Gogstone Mountain is the First World in Skip and Sqak Rangers. It is the Highest Mountain in Gogekka and the place where Jerry is planning to take over.


The Mountain was here for 10 000 000 years where the first founders of Gogekka built temples for future people to remember them when they die. Their is also a fairytale that People who are good can go into the clouds when they die, but if they are bad a dragon will come for them and eat their soul. Every Century 4000 deceased people are put in coffins buried in the temple and so far estimated that 40 000 000 000 Gogekkans have died in the temple.


When Jerry was sent to take over Gogstone Mountain, the Blue Ants and Team go up the mountain to take him down. Up on the Mountain, Jerry sends his Red Ant Army to invade the Tomb Temple so he can make his own palace but the Blue Ants and Team manage to defend the Temple at all costs.

The Team explore the Mountain pulling off jobs to get ready for the Big Heist. When they're done, they and the Blue Ant Army march over to Jerry's Base and fought through Red Ant Soilders until they finally got to Jerry. Jerry, trying to get away from capture, tries to get away in a Red Ant UFO with the Team on his tail. Jerry fights them on top of his base with his Turtle Bot which the gang defeat, but he manages to escape from custody. Luckily with Jerry and the Red Ants gone, the Gogstone Mountain's spirits will now rest in peace.



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