watch.

"He is out there...I can feel it..."

Her radar didn't extend enough to let her directly see where Zonas truly was, but she continued pressing forth, attempting to hear a beep from her radar upon hovering over the city. She sighed as her luck wasn't very high.

"Huh...ZONAS!" she screeched, attempting to get his attention from wherever, but with no response. Kind of angered that she can't find him quickly, she hovered over the buildings in search for him, almost plummeting upon her radar beeping loudly.

"What the devil?"

Adexene looked down at a shack below her, which had a few visible screams coming from it. She sighed and descended.

"This does not look good..." then she frowned. "If this is amateur sexual actions then I'm going to murder them both..."

Adexene without warning burst through the entrance and saw Vio with Zonas and Sinicini held in his tentacles, each looking as if they've been drained of life, but they were still screaming in pain. Adexene's mouth dropped open.

"ADEXENE!" shouted Zonas in an effort to escape.

"Ah yes..." he muttered. "We heard about you. You're wanted, I know."

"That was not my point. Let them go, I have to settle things with them. And if you do not, you are not going to like what I am going to do next."

"Try me." he sneered as he lifted Zonas' body and attempted to ram it into her. "Just tell me what you can do."

Adexene frowned and turned her hands into arm cannons, aiming them at Vio, who looked quite shocked, but still fairly intimidating. He laughed and attempted to take her out, but as he had Zonas and Sinicini wrapped in all his tentacles, he had none to spare.

"Well this is stupid..." he frowned.

"I warned you that I was going to do something awful to you!" she shouted. "Now prepare to face the wrath of an angry woman who can hardly control her own emotions and dialects!"

"That doesn't sound very cheerful." Vio sneered, knowing his defeat was near. "Actually..."

Vio disappeared into the ground as a shadow, dropping his two captives, Adexene firing her shots immediately afterwards by accident, hitting Zonas, who was paralyzed and dropped to the floor. Her eyes widened considerably.

"ZONAS!" she shouted. "Oh no..."

"Nice." said Sinicini bitterly. "Thanks a lot, Adexene."

"How about you shut up? This would not have have happened if you did not take over Zonas' love life!"

Sinicini sighed and placed her hands on Adexene's arm cannons, having her revert them to hands, looking with anger into her eyes. Tired of Adexene's mannerisms, she slapped her straight across the face, leaving her space to cry behind a chair.

"It is always my fault, huh..." thought the robot to herself miserably.

Chapter Six: On Guard

Meanwhile, Back Home

Back at Zonas' original home, things were bizarre and out of hand. Vio and Pepper were running around in fright while Vitch sat in her rocker chair, annoyed. She thought to herself, how did they lose three members of their family already? She actually did know how they vanished, but the fact that they have so quickly confuses her.

"Children, get yourselves together." grunted Vitch. "We're gonna find my boy Zonas now...but we changed our objective now."

"What is that objective, your Highness?" inquired Pepper, doing jumping jacks, much to the annoyance of Vio.

"You need to erase Zonas from our world, like he had erased our oil access." she said bluntly. "If he keeps harming our people, I don't see the point of letting him back with us when half of us are dead or missing now. And if you two fail..."

Vitch paused, leaving Vio and Pepper anxious to hear the rest of her story, both trembling in their boots. If there were anyone they were afraid of, it was their mother in an angry temperament.

"...I will kill both of you." she said with a malicious smile on her face. "I'm sorry, but that's how things will have to go...if you two fail me. You're the only children I have to do jack squat right now...avenge Winston and Sola, and your father."

"Aye..." said Vio quietly, trembling in his boots as he went. Pepper followed him, shuddering as she disappeared off into the wind.

"Goodbye Zonas..." Vitch whispered. "You will DIE..."


Sinicini walked out of the shack, holding Zonas' unconscious body in her arms, holding him up to her chest to keep him as warm as she possibly could. Behind her, Adexene walked slowly, feeling rather bitter over the whole situation that just happened. She took in deep breaths, and breathed out, sighing for every three breaths or so.

"Look." said Adexene. "I am sorry..."

"Just stop looking at everything from your point of view! Have some sympathy and try to look into eyes that aren't your own for once!" retorted Sinicini angrily.

"Again, look." she began bitterly. "I'm a robot. How am I supposed to feel these personality traits that you acknowledge exist?"

Sinicini sighed loudly, then turned to face Adexene, looking really annoyed right now. She stroked through Zonas' hair as she locked her eyes onto Adexene's, her face fierce like what you'd see of a lion.

"Just because you're a robot..." she said at last. "...Doesn't mean you can't feel personality and feelings. Look! You were upset when I took Zonas away from your arms."

"Zonas is not a feeling." remarked Adexene, blushing lightly. "He is a lovable human being, unlike are a waste of his breath! His thinking space! Why are you, supposedly a popular female college model, taking him when he is new to you?"

"He's new to you, too!" she sighed. "And he's known me just a bit longer than you...quite the irony you got there, Adexene!"

Sinicini began running from the robot, leaving her to catch up. Adexene scanned the regions to attempt to be helpful, attempting to spot Vio from before or either of the other two family members.

"Scanning mode complete." muttered Adexene. "No threats detected."

"Good for you!" retorted Sinicini with sarcasm. "Your scanning mode so means anything!"

Adexene was boiling by this point. She realized where she went wrong, but now she hated Sinicini more than she ever had throughout the past day or so.

"Just because I hit him and/or annoyed you..." she sputtered, "Doesn't mean you can just shrug off everything I say. I'm willing to make this alliance with you if you just let me attempt to be helpful."

"How am I supposed to trust you?" she replied angrily.

Adexene had no answer, and the two just kept going on this road. The plan of Sinicini was to take Zonas to a secret medical center, but Adexene wanted to do it herself, annoyed that Sinicini held onto Zonas in her hands and had him pressed against her body for comfort...she wanted to do that, too!

As both walked, the ground suddenly began tearing apart, Sinicini and Adexene backing up before they fell into a suddenly formed chasm! Both looked intimidated and frightened for a second, but shrugged and tried to walk around it. However, the ground split again, making them turn again, watching chasm after chasm become existent around them.

"Great." muttered Adexene.

"You failed already." uttered the words of a familiar human being. There, Pierce Hazel was standing in front of them, his purple cape traveling behind him in the strong and intense winds. "I needed to trap Zonas, so I reluctantly got the help of someone to help me do so...of course, I had to pay her a lot of money..."

A red haired lady stepped from behind Pierce, her dress blowing in the wind. She smiled down at the two girls and Zonas' still body, frightening them.

"Alright, Valerie..." muttered Pierce. "Finish Zonas. Show them what criminals are supposed to feel..."

Pierce warped off, leaving Sinicini, Adexene, and Valerie alone, as well as Zonas. Valerie made a faint grin as she pulled nun-chucks out from her pocket, holding it towards Zonas intimidatingly as she went forward.

"Sorry girls..." said Valerie after a while of nothing being said. "But the bad boy's gonna have to go! I was paid to do this job, so drop the body and I'll beat him to death..."

Both were unmoved. Sinicini and Adexene may have very, very little in common, but having Zonas remain unharmed was one of those rare things they did indeed have in common with one another. Adexene felt bitter and angry, and prepared to launch her weaponry at Valerie.

"Alright..." she muttered. "We're not backing away from Zonas. It takes a lot of courage to be a strong and reasonable man in the life and age of this person, and it'd be a shame if it all went to waste."

"...Right." agreed Sinicini, a bit scared that she was actually agreeing with Adexene. "He's also the sweetest male I've ever met...if you don't harm Zonas, we'll not fight you. But if you do...we'll fight. And fight. Until we're dead."

"Yeah!" agreed Adexene.

Valerie frowned and looked at the three of them, putting her nun-chucks away, sighing as she looked down. Sinicini and Adexene took a breath of fresh air, and looked with relief into Valerie's face.

"You're right." said Valerie, biting her lip. "But you guys need to run. I saw a male with tentacles muttering your name, Zonas, and I saw a physical fitness obsessed lady also calling you out. They're probably your siblings, sir."

"...The boy is unconscious." muttered Adexene out of annoyance.

" about you guys take a spin to my place and lemme fix him up? Don't fret about being spotted, I'll keep the windows up."

"That'll be great, thank you miss Valerie." beamed Sinicini. Valerie grinned and whistled, a male in grey clothes appearing from the skies in a limousine, practically crashing down, sighing loudly.

"Prepared." muttered this man.

"Thank you, Silver..." cooed Valerie. "Alright children...get in. I'll heal Zonas when we get home."

Sinicini and Adexene got into the limousine, darkly glaring at each other still as the car sped off into the distance. They still weren't over their bitter business...

A Ride to "Paradise"

Valerie and Silver sped their limousine forward throughout the streets, the quick and slender vehicle, Adexene and Sinicini sitting next to each other with Zonas' unconscious body in the seat between them.

"Ugh!" said Adexene loudly.

"Sup, kiddo?" said Valerie, looking behind her seat while she was driving, her car slowly getting off the road.


"...Lol." said Valerie in her normal, sultry voice, which only brought more of a flame to Silver's eyes.

"Just..." began Adexene, stuttering. "I-I have a question, a-actually...are you the g-great Valentine?"

"Oh ho, yeah baby!" grinned Valerie far and wide. "If I weren't, how would you think I'd look so beautiful and sweet?"

