Golden Baton - Mario's weapon

The Golden Baton

The Golden Baton is a mysterious, shining item that appears in the Super Mario Revival series. It is a very significant item in the first season. The Golden Baton is clearly based on the real-world Nintendo Wii remote. Instead of regular buttons, however, the Golden Baton has sparkling gems in place of them.

The Golden Baton first appears in episode 01, "Start of Revival", in a fight between Mario and Emeri. It suddenly falls from the sky, along with a bright light and a voice telling Mario that he must use it in order to win the battle. Mario is confused but does as he is told anyway, using a powerful attack, Super Golden Action, for the first time.

For the rest of the twelve episodes, Mario uses the Golden Baton against King Polarite's army. It is his main weapon, and his most powerful as well.

The voice who had originally gave Mario the Golden Baton and instructed him to use it is revealed in episode 06, and turns out to be a very essential character to the first season.

Attacks Required For

Super Golden Action

Super Golden Action is move that Mario uses to finish off enemies with after they have been weakened by other attacks usually done by his allies (such as Luigi, Peach, and others). It is very powerful, and it is used in every single episode of the first season.

The move involves Mario spinning around with the Golden Baton to charge it up, and then unleashing bright beams out of it to attack the enemy.

In episode 04, it is so powerful that it nearly kills Iggy Koopa.

General Images

Used Against

Beta Designs

In old designs of the Golden Baton, there were no gems in place of the buttons, and there were simply just normal buttons on it.

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