Golden Saviour is a 2D, sprite-based platformer for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Twenty-Second Choice. It was originally a spin-off from the Ancient Europe worlds in Kaisser, in development by Hybrid Co..


King Midas, in return for his hospitality with the satyr Silenus, was granted one wish from the god Dionysus. He asked that everything he touched would be turned to gold, an ability that came to be known as the Midas Touch. However, when he accidentally turned his daughter Zoë into a golden statue, he asked of Dionysus a way to be rid of the Midas Touch. He was instructed to place his hand in the river Pactolus and allow the power to leave him. When he did so, however, his son Sotrios was further down the river. As the power left Midas, it entered Sotrios. Rather than rid himself of it, as his father chose to, Sotrios embraced the Touch but only used it in moderation, fashioning a special glove made of gold so he could still use his hand.


  • Sotrios: The main playable character, he is the son of Midas and inherited the Midas Touch, causing everything he touches to turn to gold.


  • Lityerses: The first son of Midas, he is jealous that Sotrios received the power to turn things into gold rather than him and seeks to kill his brother and take the power for himself.
  • Valerius: A man who drank from the river Pactolus after overhearing Midas speaking to Dionysus about the way to reverse the Midas Touch, giving him the ability to turn things made gold by the Midas Touch back to normal.
  • Zoë: The daughter of King Midas, he accidentally turned her to gold with the Midas Touch. Valerius freed her, and she joined him on his quest as thanks.












  • Stelios7 (tbc) planned a game involving Greek and Romans since their inclusion in Kaisser.

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