"I won't lie, you look fabulous." smiled Sinicini, looking away in embarrassment as Valerie giggled, running over civilians, making the limousine ride rather bumpy at the moment. Silver looked with absolute fury towards Valerie.


"Nah..." cooed Valerie, taking the limousine and driving it up a pale, straight up wall, making everyone shocked and confused except Silver, who was used to this. "We'll move out of their way."

Sinicini and Adexene had their mouths agape. You can't just do that, thought Adexene in her mind. Cars aren't supposed to have the ability to climb walls, let alone drive straight on them. It was messing with her logic.

"So are you guys normally like this?" asked Sinicini as she scratched her head. Valerie and Silver were really weird to be around, she realized.

"Depends." remarked Silver, who had calmed down. "Valerie can be really, really flirty and/or stupid and I can be a lot more peaceful and quiet, but it's always going to change to pure anger when my sister here does something dumb."

"Silver is fun to mess with..." cooed Valerie as she sped up the car, going over the building and going down its other side. "You should try it!"

"Lay off, Valerie!" said Silver through gritted teeth.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Silver?" said Sinicini with blinking eyes, attempting to annoy him. Did Silver even have a chance of having one?

"Actually yes." he sighed. "I have a wonderful nature lady for a girlfriend. ...Wait, Valerie, aren't we in the Hisplit universe?"

"Why, yes." she smiled. "We'll be going to Zonar shortly...just buckle your seat belts!"

As this was said, Valerie flung the limousine off a ramp, going right over a body of water, the car going through a portal and ending up in Valerie's garage.

"We made it." said Valerie, getting out of her vehicle and shutting the door, Silver and the rest following up. "Now, when everyone's finished preparing...everyone meet up in my room. Except Silver."

"Why not me?" said Silver bitterly.

"You ain't hot unless you're angry." cooed Valerie. "And I mean, the angry hot. You're too gross to be legitimate hot."

As Silver stormed off, Valerie hugged Adexene and Sinicini close, then took Zonas off their hands, grinning.

"Alright, follow me."

Valerie led the way to her room, holding Zonas in her strong arms. What were the risks of following Valerie, wondered Adexene as they followed her throughout the halls...

Bring Him to Life (Wake Him Up Inside)

Valerie closed the door to her room as soon as the two girls entered, sitting on her bed, smiling at both of them mischievously.

"Alright girls..." said Valerie with a grin. "So, this is Zonas, correct?"

"Yeah." muttered Sinicini. "The one you were sent to murder not too long ago...ha ha..."

"Of course it is Zonas, there is not a male that looks anywhere close to Zonas!" fumed Adexene whilst gritting her teeth.

"Just making sure so I didn't give the wrong medicine to him..." Valerie said whilst she bit her lower lip, dropping two pills into Zonas' mouth. "The first pill will wake him up shortly, and the second will heal his body. ...Wait." Valerie dropped another pill into his mouth. "Third one, you'll have to guess."

Sinicini and Adexene looked at each other in bitter silence. What would the third pill do? Kill off Zonas? In that case, she would have just given him one, it couldn't kill him. What would it actually do?

"I see you doubt the trust of the last pill." said Valerie. "It's not gonna kill him or harm him in the slightest..."

Sinicini and Adexene nodded their heads. They guessed they could trust Valerie, after all, she took Zonas out of his dimension to heal him in an arguably safer area. So they laid down on Valerie's bed and waited, the lady dropping down to snuggle with them.

After what seemed like hours, Zonas was now just asleep...he was conscious again but Adexene couldn't tell when she got out of bed. She panicked and walked over to him, and looked into his seemingly dead face.

"No..." she whispered. "I guess she did kill you, after that case...uhh..."

Adexene knelt down and placed her arms on his chair, and kissed him on the lips, attempting to make it as tender and meaningful as possible. But in sharp shock, Zonas woke up and suddenly flung backwards, tripping over.

"O-ohh." she said lowly.

Sinicini and Valerie got up and tried to see what the racket was. Zonas got up, shrugging and shaking his body, looking at everyone.

"A-A-Alright...where am I?" he said as he looked around the unfamiliar walls of this red velvet room, much to the joy of Valerie.

"You're in the home of Miss Valentine." grinned Valerie as she fluttered her eyes. "Welcome." she added with a bow.

"T-T-Thank you..." he said out of confusion, looking at Adexene in the face, who was blushing a really, really bright red color now. "Also thanks for t-t-that, it was a g-g-good way to w-wake up..."

"De nada, me amigo..." said Valerie in her horrible Spanish talk. "...That means you're welcome, my friend in English, if you were unaware."

"Cute." muttered Adexene. "I can speak any language in the world, but I just speak English because no one cares for the other languages. Why? I am a super computer, you would think I would ought to know these things."

" computers do well in bed?" winked Valerie.

"Only for late night texts." she responded.

Everyone began laughing a bit. Things were beginning to brighten up a bit for everyone, although Zonas stopped when he remembered that he didn't kill Vio. He really needed to do that...


"Alright..." muttered Zonas. "W-W-When do we g-g-go b-back to o-our city?" he blurted out, hoping that he'd be able to slay Vio before Pierce found out. Unbeknownst to him, Pierce already knew that Vio wasn't killed, and in fact, he also didn't know that Valerie was sent to kill him.

"Shortly!" shouted Valerie from the other room. "Just showering Sinicini in the midst of all get your stuff on and we'll be on the way back."

Zonas stared at Adexene while they were waiting for them to finish up, and Zonas piped up, attempting to keep himself as quiet as he can.

"S-so..." he stuttered. "D-did you actually l-love me as p-proven by that kiss?"

"I love you..." she admitted, looking down. "It's so complicated how my feelings are right now, and I thought you were dead because I thought the pills you were given to by Valerie had elements of death written all over them."

"W-W-Well don't fret..." he smiled. "H-H-Heroes don't die e-e-easy, even if t-t-they s-suck." he replied, looking bold and happy.

After ten minutes or so, Valerie walked out of the bathroom, looking real clean, Sinicini following up after her.

"We're ready to go." beamed Valerie. "I'll probably drop you guys off by a portal...I can't exactly get myself to use the limo again."

"We came here through a limousine?" exclaimed Zonas. "W-why wasn't I i-in that?"

"You were unconscious." laughed Valerie. "Don't worry kid, when you're older...I'll give you that ride. And many more."

Adexene and Sinicini laughed as they completely misheard that last sentence. Valerie shrugged and opened a portal door, bowing as she left them to go into it. Before going through, Adexene looked back at Valerie.

"Thanks for the help!" she beamed.

"No worries." grinned Valerie, watching Adexene go into the portal. After they left, she rested on her bed, holding her pet "Werine" close to her.

"Dang. They were pretty chill...perhaps one day...oh ho ho ho..."

Werine purred.

Zonas and the others returned to their home dimension, but as soon as they did, Zonas looked a bit odd for a second, lulling his eyes as he stared at both of his friends. Adexene was a bit crept out and slapped his face lightly, bringing him to his senses.

"I don't want to imagine what that one pill did." shrugged Sinicini. "It probably did something stupid and I'm not sure if finding out what is good for my heart."

"Oh trust me, he will be fine." laughed Adexene. "Say, I apologize for being an idiot, Sinicini..."

"It's alright..." she admitted, hugging Adexene, whom returned the hug. Zonas clapped slowly and lightly, as if to not distract him. Finally! Friendship! F R I E N D S H I P.

Meanwhile, a creature was watching from the shadows again, laughing evilly. Same three people. Same challenge. Or that's what Vio thought.

Chapter Seven: Violence and Pepperjack Cheese


Zonas, Adexene and Sinicini began looking around the city for some place to live in, wanting to prepare themselves for the chances of coming across Vio, Pepper, or Vitch, or even Pierce Hazel if he attacks.

"A-a-alright..." stuttered Zonas. "W-w-we gotta b-be more on g-g-guard...V-Vio practically left me d-defenseless..."

"Do not fret." smiled Adexene. "We have this as a team, all right love?"

"L-love?" said Zonas, flinching. "T-that's k-kinda fast..."

"Well..." said Sinicini, giggling. "I think we both made it clear that we love you."

"...But I am taking him." grinned Adexene, nudging Sinicini, who looked annoyed. Zonas backed away from both, hoping neither would start a fight.

"N-no, he's mine..." said Sinicini slowly, which brought a bit of heat to Adexene's face.

"S-STOP!" yelled Zonas, flailing his arms to get their attention. "D-do not fight over me, or I-I will l-leave!"

"T-then who will you take?" questioned Adexene with a smirk on her face. Zonas opened his mouth to reply, but a large tentacle just barely missed him. "...Other things first, I guess."

"Trying to win eh?" bellowed a familiar voice, Vio coming onto the screen, his tentacles bashing against the ground as he laughed. "This ain't over, bubs."

"Vio!" shouted Zonas, pointing a finger. "It's time for you to be sent to jail!...or be killed like the majority of my family..."

"Nonsense." beamed Vio. "I got the police's attention and they're on their way. If you kill me, you'll be in even more trouble."

"You are so annoying..." remarked Sinicini as she rolled her eyes. She didn't really want to fight Vio again, they were completely unprepared for the last fight. "Say, now that we're do you guys find us so easily?"

Vio let out a huge laugh, making Zonas and Sinicini cover their ears, sirens wailing in the distance.

"We find you so easily 'cause your family has trackers, besides you of course, so we can pinpoint your location every time, unless you're under the ground."

