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Genre(s) Drama, Romance
First Air Date(s)
1st January 2016
Last Air Date(s)
22nd January 2016
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin England
Original Language British English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 4
Goldlake is a short four-part series by PolisKanin set in the fictional town of Goldlake, focusing on Craig Hamel. It airs in 2016.


Canon Title Special Edition Title Plot Air Date
Lust Lights Craig lives in Goldlake, a town in south England. After meeting Chris at a new years celebration, the two fall in love. But, the two have to hide their relationship due to the people in the town being infamously homophobic. 1st January 2016
Obsession Officer Officer Truslow looks into the death of Chris Pearlman, whilst Craig grieves. 8th January 2016
Victim TBA TBA 15th January 2016
End TBA TBA 22nd January 2016

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