Golden Floro Sapien
Golden floro
A Golden Floro Sapien.
Species Origin Floro Sapien
First Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Notable Members
Floro Sapiens

Golden Floro Sapiens are one of the most difficult to fight of all the Floro Sapiens. They were the second strongest next to Dark Floro Sapiens. They were Seen in respectivly World 6 in Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover which was the only game they were currently seen in. if you beat them, sometimes the will give you a golden suprise. They are tricky to fight in the clouds. And if they hit you, the side effect may include Sleep. They are the only Floro Sapiens to Charge So beware Mario!

Max HP- 25

Max Attack- 6 (Charged- 10)

Max Defense- 2

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