Gold King Bill
Golden King Bills are extremely rare enemy that appears in "Utopia". Golden King Bill, like its brethren cannot be defeated by any means other than an attack with a Star projectile from the Star Suit. Only 3 Golden King Bills appear in "Utopia", two in the final level of "Star Hill" (the final world) and one in a secret level accessible in Extras Mode Bonus World. Golden King Bills are the same size as a King Bill, however can be much faster. They are not related to any Gold Enemies featured in "New Super Mario Bros. 2" and do not leave coin trails. Golden King Bills are known to travel both horizontally and vertically, however, vertically moving Golden King Bills move much slower and normally produce a brief warning siren before appearing.

Game Appearances


Golden King Bills appear only three times and, excluding the Star Suit are indestructible by all other means.

Utopia 2: The Adventure Returns

Golden King Bills are set to reappear in Utopia's sequel. It is unclear how many will appear or if any will reappear at all. However, from what sources have been made available, Golden King Bills become much more common enemies and from the small amount of footage seen, they will still be only vunerable to the Star Suit.


  • Golden King Bills are were known to be able to be defeated by the use of Hammers, however, since the Hammer Suit is turned automatically into a Star Suit upon entering the final world "Star Hill" they are enemies that can now only be defeated using one Item.
  • Golden King Bill was meant to appear in more levels and only be a Rare Enemy, however those levels were scrapped in favour of extending World C "A Quick Dipper in the Galaxy". These levels can still be played via hacking the game. A total of Golden King Bills to appear would have actually been 13 had these levels not been removed.
  • One of these removed Golden King Bills were to appear as a Boss (Guardian) of one of the Utopia Treasures. This treasure is now actually guarded by the main boss of World C; Prism Whale.

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