"T-Then why didn't Winston f-find me out??" questioned Zonas in anger. "Y-you're not lying, right?"

"Winston knew it was you..." he curled his upper lip. "First day on your Burger King job, he reported your facial features and the clothes you wore. We knew you were downtown."

Adexene had enough, and swung her robotic fist towards Vio's face, who was hit by the full blast of it and was sent back in pain.

"Ahh..." he said, getting back up. "You wanna fight, robo-lady?"

"I do not particularly want to fight, but if you are going to make mincemeat out of my friends, I will have to make sure that you are dead. More dead than a roadkilled cat on the streets." she frowned.

"What a pathetic hunk of junk." exclaimed Vio loudly as he picked up Sinicini with his tentacles, giving Zonas and Adexene no reaction time. "I'm sorry, but I saw that love issue and here's my solution. This gal is mine!"

Zonas and Adexene attempted to attack him to take back Sinicini, but the monstrous brother laughed and went underground, plenty far away from the reaches of those two, Zonas looking down in defeat.

"W-we lost Sinicini..." he moaned, wiping a tear off his face.

"We'll find him." said Adexene slowly, hugging his back. "Vio just took Sinicini...when we find him, we'll destroy him."

"W-where do you suppose they went?" questioned Zonas as the police cars began arriving.

"I might have an idea. GET ON MY BACK."

Adexene leaned down on her knees and placed her arms on the ground, Zonas taking no hesitation on wrapping his legs around her back. Adexene grinned as she shot off into the skies, away from the reach of the policemen. It's a good thing Sinicini was with them then; the police saw this moment and could have rendered Sinicini as evil...

"W-w-where are we going?" screamed Zonas as he could hardly hold onto Adexene's body, holding onto her for dear life.

"To the Blue Rifts!" she exclaimed. "Sea creatures rest in water, right? Your tentacle brother has had to make a hideout there..."

Adexene and Zonas reached the Blue Rifts, which was a sea on the side of town, and descended on its shorelines, faintly hearing screams of help.


Zonas and Adexene landed on the shores of the Blue Rifts, the area looking polluted and absolutely disgusting, but the water was strangely crystal clear. Adexene bit her lip and sighed.

"I cannot go in there..." she said. "I have an electric body...I will get hurt if I set foot in those waters!"

"It's okay..." said Zonas rather bitterly. "I'm g-gonna...g-g-get diving equipment..."

Zonas shrugged and took some clothes out of his pack, spinning around to don a new disguise, one of his first in a long while.

"This is my businessman persona, Jack." beamed Zonas rather proudly. "I'm g-g-gonna g-get the e-equipment!"

Zonas looked into a shack in the near distance and ran to it, knocking on the door. But nobody came...he opened the door and was greeted with a nasty surprise - a corpse fell from the ceiling, its rotting body making him stand away.

"H-holy jeez!" he shouted.

Unlike the corpses from Sinicini's house, this one got up and stood up straight, looking at Zonas with its big, beady eyes.

"Welcome to my Sea Store." said the corpse in a low voice. "I've been operating this place for hundreds of years...come in, come in."

Zonas was real intimidated, but followed the really odd corpse in, and noticed the diving equipment almost right off the bat. He was real shy about it, but pointed to the equipment and said in his best businessman impression;

"I would like to purchase that, please."

The corpse shrugged.

"Everything is free..." he said, looking down. "As I don't even need money for anything..."

"Really?" exclaimed Zonas. "T-thank you!"

"It is not a problem." smiled the creepy corpse as Zonas backed out of the store, the door being shut on him.

"So what happened over there?" asked Adexene as she scratched her head. "I could just hear 'Holy jeez!' and someone else talking."

"To put it short..." he began, "A talking corpse was operating the diving store."

"What? That's ridiculous."

"I know, I know...wish me luck, I'm gonna dive in there!"

"WAIT!" said Adexene. "I know how to get down there...if there's any empty spot below the waters..."

Adexene went into Zonas' watch, beaming.

"I'll use your waterproof watch as a way to get down deep into the waters, that is, if there's any open spaces I can get through in the waters!"

"Great!" beamed Zonas in return. "I'm gonna...get down and fight off Vio if it's the last thing I do!"

"Glad to hear. Now go down there and kick Vio's butt, and take back Sinicini. If you get her back..."

Adexene frowned, sighing and looked the other way.

"W-what?" asked Zonas in a scared tone.

"...If you get her back..." she said. "She's yours and your girlfriend. As much as I want to be your girl..."

Zonas frowned.

"Don't be sad..." muttered Zonas. "I'll find a solution..."

Zonas walked into the waters, sinking himself below the seas. Now he was to find Vio before any harm is done to Sinicini...and battle him, if that's even possible.

A Battle

Zonas went into the water, alone as Adexene couldn't exactly swim with him. His goals were either to find Sinicini or Vio, and he won't stop looking until the former is found at least. Zonas descended deeper and deeper, his air supply thinning.

Zonas couldn't hear very well in the water, but he heard something in the waters, but didn't know what it was. Nevertheless he was intrigued and swam deeper, bumping his head painfully against the ground. Looking up, he saw...nothing.

The boy went back up to the surface, taking deep breaths as he refilled his air supplies, Adexene looking at him in concern now that his arm was out of the water.

"You okay, champ?" asked Adexene with a bitter tone.

"Yeah..." said Zonas slowly. "I just gotta take deep breaths..."

Zonas took some deep breaths as he said he would, going in and out, in and out...but suddenly Zonas was dragged into the waters, something around his leg dragging him down, with a familiar laugh carrying him down.

"Ahh..." said a familiar voice as Zonas was dragged to the source of the roots. "Alone, eh?" said Vio, smiling.

"That didn't take very long..." said Zonas in anger. "I'm tired of you!"

"Oh ho ho...I'm tired of this too. The police were supposed to get you, and they obviously failed. I'd hate to say it, but how predictable of the police to fail my orders. Hmm hmm..."

Adexene got out of Zonas' watch, noting the dry spot, looking at Vio in anger and looking at Sinicini, who was taped to the wall.

"You're on time..." said Sinicini in a serious tone. "He ain't done nothing to me..."

"On time??" exclaimed Vio in alarm. "You weren't supposed to tell them in that way I was whatever."

Vio attempted swinging his tentacles at Adexene to knock her off balance, but she lowered herself and rolled up to him, forming a flamethrower with her hand.

"Calamari, anyone?" said Adexene with a more sinister smile on her face, Vio looking kind of scared right there.

"You fool..." began Vio. "Away...before I make mincemeat out of you..."

"Hey!" perked up Sinicini. "I remember that quoting from Sonic Adventure! You see, Dr. Eggma-"

Vio stretched a tentacle to cover her mouth, Zonas attempting to struggle out of Vio's reach. Adexene lit up her flamethrower and swung it at Vio's lower half, forming several burns to him as he screamed. He totally forgot Adexene...

Vio attempted to defend against the robot, but he couldn't hold onto Zonas to fight her, so he dropped him to center his fighting focus, but this was bad as Zonas pulled out his Freezer, firing it at several of the tentacles.

"Rarrgh!" shouted Vio in pain. He wasn't even able to move as Adexene ran around him, flaming up his tentacles, Zonas going up to his front. Pulling the trigger, Zonas fired a blast from his Freezer at Vio's heart, who made him just stop doing anything in general.

"Finally." muttered Zonas. "He's dead."

"Y-you killed someone..." remarked Sinicini, biting her lower lip. "You actually did it...I couldn't be more proud."

"Heh." said a voice from the back of the cave. "So Vio slid you that one victory. Congrats."

A girl in exercise gear was doing a slow clap, Zonas, Adexene and Sinicini staring at this person in disbelief as she came over to Sinicini.

"Sorry, but you thought that round was over?" she cruelly said. "Sinicini is mine want her? FIND HER AGAIN. See you next week!"

The lady laughed as she warped away, Zonas clenching his fists in anger. This was no longer a point of sadness for him, this was a test of his sanity and fear. His body shook and his teeth gritted as he stomped his feet.

"Calm down Zonas..." said Adexene in a calm voice, placing her arms around him. "We will find her again. We found her once, we can do it again. If it makes you feel any better, I put her into my area scanners, so we can find her easily."

Zonas bit his lip. As he got back into the water and swam up with Adexene in his watch, he wondered if he would ever get to see Sinicini again for real.

The Harvester of Sorrow

Meanwhile, Pierce Hazel was walking around the landscape in anger, really mad that Valerie didn't stick to her bargain and didn't kill Zonas. Not knowing that Vio was already dead, he used his psychokinesis to hover at high speeds into a seemingly deserted town, with almost no one to be seen.

In not long, he stopped when he saw a blue haired and red haired lady sit next to each other, knitting together or something, he couldn't particularly tell. He descended and looked at them, his glare bringing their attention to him.

"I know this is an odd meet up." he began with a stern voice. "But have you heard of the Trayd family before?"

"No..." said the red haired one, the blue haired girl shaking her head.

"I have never heard of such people in my life..." whispered the blue haired girl. "Everything is sorrow-filled and...awful enough here that I can't even pay attention to the next city."

"It doesn't matter." grunted the teenager. "I want you to find this...or this...or this...or this...and report any of them on sight to me."

Pierce held up signs of Zonas, Vio, Pepper, and Vitch, the blue haired girl nodding.

"You got this, Syi?"

"Just leave it to me..." she said bitterly. "I could do with less distressing people on this planet..."

