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NSMB2 Golden Mario

Golden Mario in New Super Mario Bros. 2


The Gold Flower

Gold Mario is a new power-up that appears in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Mario's ability is to shoot gold rings of fire that turns everything into Coins. Mario can obtain this form by getting a Gold Flower. When the player reaches the Flagpole Gold Mario will turn into Fire Mario.

Game Appearances

Super Mario 3D World

The Mario game Super Mario 3D World features Golden Mario, this is the first appearance in a video game to have Golden Mario. In the game instead of being a power-up, it is a character who will help Mario or Luigi through a level. He only appears if the bros. lost eight or more lives. The player has to talk to him in order to activate him. He will run through the mission showing how to get the Power Star. He will get a bronze Star instead of a Power Star. It won't count as a Power Star but will show in the mission selection.

Nintendo Kart 3d

In this game gold mario is a playable character. Gold Mario is not a power up in Nintendo Kart 3d.

Super Mario Neptune

Gold Mario is a power-up form in Super Mario Neptune. It has the same abilities as it does in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Mario Kart Prima

This item can be used just in the Coin Races mode. In this game, the user of the item will be able to throw three golden fireballs. That fireball will leave a line of coins and if the fireball hits other player, that hit will throw five coins.



  • The power-up is parodied in Johnny Dog as the Gold Johnny skin.

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