Godzilla Unlimited (ゴジラ アンリミテッド Gojira Anrimiteddo) is a 3D fighting game based on the Godzilla franchise for Wii U, developed by Pipeworks Software and Sunstone Games and published by Bandai-Namco Games. It is the 4th entry in the Pipeworks Godzilla series. It released worldwide in 2015.


8 years after the events of Godzilla Unleashed, mysterious "space-time rips" begin appearing throughout the universe, and Kaiju start pouring out. This starts another all out monster war, with monsters split into 5 factions: Earth Defenders, G.D.F., Mutants, Aliens, and Gods. It is revealed in the finale that the cause of the rips is an ancient beast called Bagan, who wants revenge on all Godzillas for his defeat by one in an alternate timeline.


more to come...


more to come...

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