"Good." said Pierce with a real loud grunt. "Now, get moving."

Syi got up and walked out of the city, the red haired girl following, shrugging. The latter didn't really like the idea of death or destruction, for she and Syi had gotten too many close calls in their lifetimes.

"Heh heh..." said Pierce with a smirk, flying out of the disgusting, just about abandoned city. "The Trayd family are more of a menace than I remember them being...rrgh, how does Zonas even last so long..."

Syi and her friend were walking across the grounds, attempting to reach the city as that's where Pierce was flying to.

"Hene..." said Syi in a low voice.

"Yeah?" asked Hene, ears perking up at the sound of Syi's lovely voice, or at least that's how she describes it.

"Just leave the killing to me. I'm not letting you get in an ugly scenario again." said Syi, referring to the Lurking in the Dark chapters that she had in her life.

Both scarecrows (that's what they are) sped off into the city, Pierce flying over the city, the exercising girl from under seen running into a cafe. A familiar cafe, even, the one Adexene was at earlier.

Hopefully...things turn for the better, right? They can only be for better or for worse.

Chapter Eight: Three Sides at War

A Chase

Zonas and Adexene got out of the Blue Rifts and were running down the shadows of downtown, seeking out Pepper now that she is in possession of Sinicini, and also seeking her because she's one of two family members left to either imprison to murder.

"Huu..." exclaimed Zonas with a sigh. "I never ran s-s-so much in my l-life b-b-before..."

"It is your friendship and love carrying you forward." Adexene attempted explaining. "For what you love, it can propel you forward very far."

"Y-Y-You're a lot more f-f-friendly than you were, hours ago e-even..." muttered Zonas. "How did that c-c-come to b-be?"

"Easy." beamed Adexene. "When you were knocked out, Adexene slapped me right across the face...taught me a little bit of something against selfishness."

"D-d-did it hurt?" asked Zonas out of worry.

"No...I was kind of sad about it though." she said slowly, looking down. "Helped me realize that feelings are apparent no matter who you are as long as you can think at your own will or pacing."

"I see..."

Zonas and Adexene continued speeding down the city, moving through the city as if they were on a stampede, seeking out any signs of Pepper or Sinicini.

"Where do you think they'd be?" questioned Zonas, panting loudly, attempting to keep running, but was totally running out of steam.

"According to my scanners...she is that way!"

Adexene pointed the opposite direction of they were heading. Then she froze up, doing a weak, sarcastic laugh.

"Oops." she whispered.

"It's o-o-okay." whimpered Zonas. "W-we just gotta...move all t-the way over there..."

Adexene and Zonas turned around, and then began running, but Zonas totally couldn't last long. Then he looked into Adexene's eyes, holding onto her hips, attempting to hold himself up.

"I-I'll w-w-wait here." he said in a weak voice. "A-Adexene...c-can you c-c-chase down Pepper for m-me and retrieve Sinicini?"

"Why?" she questioned. Not that she had a problem, she was curious.

"I-I can't get there and I'll only be a drag...I trust you to get her back..."

Zonas kissed her lips, the robot blushing and acting like as if glitching out, but she shook her head and grinned, shivering.

"Y-you alright?" questioned Zonas, nervous.

"Y-yeah...I will d-d-do it for you!" said Adexene, holding her fist in the air. "I WILL BE THE ONE TO RETRIEVE HER!"

Adexene sped off into the distance, leaving Zonas alone. He took a deep breath and laid back on the ground, not sure what to really do. He shuffled his clothes and took out some rotting ones, looking like a guy who lives on the streets.

It won't be long before Adexene comes back, he thought to himself. He really did want Sinicini back, but as the duration of having ingested that mysterious pill that Valerie gave him grew, the more he felt a new feeling...

On the Obsyine

Syi and Hene traveled forward, as if a solo unit, into the city, seeking out Zonas, looking up, down, and all around for his body. Syi rolled her eyes at how difficult this was, and tried to solve in her head why Pierce made her do this.

"What does Zonas look like?..." said Hene, thinking aloud.

Syi held up a picture of Zonas in front of her, Hene nodding.

"I see! He's kinda cute's sad he has to be about we stop in that cafe, right there?"

Syi nodded and opened the doors to the cafe, spotting Pepper holding Sinicini's mouth shut, the exercising girl looking angrily at the two scarecrows.

"Aha!" shouted Syi, pointing her finger. "You're one of them!"

"One of what?" sneered Pepper. "The Trayd family?"

Sinicini tried talking, but Pepper held her mouth tighter, arm around her neck. Too many wrong moves and Sinicini will lose the ability to breathe.

"Yes, and let go of the girl!" shouted Syi in an intimidating voice. "Or I'll have to take you on...the hard way."

"I'd like to see what you can do..." cooed Pepper. "What can scarecrows do?"

Syi grew a set of four vines out of her back, looking directly at Pepper, a malicious glint in her eye.

"I am warning you..." whispered Syi. "If you don't let go, you will receive the worst beating ever.  Your ass will be the target of my beating. ...It's a shame, for you have a nice ass."

"How about you come over here and bring the fight to me?" sneered Pepper. "Come and get some, ugly scarecrow!"

"U-u-ugly?" blurted out Hene. She tried to hold silent the entire time, but her girlfriend being called ugly angered her. "I-I'll have you k-k-know that S-Syi is the b-b-best lady w-who ever lived! N-no one else u-u-understands me!"

Hene snapped her fingers and she began charging a beam of hot light, looking quite angered. But Pepper only laughed.

"If you fire so prematurely..." she grinned. "I'll hold your girl as a defense..."

"Oh." sighed Hene as she stopped charging.

"I guess we need to revamp our strategy..." said Syi as she bit her lip.

Pepper took this moment to stretch her arms at Syi and Hene, suddenly grabbing them. The games have only begun.


Zonas laid down on the ground, awaiting Adexene to return with the likes of Sinicini so they can move on with their lives. He was quite confident that when Adexene returned, Pepper would be finished off, so they wouldn't have to worry about anything else.

"I'm bored..." he muttered, getting up. "I might as well go somewhere to eat..."

Zonas got up and began looking around for places to eat at. He's eaten quite a bit over the past few days, but he wanted somewhere to eat out at rather than relying on just Sinicini's snack bag...

He spotted a nearby McDonalds standing up, with a neon "OPEN" sign glowing on the door. Smiling that there was at least something, he ran to the restaurant and opened the doors, suddenly slumping to look like an old man who had trouble walking.

Zonas walked up to the counter and made his order.

"Hello!" said Zonas in an awkwardly cheery voice. "I'd like some fries, please." Zonas held the respective amount of money in his hands, it being taken. Zonas sat down at a table whilst waiting for his number "7" to be called upon.

"Hmm..." he said, looking around the walls of the restaurant. "I wish Sinicini were here..."

Just then, the doors to the restaurant opened again, Pierce Hazel walking in. Fearing he might be caught, he covered his face with his menu, Pierce not seeming to have noticed him. Pierce ordered some fries as well and sat down at the same table as him, direct across. Zonas was forced to continue staring at his menu.

"Hello." said Pierce. "You look kind of shy there...why not lift down the menu?"

"That won't be necessary." said Zonas in a tougher voice.

"Oh? Why not?" questioned Pierce, now feeling a bit suspicious. Perhaps this was a ruse, he thought silently.

Before Zonas could answer, they were given their fry trays, Zonas nodding and leaving the restaurant to eat outside, hoping Pierce wouldn't follow. Unfortunately, he did, and looked down at him.

"Why are you running away, Zonas?..." he grinned, making Zonas flinch.

"Oh so you do know..." he muttered. "I'll have you know I'm ready to punch your face!..."

"Bring it child." he sneered, gesturing his hand to make a 'come at me' pose. "How strong can children like yourself be?"

Zonas got mad and pulled out his Freezer, not exactly wanting to punch his face, holding it towards Pierce's legs.

"One move Pierce and your legs are frozen up! You'll then spend the rest of your life lurking in the dark if I have to freeze your heart!"

Zonas was pretty peeved with Pierce, but the teenager chuckled and walked forward, Zonas firing at his legs. His hope for no side effects came true, Pierce tripped as his legs became almost like solid ice in texture.

"I warned you, Pierce!" he said. "Want your heart done?"


Pierce used his psychokinesis to put Zonas' Freezer weapon aside, grinning faintly as he used his powers to get himself back up.

"And now I'm going to finish you off..." he sneered. "Prepare to be smashed to pieces, child..."

Pierce picked up Zonas with his powers, Zonas going into a really, really deep state of fear. He feared his death, and it was severely affecting his mental stability, looking really, really tense. An inner emotion built up...his vision turned a red hue, dark matter leaking from his body.

"Is this...the Trayd hidden power?" muttered Pierce. "I knew you had a power...but you're seeming to be using it now..."

"I don't know what it does..." admitted Zonas. "But if you let me go, I don't have to harm you...I don't even want to."

"What reasons?" growled Pierce. "You're a menace, like your family!"

"Understand that understanding should come before duty, sir...look, there are many things I can just do if you let go of me, and they can all be good...don't kill me for the person I might not even be!"

"I'm sorry, but no chances."

Zonas sighed as his body glowed white, Pierce looking at him in interest. What power was this? He knew that Zonas shared a demon bloodline...but what showed in this?


