Borderlands V

The goliath starts out wearing a large metal helmet that gives tunnel vision and helps control its rage. Goliaths typically use dual-wielded assault rifles. The helmet can be shot off, at which point the Goliath will go into a rage, regenerating all health (the rare shielded goliath will not have his shield restored), casting his guns aside and charging his foes. During a rage, the goliath will attack everything in his range, friend and foe alike. Goliaths that lose their helmets lose all of the dopiness in their voice and begin to speak in more violent, complex, and complete sentences. Goliaths start out leveled to their area and can level up four times from their starting level. Once their helmet is shot off they become a "Raging Goliath" (with some name variation depending on the goliath in question's original type).

Rage tree: increases melee and action skill abilities.

GOD-Liath tree: increase stats and gun capabilities.

Golzerker tree: adds a second action skill.

A common Goliath

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