Gold is a new copy ability in Kirby:Cozmic Adventure. It involves controlling six small gold orbs for his attacks.


Kirby gains a bright yellow hard hat with a blue hexagonal gem on the front. He also has six gold orbs surrounding him.


This ability can be obtained by two enemies: Gol' Chunks, the more common one that is also the helper, and the rarer one, Geown. This ability can be used underwater, but only the first three moves can be used.

Gold's Moveset
Golden Punch Y A simple punch forward. Can be rapidly used.
Shining Uppercut hold/release Y short All six orbs uppercut a nearby enemy.
Fist of the Goldstar hold/release Y med Similar to Fighter's Vulcan Jab, but followed by a strong punch attack.
Goldmine hold Y The orbs surround Kirby for a shield move.
Mineral Rain X/Y Kirby throws three orbs as a projectile attack.
Crisscross Jab dash/Y Two orbs slash infront of Kirby.
Jackpot hold/release Y long Kirby throws a giant orb that makes a shockwave. Requires Copy Scroll.

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