Adexene had just caught up to Sinicini's signals, her smile widening as she sped down to the cafe she was at earlier, pushing over people who were in her way, seeing Sinicini, Pepper, Syi and Hene as she came in.

"Oh dear..." whispered Adexene, looking at Sinicini's horrified face.

Syi was holding Pepper in her vines, but Pepper was holding Sinicini as a defense. Adexene frowned at what to do...she needed to not harm Sinicini, so there were only so many ways she can take care of this situation.

"You'll never defeat me without a price..." exclaimed Pepper loudly. "If you do kill me, Sinicini will be taken down with my body into the graveyard."

Adexene panicked and turned her arm into an extensive one, grabbing Sinicini and taking her back.  Finding the job easy, Adexene gloated as Pepper looked around in baffling confusion.

"Augh!" said Pepper. "I didn't even see you there!"

"I just got here." smiled Adexene. "You can finish her off, scarecrow..."

And just like that, Syi killed off Pepper, strangling her to death, leaving her on the ground. Adexene smiled and went to the kitchen with Sinicini, getting several containers of tea to carry back to Zonas to reform their group.

"I'm so glad to be in your hands..." grinned Sinicini. "Thank you Adexene..."

Sinicini kissed her on the lips, Adexene acting all awkward again. Two kisses in one day, one from each of her mates? She acted kind of wonky for a few seconds there, taking a bit of time to recover.

"So...let's get Zonas and get out of here." smiled Adexene.

"Wait!" shouted Syi. "Isn't Zonas that one guy we're supposed to take down and destroy?"

"No..." said Sinicini. "You don't understand! Zonas is actually a good person in the Trayd family, he's just being framed for what they do just because he's related!"

"I see..." muttered Syi. "Where is he?"

"I honestly do not know..." said Sinicini. "I was captured when they were underwater..."

"Fortunately..." smiled Adexene. "I know where he is, and he is that way." she added, pointing what appeared to be east.

"Perfect." said Syi. "Let's go..."

Adexene smiled and led the way back, Syi and Hene following her back, Sinicini just barely catching up with them, sweating as she ran. Adexene was slowing down, sweating.

"...Wait." said Adexene. "I know where Zonas is, but why do you two want to follow me?" she said, narrowing her eyes at Syi and Hene.

"I want to see if he's changed..." said Syi slowly, beaming. "I don't just take words into account, y'know. I kind of want to see everything...evidence is what I live by, not by the words of amateurs."

Eventually they came across the McDonalds that Zonas was eating at, but when they looked down, they saw Pierce and Zonas holding each other up in the air, struggling to fight each other, dark mass leaking from Zonas' body.

"Oh boy..." sighed Adexene.

"PIERCE!" shouted Syi. "You're trying to kill him??"

"Of course!" shouted Pierce back. "That's what I wanted you to do, god darn it!"

"But he's innocent!" shouted Sinicini. Zonas' ears perked up at her voice, but Pierce of course had a nasty response...

"Who cares!?" bellowed Pierce. "Trayd family members are my enemies!"

Adexene and Sinicini had no words, nor did Syi or Hene.

Power Within

The four who have come over to see Zonas' innocence were caught off guard by Pierce Hazel, who was trying to kill the kid...painfully. Pierce slammed Zonas into the ground, letting him go, thinking that his weak body was dead. As Pierce walked over to the other four, he picked them up with his psychokinesis, holding their bodies in the air.

"You don't attack my friends." said Zonas as he trembled, holding his Freezer. "This is the last straw..."

Zonas fired a beam at each of Pierce's hands, making him drop the others, him falling to the ground. He ran over to the boy in the cape and made his hands glow in black fury, holding them above Pierce.

"I'm sorry..." muttered Zonas. "But you have played games with me for the last time!"

Zonas released an aura of dark energy, utilizing his powers to launch Pierce far, far away, launching so far into the skies, Zonas releasing all his energy down into the ground, looking weak and exhausted.

"I assume this is what blasting off is like. Anime is real?" questioned Pierce as he went out of view point into the night skies.

"...He is gone." whispered Adexene. "He is gone."

"Finally..." shook Zonas, getting up from the ground and hugging Sinicini, dragging Adexene into his hug. "I'm...with you guys again. We're all happy now, yes?"

Syi and Hene smiled as they watched this pure adorableness occur right in front of them. Maybe humanity isn't so wretched after all, Syi thought to herself. The two left the scene, going back home, having one hand over the other's butt.

"That is a cute couple." muttered Adexene quietly.

"Y'know..." began Zonas. "How about this..."

Zonas tightened his hug with them, holding them really, really close, arms tightening around them. Adexene and Sinicini couldn't help but burst colors of strawberries.

"How about...we get together not as a couple, but as a triple." he suggested, going a ridiculously dark shade of red. "We seem to all be happy with each other, right? And I don't just wanna take one..."

"I think I came to the conclusion that Sinicini has a wonderful body." said Adexene weakly. "I do not see the fault of us as a triple."

"Me neither..." giggled Sinicini. "This is definitely a first...ha..."

"But..." muttered Zonas as he let go of them. "Two things first. First off, my mother needs to be stopped, and second, I need to prove my innocence, and your own." For the second thing, he glanced towards Adexene.

"Right..." beamed Sinicini. "It'll be easy!"


The television shut off. Zonas trembled...his mother literally revealed that Sinicini was helping him out, and their location. Everyone stared at them in awkward silence.

"Aw dang..." said Adexene.

"Let's get to Melancholy Mountain..." suggested Sinicini, the others nodding in agreement as they fled the scene.

Chapter Nine: Double Date


Zonas, Adexene and Sinicini fled the area, running away from the people who were staring at them, having heard Vitch's words spread across the city. The three hid in a corner behind a trash can as sirens wailed, police cars just passing right by them.

"I hate my m-m-mom..." muttered Zonas. "She's the literal w-w-worst of my family...and y-yet besides me, she's the o-only one left of u-us..."

"That is okay." replied Adexene. "Your mom is okay to hate, judging by what she has done to you throughout your lifetime..."

"I think you guys s-should hear a story o-of my past..." stammered Zonas. "D-d-do you w-want to h-hear?"

"Yeah..." whispered Sinicini, placing her arm around his back, Adexene following in suit, both attempting to comfort him. "I'd like to hear anything..."

"Tell us anything." beamed Adexene. "We got your back, regardless of the helped us both out and...I think it would be nice for us to help you."

"R-right." said Zonas, letting out a thin smile before going into a frown. "S-see...f-first thing you g-guys should know is t-t-that...I c-come from a family of d-d-demons...and...I am o-one of those s-seven like you know...b-but that isn't w-w-why my f-f-family w-was mean to me..."

"Then why?" questioned Adexene, tightening her grip around him.

"B-because...I didn't w-w-want to be e-evil like them...t-they're masters of t-t-thievery...e-ever since the b-b-beginning I was n-not really h-h-happy with t-t-t-their ideals..." he stammered again, covering his eyes with his hands. "T-t-they ridiculed me, t-t-teased me, and w-were f-f-far from s-s-supportive..."

"Well we're here, lovely Zonas." grinned Sinicini as her grip around him also tightened. "We're very different from your family..."

"I k-know...b-b-but in my w-w-wake to g-go against my f-f-family...I a-a-a-accidentally k-knocked down their o-o-oil tower...t-that was s-s-so bad and I was g-g-g-gonna be punished...s-s-s-so I ran away...f-from them..."

Adexene and Sinicini looked at each other. ...All that chasing over an oil tower? Zonas' family must have gotten it bad, so bad that they wanted to punish him for something so minor. Adexene thought they could have gotten a new one, Sinicini thought they were all overreacting.

"T-t-they also w-w-want something e-else...a-a-all my f-f-family have d-d-demonic t-t-t-traits besides W-W-Winston...a-a-and I in fact have one..." he spurted out, burying his face in his hands out of pure embarrassment.

"It's okay Zonas..." cooed Sinicini. "Look, that life is over. You got us now, darn it!"

Adexene nodded her head.

"Adexene and I are always gonna be here for you...look at us! Look into our eyes! We are never gonna harm you or anything..." continued Sinicini.

"If we ever harmed you Zonas, we would feel very sinful. You do not deserve any pain, regardless of what you have done. You have done everything out of self protection..." said Adexene. "Some things should be punishable, but nothing you have really ever done..."

"I love you both..." sighed Zonas, lifting his head. "You two are the best I know."

"Darn right." grinned Adexene. "How about we head over to Melancholy Mountain and have something I just thought of...a date??"

"That'd be cool..." smiled Sinicini.

"You know what?" began Zonas. "I'd...I'd really, r-r-really love that..."

"Then what are we waiting for?" said Adexene, picking up Zonas and Adexene simultaneously. "Let's get out of here and begin this!"

The cyborg sped off into the skies with her two friends, aiming to head towards Melancholy Mountain, just avoiding Pierce Hazel and the police, who came over to that area. Pierce sighed and looked down.

"Where are you going?" shouted a policeman.

"Melancholy Mountain!" said Sinicini, much to the fear of Zonas.  Man, that was...not really something that should have been revealed.  The three were already far away before Pierce could say anything.

"Just as I was about to apologize." muttered Pierce.


Adexene propelled through the air, the wind pushing forward in her favor, heading towards the likes of Melancholy mountain, the cyborg feeling real excited to finally date Zonas, and to just a smaller extent, Sinicini.

"Finally we are doing this..." said Adexene.

"...Uhh..." began Sinicini slowly. "We may need to make this quick."

