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Goldlake (location)

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Greater Location England
First Appearance Lust
Notable Resident(s)
Craig Hamel, Chris Pearlman, Jessica Mitchell, Samantha Richardson, Officer Truslow
Goldlake is a town in South England.


Goldlake is a relatively wealthy town. It resembles a late 20th century town, with not a lot of technology frequently in use. Tourism is very low, and most of the businesses are local.


Goldlake is known as a town where everyone is close to eachother. It is also infamous for it's old-fashioned morals. The town is full of homophobia, most residents are white and it is mainly dominated by males.



Goldlake appears in the series, Goldlake. This series focuses on Craig Hamel and his life as a homosexual in a homophobic town.

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