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A brawler game for the WiiU and 3DS.


Godzilla and 7 other kaiju are pulled into the Mushroom Universe via an experimental interdimensional vortex. By that time, Iggy invented a machine that will enlarge anything but non-Koopa Troop members. But the monsters grow along with them! Now the monsters, by instinct, are destroying the Koopa Troop!



Playable Characters

  • Godzilla (Millennium Era) - a mutated Godzillasaurus that helped the Japanese soldiers during World War II on Lagos Island. Can breathe atomic fire. (World 1, World 8 Castle, and multiplayer only)
  • Anguirus (Millennium Era) - a mutated Ankylosaurus that - like the second Godzila - survived the K-T Extinction Event. Screeches for self-defense. (World 2 and multiplayer only)
  • Fire Rodan - a new species of Pteranodon. Like Anguirus, he survived the extinxtion of the dinosaurs because 2 eggs of the species were buried underground. Shoots a uranium beam. (World 5 and multiplayer only)
  • King Ghidorah (Millennium Era) - a member of the artificial Ghidorah alien race. A 3-headed wyvern that shoots gravity beams in the form of electricity. (World 8 and multiplayer only)
  • Gigan (Millennium Era) - a cyborg reptilian from M Space Hunter Nebula. Has a buzzsaw in the abominal area. Scythes can be upgraded into dual chainsaws. Possesses laser vision. (World 7 and multiplayer only)
  • Mechagodzilla (Showa Era) - a robotic replica of Godzilla. Also possesses laser vision. (World 6 and multiplayer only)
  • Titanosaurus - a cyborg aquatic sauropod dinosaur. Only known weakness is high-frequency sound. Shoots low-frquency soundwaves. (World 3 and multiplayer only)
  • Zilla - a mutated sea iguana, the effect of a French neuclear missile fallout. Fights with instinct rather than reason. Also has atomic fire breath. (World 4 and multiplayer only)

Non-playable Charcters


Castle Bosses
Fortress Bosses
  • 1. Petey Piranha
  • 2. Mummipokey
  • 3. Gooper Blooper
  • 4. Dino Piranha
  • 5. Vulture King
  • 6. Rollodillo
  • 7. Megaleg
  • 8. Bowser Jr.

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