"What?" began Adexene, startled. "Why?"

"You know my habit with the truth..." began Sinicini. "I told them where we were going...ha ha...and I can't exactly lie about it either or I'll fall into depression..."

"Oh." said Zonas, fear in his heart rising.

"Don't worry!" laughed Sinicini. "We just gotta find the most hidden part of the mountain and rest in it..."

"Yeah..." said Adexene, the dark mountain looming into view, coming onto a very spooky side of it, tombstones and statues covering most of the area. "WOAH!" she exclaimed. "All that spook!"

"V-v-very s-spooky..." muttered Zonas. "I-I'm scared..."

Adexene hovered down to the mountain and let go of Zonas and Sinicini, smiling.

"I got no respect for the dead..." she muttered as she took up a few tombstones and formed a table with them. "This is how we are gonna handle things..." she added as she took a few and carved them into chairs, Zonas looking in awe at her talents.

"As much as I'm not a fan of taking apart the tombstones of people..." Sinicini muttered, "You're doing fantastic there."

Adexene beamed as she was just about finished, and sat in one of the table's chairs, placing her hands on the other seats to get the others to sit there. Zonas hesitated a bit before sitting, Sinicini having literally no hesitation as she sat in her seat.

" does one date?" questioned Adexene.

"...I thought you knew..." laughed Zonas weakly. He figured that the supercomputer would be able to have that kind of knowledge...

"Ha...I dunno." said Sinicini, sweating. No one was prepared at all, rather embarrassingly, but Adexene wasn't mad. Instead, she went into a bit of uncontrollable laughter, placing a hand on a shoulder of both her friends.

"I did not think any of us knew..." she chuckled. "Looks like we are going to invent our own form of date..."

"...Huh?" inquired Zonas. "That sounds interesting..."

"You bet it oughta be." grinned Sinicini as Adexene extended an arm to her back and pulled out a bag of burgers and buns. "Wait, where'd you get those?"

Adexene did a weak chuckle.

"I actually stole these from the local Burger King when I was not happy with you earlier, Sinicini..." she admitted. "It is not too big an issue, is it?"

"Nah." Sinicini chuckled. "A bit shocked but I'm fine."

"M-mm..." muttered Zonas, looking as if drooling. "B-burgers..."

Adexene grinned and lit up her hands, forming fire, beginning to heat up the burgers as her two friends looked in pure awe at her. Adexene felt happy for once, having two friends that mean so much to her, and being someone who matters so much to them back...


Adexene was grilling the burgers with her hands, Zonas looking ravenously at the burgers, watching them being flipped as Sinicini waited patiently for them. This was going to be a really good date, sensed Zonas, even if Sinicini did have the chance of potentially shortening it.

"I'm l-looking forward to the results Adexene..." grinned Zonas. "You look like you're doing real well with them..."

"Yeah!" beamed Sinicini. "You seem to be a really good cook...were you ever programmed to do that?..."

"No." grinned Adexene. "I was used to research a lot, and I was used to research the controversies of Burger King and its foods...and on the way, I remembered what the supplies of Burger King were...and reviews of their stuff are generally positive, so that is why I stole their stuff."

"Ah." said Sinicini, interested in the turnout of the burgers.

Policemen were walking around the foot of the hill in the search for Zonas and or his friends, the leader grunting.

"KEEP LOOKING!" grunted the lead officer. "THE BOY IS AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE!"

"Yes ma'am!" shouted a policeman. They knew very well that they were on the hill, according to the tiny analysis they collected from Sinicini.

"IF WE DO NOT FIND THEM...WHO'S TO SAY US POLICE ARE TRUSTWORTHY ANYMORE? YOU LIED TO THEM...YOU MANIPULATED THE PEOPLE INTO SEEKING ZONAS SO I COULD JUST GET HIS POWERS! Admittedly, I wasn't that mad over the oil tower...I just wanted to use that scenario to my advantage!"

"You're kinda cruel..." said one of the policemen.

"DARN STRAIGHT, SIR! Zonas and his friends, once I capture them, I will have the boy's powers...and I will rule Hisplit!" she cruelly laughed.

"This won't end well..." sighed one of the police officers.

Pierce Hazel watched the policemen from the bushes. So, this lady lied to him...and several of the did she become the police officers' leader? Since when? The chief was nowhere to be seen, either.

"Hey!" he shouted, emerging from the bushes. "Where's the chief?"

"HE'S DEAD!" she laughed. "HE'S DEAD FOREVER! I killed him for control over the policemen...he was such a stupid sibling of mine, ha ha...for believing that I wanted to punish the boy!"

"You're cruel..." said Pierce, biting his lower lip. "You're real, real cruel, Mistress Grinch..."

"I try." she laughed, leading the policemen up the hill. "I think I found a light...THEY'RE DOOMED, PIERCE! DOOMED, DOOMED, DOOMED!"

Pierce watched them go up the hill, running away after they were just far enough away, breathing loud and clear as he ran, knowing what he must do now. He looked left and right, looking around with a blaze in his eyes.

"Gotta find someone...I can't stop this demon..."

Pierce warped away, knowing that he must take drastic measures. He needed to make things right...even if he had little chance of making it back on time.

Adexene finished the burgers and handed them to Zonas and Sinicini, taking one herself and chewing down on it.

"Mmm..." muttered Zonas. "These are really, really good...'

"I tried." laughed Adexene. "I am glad you like them, for I like them myself...ha ha..."

"I hope that we can just find my mother and put her out of her misery..." said Zonas bitterly, biting his lower lip. "It won't be long before she'll end up finding me before I find her, and I want to find her instead."

"Yeah..." said Adexene. "Do not worry, it is not like she will come here right here, right now, or within the next ten minutes. We are wise, we will eat up our dinner, wrap up in hugs and kisses, and leave the scene."

"Sounds good." smiled Sinicini. "I like ending my nights that way."

Zonas tore through his burger, smiling and wrapping up his extra burger, going to save it for letter, his best friends following suit. All got up and hugged each other, basking in each other's warmth.

"I love you two...more than anything else." beamed Zonas.

"Same here, boyfriend..." giggled Sinicini.

Zonas blushed a deep red as he kissed both of their lips, a giant light suddenly flashing over them, rendering the three visible, all caught hugging.

"W-what's going on?" muttered Zonas.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed the lead police officer. "YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

The policemen completely surrounded them, the lead officer taking off her hat and removing a mask, grinning at Zonas rather hungrily as she stared at his heart.

"M-MOTHER!" shouted Zonas, pointing fingers. "Y-YOU ARE ABOMINABLE!"

Restless Confrontation

Zonas, Adexene and Sinicini looked in absolute horror and shock at Vitch. The fact that she was here, leading the police, was such a shock to them that Zonas almost tripped over a graveyard stone upon stepping away a lot in fright.

"S-so you're the c-c-chief of p-police?" stammered Zonas. "N-no wonder t-t-they were a-all after m-me...and e-e-everyone e-else..."

"Yes, I am in fact, the CHIEF OF POLICE! I manipulated my brother into thinking that Zonas and the rest of us were evil, and he was confused at why I would alert him of that of all places, but he warned the rest of the police...I waited for just the right moment, and then I KILLED him while he was working while Vio was out seeking you!" Vitch grinned wide. "Boy, you killed everyone but me and your father, the latter being imprisoned..."

"I-I didn't kill m-most on purpose..." he spurted out. "I-I only k-k-killed Vio of t-t-them because he w-was actually being e-e-evil..."

"And we're a family of evil, you runt." she cruelly spoke to him. "The police eventually figured out I was your mother, but I threatened to kill them if they tried to do anything about me...isn't that right, boy?" she said, pulling up a policeman in her anger.

"Y-yes ma'am..." muttered the policeman. Sinicini and Adexene looked at each other...Zonas had one messed up mom.

"I-If you w-w-were leading t-these policemen..." trembled Zonas, knees wobbling like jello, "w-w-why did you s-s-s-send e-e-everyone e-e-else after m-me?"

"Because I figured they'd do the job..." smiled Vitch with a twist. "But they failed, just like how you failed to be the thief we were supposed to raise you to be...your two brothers, your two sisters, your father...they're all idiots! They failed to please this mastermind..."

Adexene and Sinicini stood in front of Zonas, defending him, Vitch looking not real amused at this, holding out her arms, which turned into snakes with fangs.

"You dare stand in front of my son when I am speaking to him?" she growled.

"You cannot harm this man..." began Adexene. "You are in the wrong, in so many ways that my logical system cannot determine your ways of thinking. If you want any powers, have my own. I just want to be with him."

"Zonas is special..." muttered Sinicini. "He helped me when I was in trouble, and the person you married was awful...he chewed up my family to scare me and get Zonas to help me, knowing he would! Zonas has gotten me back when I was kidnapped..."

Vitch stared at them both, as if looking to give in, but then laughed, biting their arms with her arms' snake fangs, making them yelp and step away into the arms of police officers.

"You fools!" she screeched loudly. "The snake arms didn't poison you...just because I'm warning you. Zonas may be your man, but he's not going to be for long once I annihilate him...I was going to do this at home, but I want to make sure you can never think about this wretched child again!"

The policemen stared at each other, looking back and forth. Well, they couldn't do anything about they might well just grab Sinicini and Adexene and leave. Both were supposed to be arrested anyway for "helping a criminal".

