Golden Hero
Golden Hero
He may seem bad... ...but he will ne good.
Developer(s) Nintendo & Sega
Publisher(s) Unknown
Platform(s) Wii U, Wii, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis
Release Date(s)
Febuary 12nd March 2016.
Battle Royale, Campaign, Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Depends on what game it is.
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Golden Hero (series)
Predecessor Final Fantasy XV
Successor Super Mario Maker
Golden Hero battle gameplay

An in-game picture of the battle system.

Golden Hero sega dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast Cover


The Gangster

A deceased adult who wants to live his life again by being good.


A businessman who is The Gangster's rival.


Another deceased adult who the main power source of Business's electric supplies.

Leech Gibbins

One of The Gangster's teammates. Also, the game's first boss.

Nate Guarian

One of The Gangster's teammates. Also, the game's second boss.


One of The Gangster's teammates. Also, the game's third boss.


One of The Gangster's feminine teammates. Also, the game's fourth boss.


Business's guard. Also, the game's fifth boss.


The unholy fusion of Business, all the bosses' hearts and Zephyr Also, the game's final boss.


The hearts of the bosses. These include a diamond (Leech Gibbins), a cross (Nate Guarian), a cylinder (D.A.V.E), a pearl (Emman), a lightning bolt (Anchorhead), a full heart (Business), a broken heart (Zephyr) and an upside down heart (U.N.K.N.O.W.N) which splits into all the other hearts.


Photoshop minus the bosses' hearts. Also, the secret final boss of the game.


The player's character, The Gangster, is sad he didn't go to Heaven. However, god gives him another chance and revives him. If The Gangster can turn on his other team members, he can go to heaven

After progressing through lots of grassland and enemy crowds, The Gangster finds an old abandoned lab. In this lab, he meets one of his teammates, Leech Gibbins, with his hand stuck in a machine with a portal. After this, Leech's hand goes through the portal, turning it plantlike. After, Leech gets sucked in completely, turning into a poison ivy monster with brambles for hair and leafs for claws. The Gangster then has to kill Leech. After killing him, Leech withers and inside his stomach shows a pyramid like heart.

After progressing through a long alleyway and loads of skaters, The Gangster finds some stairs. Going up these stairs lets The Gangster see another one of his teammates. Nate Guarian, surrounded by Black Magic. After this, Nate's arms and legs (But not hands and feet) are covered in the mysterious black dust, turning him evil and have the ability to take control of bullets. After the 10 minute grueling fight, Nate disintegrates and a cross-like heart comes out.

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