Golden Hero
Golden Hero
He may seem bad... ...but he will be good.
Developer(s) Nintendo & Sega
Publisher(s) Unknown
Genre(s) RPG / Action
Spinoff(s) Golden Hero and the mystery of The Corrupted
First Game Golden Hero I
Most Recent Game Golden Hero I
Wii U, Wii, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, 3DS, PS4

Golden Hero is a series released by Nintendo & Sega.


The player's character, The Gangster, is sad he didn't go to Heaven. However, god gives him another chance and revives him. If The Gangster can turn on his other team members, he can go to heaven.


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Spin Off

Golden Hero and the mystery of The Corrupted is a spin off game solely released by Sega.


After a long break, The Gangster goes back down to earth again only to see that large bulky monsters have taken over the city. The Gangster has to kill the monsters in order to stop more people turning into them.