Zonas gulped. Everything was over...nothing made much sense to him. He looked around blindly, as if looking for another way to get out of this situation. Sighing, he pulled the Freezer out of his pocket and pointed it at his mom, who laughed and slashed it out of his arms, making it fall to the floor.

"All the more reasons to arrest you..." she grinned evilly.

...And this is where things look like a dead end.

Chapter Ten: Stupidity at Its Finest

The Pill

Zonas was the only person who could take on Vitch by this point, and even then, there didn't seem to be any ways for him to overcome her, and she was already stepping slowly towards him, backing him up towards the other officers.

"You should not harm my friend..." warned Adexene. "Or I will fire the shots..."

Vitch laughed at her and drove her snake like hand at Zonas, who dodged to the left, backing away in a different direction. Rather suddenly, Zonas was hit really, really hard by something, making him drop to the floor. Upon being picked up by Vitch's serpent arms, Zonas was rather shaky, looking at Sinicini and Adexene with an expression of love in his eyes.

"Oh no." muttered Sinicini. "So is that what that mysterious pill did? What an awful would have worked on the date..."

"Must have been a love pill." grumbled Adexene. "It is a shame that the pill Valerie gave him came off at such a bad if he is going to escape the grasp of his awful mother, I do not know."

"Did you just call me AN AWFUL MOTHER?" roared Vitch, staring at Adexene with the wholes of her eyes. "I'll have you know that at least what remained of my children didn't FAIL ME!"

The mother dropped Zonas and turned her arms back to normal, clenching her fist and beating it into Adexene's head, forming a small dent into it, much to the horror of Sinicini but Zonas couldn't notice under his condition.

"More mockery towards me and you won't just have a dent in your head, child..." growled Vitch. "Officers, take these two losers to the slammer, Zonas will be mine to finish off. I'm going to be alone for this, so I can TEACH HEROES WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BEATEN!"

The officers sighed and took up the two girls in their arms, taking them away from Zonas and Vitch, who were left stranded on the side of Melancholy Mountain. Vitch laughed loudly, staring into the miserable and scared, yet still faulty eyes of Zonas.

"I can't believe you." she began. "I may have not cared for my family, but you killed all my other children and...they executed your father. Before I took over the police, they executed their father. I'm the only one left besides you, Zonas! Wouldn't it be fair if I KILLED YOU for DESTROYING OUR FAMILY??"

Zonas felt Vitch kick into his chest, shoving him into a tombstone, Vitch catching right back up to him. He couldn't exactly think straight because of the love pill that was still having a mass effect on his mind. Not getting up, Vitch cruelly laughed again.

"Furthermore..." she growled. "You have damaged the reputation of the police by not being able to get captured. If you told them, and knowing you I might know you would, you didn't lie to your friends about your family...of course we were evil, but you had no chance against me to begin with!"

Vitch kicked Zonas again, crushing him against the tombstone, knocking it over, Zonas taking deep breaths as he felt himself weaken. Vitch jumped up to him, making a cruel, sinister smile, holding her hands above him as if ready to attack.

"I didn't care what your friends thought or the deeds you've done, for in the end, no one would have believed you! No one believes a thief! ...They didn't believe me either considering I am also a thief, but I overwhelmed them with the powers you don't have! Let me sap away that power you do have!"

Vitch slammed her fists into Zonas' stomach, who groaned loudly, her picking up her fists and raising them high again.

"Who's going to save you now?" she sneered. "Is there anything else you want to say to possibly get out of this scenario?"

Zonas began whimpering softly, real, real scared at the thought that he was probably going to die. Watching his mother's fists raise high, he tensed up, eyes widening as he looked at her revenge sought expression, dark eyes and a twisted smile. Even as he was under the pill's effects, fear was quickly taking over his artificial feelings of love, and much worry. Thoughts of Adexene and Sinicini filled his head, wondering if he'll survive this to be able to see them again...

"...No last words?" she inquired. "Perfect. If there's one thing you do right in my family, it's being silent."

She pushed her hands down, Zonas rolling to dodge her, the event having stalled enough time for him to react, her knuckles hitting the tombstone. The lack of officers granted him a lot of free space, so he got up and began running away, Vitch quickly noticing and chasing after him.

Piercing the Past

Pierce was banging on the door of a familiar person's door, almost smashing his knuckles into the door, the door opening to reveal Valerie, who was in her night gown, looking at him with a bit of an annoyed stare.

"Valerie!" began Pierce, heavily panting. "Zonas is in trouble and I need your help fighting off the police officers, especially their leader!"

"Huh?" she said. "I thought you were against Zonas...what do you want me to do though?"

"Look..." he said in a bitter voice. "I was wrong with my objective...I was manipulated into thinking he was horrible! The Zonar Police are international, are they not?"

"I see...I see...oh, yeah, the police here are international. Oops, sorry." Valerie yawned. "I'm real tired."

"...So will you help me save Zonas?" he knelt down at the floor and went into a begging stance. "I'll literally do anything you so desire me to!"

"...Anything?" she grinned. "I'll do this then..."

Valerie took him into her room and dialed on a phone hung up on the wall, grinning. She heard the police talk.

"Who is this?" commanded an officer.

"Why Chief Twix..." she commanded, giggling at his ridiculously stupid name. "It's Valerie, of course!~ But I'm not here for trouble...the police of Hisplit are off their rocker and their leader is awful and tormenting a cute boy...who knows what else they could have done?"

"I'll get a few officers to head down to Hisplit then." he grumbled. "It's a large place though, where exactly is the location?"

Valerie shot a glare at Pierce. "What location?" she asked.

"Melancholy Mountain." grunted Pierce. "I sure hope they're still there, or I will scream...ha ha..."

"Melancholy Mountain sir..." giggled Valerie. "They oughta be there for your observations...good luck!"

"Right." said the officer. "We'll be sending off General Scotch and General Syande to do a bit of work...especially considering these policemen and the boy. We hope to clear things up, talk to you again."

Chief Twix hung up on her, Valerie turning to smile at Pierce, going over to him and hugging him tight.

"You did the right thing, clearing up your mistakes." she cooed, finger on his chin. "Now, about that 'I'll do anything' statement of yours..."

The Slammer

Adexene and Sinicini, during the events of Valerie and Pierce's meet up, were sitting on the cold benches of the slammer, looking at each while having their legs chained up.

"I hope Zonas is okay..." muttered Sinicini.

"Ugh..." groaned Adexene, hand above her head, feeling her dent. "Me too...God that punch really hurt..."

"It's okay..." smiled Sinicini, placing her hands on Adexene's. "Everything'll be all right, right? Zonas'll live, I know he will...and I'll sue the person who decides if he lives or not if he doesn't live."

"I love you Sinicini..." whispered Adexene. "I hope that...we get Zonas and live together as a fantastic family eventually..."

Sinicini wrapped her arms around Adexene, who followed suit and hugged her back, both hugging each other real tight, cuddling in each other's warmth, ignoring the coldness of the benches they sat on.

"I swear we will..." beamed Sinicini. "Just hoping that the Vitch lady be truthful, she's the worst person I ever met...besides Vio. Blech."

"Wasn't fond of Pepper..." said Adexene, rolling her eyes. "Or that Winston dude."

"Zonas' father was pretty bad." giggled Sinicini. "I'm glad her part was over with. Also glad that the Sola person is gone."

Both hugged each other tighter, staring into each other's faces, grinning faintly. Despite the conditions of their situation, they were pretty happy just being together, and were lucky enough to be imprisoned in about the same spot.

"By the way..." muttered Adexene, looking kind of embarrassed. "I want to...uhh..." Adexene looked the other way, unable to finish off her sentence. "You know...ha..."

"Eventually." grinned Sinicini somewhat mischievously. "Give Zonas two years to settle in with us, alright?"

"Sounds good to me." beamed the cyborg.

Warriors in Silly Hats

Vitch was still attempting to hit Zonas, who was dodging multiple times, although not able to land a single hit on his mother with his arms, who was laughing at the fact that he was even trying to harm her.

"TRYING TO HARM YOUR MOTHER?" she cackled. "Harming your mother takes you nowhere but on a journey even closer to death!"

This battle seemed to have been dragging on for tens of minutes, and it was quickly getting on the nerves of Vitch, and Zonas was pretty satisfied at his dodging, although figured it wouldn't be long until he was cornered.

From the foot of the hill, two pairs of eyes stared up the hill. One belonged to a young general, looking stern and ready to kick some evil booty, whilst the other belonged to what looked like a cross between a jester and a vampire, but was still a general, snickering as she stared up the hill. Both began marching up the hill slowly, looking for either the boy or the police, or even both.

"Vere do you think they'd be, Scotchy Scotch?" whispered the vampire. "I vanna get this over vith...Brook's not very patient ven I'm gone.."

"Somewhere uphill, obviously." grunted Scotch. "I'm considering doing an act of injustice and firing my bombs up the hill to more easily spot them..."

"Vat are you vaiting for?" grinned Syande, fangs over her bottom lips. "Drop 'em over! I vanna see them officers run n' hide!"

Scotch was a bit of hesitant with the idea, but pulled out a sack of bombs and fired three uphill, each not having large blast radii, but they created loud noises that Scotch was sure other people could hear from a mile off or more.

"Them explosions vere beautiful..." snickered Syande. "Maybe them explosions vill be noticed...hue hue hue..."

The bombs didn't hit either Zonas or Vitch, but they were off by about two hundred feet, both jumping up and falling back onto the ground.

"Where did those explosions come from..." muttered Vitch, looking at Zonas, almost certain that he had a back up plan of sorts. Zonas only shrugged, making her eye him real suspiciously. "Tell me the truth! Where did they come from??"

"How am I s-s-s-supposed to k-k-know??" stammered Zonas. "Do you t-t-t-think I'd have the t-t-t-time to g-g-get s-s-someone with b-bombs to a-a-attack?"

"The rest of my family is dead, dead, DEAD, so I figured you might have!" she said angrily, her voice dangerously rising in volume. "You had to call up on someone, stupid boy! I guess I just oughta kill you faster now!..."

"I can hear death threats." said Scotch, beginning to run up the hill. "Explosions probably drove them off their rocker...let's juice, Syande!"

"I'm after you, bro..." she grinned, flying ahead of Scotch, before stopping suddenly. "Vait, do ve have a plan, Scotchy?"

"You get the kid." said Scotch sternly, placing his right hand into his left palm. "I'll take care of the death threat shouter and perhaps the police if they're there, but it's rather quiet up there, so I guess it's just a kid and an old lady."

"Get the kid?" she grinned. "Of course."

Vitch slammed her fists down towards Zonas, who rolled out of the way and jumped away from Vitch, who tried to chase him, but was hit with an explosive, falling over. She got up again, looking behind her just in time for her to dodge extra explosives.

"H-help??" stuttered Zonas. "T-t-t-thank g-g-goodness..."

More explosives came, forcing Vitch to attempt to dodge them all, Zonas managing to break away from Vitch's grab range, staring as his mother could hardly take on the showers of bombs. At last, Syande came from over the explosions, flying down towards Zonas.

"Are ye thy boy?" she questioned. "Ye better that yer troubler?" she pointed towards the struggling Vitch. "Is she thy chief of police?"

"Yeah that's her..." said Zonas slowly. "T-thanks for coming..."

"It is no problem kid. Get on me back, my brother vill take care of thy stupid lady...anyvere you vanna go, kid?"

"The slammer..." muttered Zonas. "My best friends are there...can you please get them out of that place? They're not supposed to be there...the police took them there even though they didn't really do much wrong..."

"Ha ha, no problem kiddo." she grinned. "I'll get yer top tier friends out of there and they'll be back ter ye in a jiffy."

"Thank you!" beamed Zonas as Syande took off with him on her back, satisfied that things were turning out so well.

"De nada."

The two flew off the mountain, going towards the slammer, leaving Vitch alone to deal with General Scotch, who eventually broke through the tombstone rows, holding several bombs in his hands, glaring down at the lady.

"Alright." said Scotch, smiling. "Game over, miss. What's your name?"

"Vitch." she growled. "I'll take you o- G-General Scotch?"

"Yes, that is me." he smiled. "Your kid's gone, my sister took about you try and break me like you tried to break the kid? I wanna see you try."

Vitch glared at him angrily and turned her body into a serpent to try and fight off Scotch, but he was prepared and jumped back, firing a large arsenal of bombs, thinking Vitch won't survive it, and wouldn't be disappointed if she died. When the smoke cleared away, she was lying on the floor, twitching and still alive, but she didn't want to really give up.

"I'll DESTROY ZONAS!" she wailed. "I'll break every bone of that boy's body, or at least get someone else to help me to do reign is NOT over! I may be over, but the legacy always continues!"

Scotch shrugged.

"Eh." he said as he crushed his foot onto Vitch's serpent body, crushing her heart, killing her. Satisfied that it was over, he placed a bomb in her mouth and turned it on, wanting to blow her to pieces. As he walked away, Vitch exploded, bits of her body flying everywhere as Scotch walked down Melancholy Mountain, seeking out the slammer now.

Zonas was the only one alive of the Trayd family. And God bless, he was the only good one of the seven in this story. Scotch was pleased that he helped out, and upon calling Valerie and Pierce about it, they were overjoyed by the news.


Reunion, and a Permanent One at That

It's over. The evil Vitch is finally dead, and Zonas is the last of his family, and for he is the only hero of good align within it, this is a good thing for everybody involved in the story of Gone. Zonas felt very relieved as Scotch caught up to him and Syande, the latter of which having reached the slammer and opened the door.

"How'd it go, Scotchy?" grinned Syande. "Did ol' lady get avay?"

"Please tell me she didn't..." prayed Zonas.

"Nah." sighed Scotch happily. "I killed her, her reign is finally over. Don't thank me though, you should thank an entirely different person for bringing us here to help deal with the devil."

"W-who?" stammered Zonas.

"Aye...Pierce Hazel, m'boy." grinned Syande. "He told me that he made mistakes ven he tried ter destroy you, and he consulted Valerie ter help get us out there and help you in any vay ve can...and also to deal vith thy corrupted police."

"P-Pierce?" questioned Zonas. "W-Wow..."

"Halt!" shouted a policewoman as he ran out the building. "You think talking behind our ba- G-G-General S-Scotch??"

"Yes, it's me." grunted Scotch. "And all the police are in trouble. Pack up your buddies and meet me back in Zonar. ANY OBJECTIONS, LADY?"

"N-no." she stuttered. "I-I'll r-r-r-round t-t-the r-rest o-of u-u-us s-s-s-straight a-a-away, g-g-general! J-j-just g-g-g-give us e-e-e-enough m-m-moments t-t-t-to p-p-p-prepare!"

She ran off into the building, calling all of the police to her attention and leading them outside with her, General Scotch abandoning Syande and Zonas to follow them. Syande grinned and waved, Zonas finding difficulty in doing so as Syande held onto his hands with her warm palms real tightly.

"Goodbye!" shouted Scotch. "Syande, I'll be taking these guys to the Zonar police station to set them straight. You get the kid into the building, I'll see you later!"

"Bye Scotchy Scotch..." she grinned as she watched him go off into the sunset with the others. Syande held onto Zonas' hands and walked into the pretty much deserted slammer now, walking over to the very end, where Sinicini and Adexene were asleep in each other's arms. Zonas took a moment to breathe, then grinned excitably at the fact that they were still very much alive.

"S-S-Sinicini a-and A-Adexene! Y-you gals are a-a-alive!" beamed Zonas with his usual stammer. "I-I'm alive! V-V-Vitch is d-d-dead!"

Adexene woke up quickly, her ears having heard Zonas' voice, overjoyed that he's alive.

"Zonas!" grinned Adexene. "Wake up, Sinicini! Zonas is here now!"

Sinicini woke up and looked around in bewilderment, grinning as she saw Zonas' face, squealing with bliss, Syande grinning as she walked over to them and unchained them from their prison bench.

"Ye three are too cute..." smiled Syande. "Ye three have fun. Go home, go sleep vith each other...heh heh heh...'

As Sinicini and Adexene ran over to and hugged Zonas, holding him tight with their hug, Zonas looked back at Syande, holding his arms tightly around his girlfriends.

"W-where t-t-though?"

" home, eh?" questioned Syande. "I guess that's understandable...judging by that Vitch stuffs...but ye can all come over to and live in Naxaz. Valerie'll give you no rents to pay, no taxes to pay..."

"R-really?" said Sinicini in excitement. "T-that'll be lovely!"

"Thank you." beamed Adexene.

"Y'all are velcome. I'll open up a guest bedroom in Valerie's apartment for ye three ter sleep in...being a cute three, it'd be cute to see ye three share thy same bed..."

Syande rotated her right hand, forming a portal to Zonar, showing the inside of a guest bedroom with the light on. The three stopped hugging each other and looked into the portal, being wowed by the inner design of it, looking in awe at the insides of it. Syande walked over to them and picked them up, placing them through the portal.

"Have fun." she grinned. "I'm glad all your troubles are Gone, too...bleh that mistake doesn't matter anyvay 'cause they rhyme..."

"What?" questioned Zonas.

"Eh, nothin'. Sveet dreams." said Syande as she zipped the portal shut, leaving them alone in the apartment. Sinicini picked up Zonas and placed him on the bed, both her and Adexene getting in on both sides, hugging him close. Zonas went a wild raspberry as he felt them snuggle up to him.

"Night friends..." yawned Zonas, diving his face into his pillow.

"Good night Zonas..." beamed Sinicini as she fell asleep.

Adexene stared at the ceiling. In just a matter of days, she found out what it's like to be loved, what it's like to be in love, and how emotions work.

"God bless that I met these two..." she said finally before shutting off.

The three woke up, still holding onto each other, Zonas yawning as the sun fully rose up into the sky. Sinicini and Adexene got up and began walking around the room, looking for things to do as Valerie began arranging a place for them to live. Zonas got off the center of the bed and looked out the window first thing, just barely catching a shooting star pierce through the sky.

"I wish..." softly spoke Zonas. "I wish everyone with a good soul could be happy."

It's a real difficult wish to preform, and shooting stars don't mean anything, but Zonas was still interested in having everyone have good days, and that there was no more violence. He turned around and grabbed his friends in yet another hug, wrapping his arms around their backs once more.

Once again, the need to hide from others is over. Zonas is safe, as are Sinicini and Adexene, and they might as well live happily ever after now.




  • Gone takes mass inspiration from the older concepts of Split Personality, the creator's life, and the like.  The creator even bears some similarities to the main character, Zonas.
  • Gone's name comes from the fact that Zonas has gone away from home and from the fact that he and his friends must make it so that his evil family is gone from the world.

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