Godzilla Universe Online
Godzilla Universe Online
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, PC
Release Date(s)
August 7th, 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Destruction, MMO, Open-World
Godzilla Universe Online is an upcoming MMO. It is the third installment in the Godzilla video game series, which is based off the Japanese film series of the same name. It will be released on August 7, 2013, for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstaion 4, Wii U and PC.


It is an MMO and it will allow you to play as all your favorite Godzilla monsters. However, unlike most MMOs, Godzilla Universe Online allows you to play a Single-Player story. But, you won't be able to chat with other players or join teams, obviously. This was similar to another MMO-esque game, ChromeHounds, which also carried the same idea. But the highlight of Godzilla Universe Online is the Massive Multiplayer World. You can join matches or teams with other people online. 

Godzilla Universe Gameplay

Official Gameplay footage as seen in the presentation.

Fight other players in epic city-destroying battles. Ramapge through cities and fight other monsters. Team up or go it alone while completing missions that help you earn EXP to upgrade your stats and rise up the ranks to become King of the Monsters.

The monsters are split into 4 factions: Earth Defenders, Global Defense Force, Mutants, and Aliens. If you select a certain monster to play as each time you log in, you will be assigned to that faction. If you select Godzilla or Anguirus, you will be put in the Earth Defenders Faction. If you pick Kiryu or Mecha-King Ghidorah, you will be put in the Global Defense Force. The way you play the game determines whether you are an ally or an enemy to each faction. If you rampage through human cities and fight GDF monsters, the Global Defense Force will consider you an enemy, no matter what faction you are on. If you protect human cities and fight Aliens and Mutants, you are a friend to the GDF. If Alien or a Mutant protect the human cities, these factions will become their enemies.

It wouldn't be a Godzilla game if you couldn't destroy the environments. Buildings destruction is very intricate. If you punch a building, it leaves a hole and debris falls to the street. No damage is exactly alike to buildings. Wherever side you attack it, that hole is going in that spot. If you shoot the building with your breath weapon, a part of the building the beam hits explodes and starts fires. The environment can be used to your advantage as well. Buildings can be used as cover (until they finally get destroyed), cars and debris can be used as projectiles.


Earth Defenders

Name Image Bio
Godzilla 2000
Godzilla 2000

"Godzilla is the most powerful of Earth's Defenders. Godzilla lives beneath the ocean's waves, slumbering until he is called upon to face some fearsome threat. Although he has often defended the Earth from aliens, mutants, and other external threats, Godzilla has never included "humans" in the list of things he deliberately protects. To the contrary, it is often human folly that arouses Godzilla's ire. Because of this fact, the Global Defense Force considers Godzilla to be an extremely dangerous potential adversary. Godzilla uses his atomic fire to destroy most threats from a distance, but has proved to be a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, especially when he can bring his powerful tail into play. Godzilla's most mysterious ability may be his uncanny sixth sense, which always gives him time to travel to exactly where he needs to be."

Godzilla 90's
"Born of a failed attempt by aliens from the future to destroy Godzilla in the past, Godzilla '90s is a larger, stronger version of his original form. This "reborn" version of the original mutated Godzillasaurus ravaged an unprepared human populace with a renewed thirst for destruction. Godzilla '90s' reemergence as a monster superpower reminded all those standing in his way that the "King of the monsters" had returned."
Godzilla 1954
Godzilla 1954
"The original king of the monsters, this towering behemoth was the first post-war radioactive monster unleashed upon the world. Godzilla '54's atomic-powered body was so powerful that each footprint he left was a crater seeping with lethal radiation. The infamous day that Godzilla rose from the sea to conquer Tokyo will be remembered as the beginning of the humanity's epic struggle against the reign of giant monsters." 
Godzilla 60's
Godzilla 1971
"This was a Godzilla that was long forgotten from the 60's. He was a hero, which is a huge contrast to the other Godzilla incarnations that would destroy humanity when provoked. He would protect the Earth and humanity from any threats that would harm it, such as aliens. Now, he's back."
Godzilla 1998 (Zilla)
Godzilla 1998 2
"Zilla, who also goes by the "American Godzilla", is an iguana mutated by atom bomb tests. He was most famous for being mistaken for Godzilla himself during the lizard's first attack on New York City. Though thought to have been slain by the United States military, Zilla is back once again to wreak havoc on mankind. Despite this, he cares about the protection of Earth itself. Zilla is the fastest of all the non-flying monsters, easily surpassing the speeds of even Baragon and Varan, and leaves slower-moving monsters such as Destoroyah and Orga at his mercy.  The reptile is also armed with razor sharp teeth and claws. His only drawback is that he isn't as powerful physically as most of the other monsters and can easily be overpowered by some of the other monsters. Despite this, Zilla is every bit as tenacious as his Japanese counterpart, Godzilla, and won't let anything stand in his way."

"Anguirus is a loyal Earth Defender. Although he is neither the largest, strongest, or fastest of Earth's vanguard, he possesses a tenacity of spirit that makes him a fearsome opponent for any monster. Anguirus can stun nearby opponents with his fearsome Sonic Roar, or use his powerful jaws to leave an impression. Anguirus' most unique attribute is his ultra-hard spiked carapace, which can parry any physical attack and inflict heavy edged damage in response. Anguirus can tuck his head and limbs beneath his shell and roll forward-this offers him excellent resistance to attack and allows him to plow through terrain and opponents alike. When the earth is threatened, Godzilla will come to its defense-and Anguirus will be right beside him, until the end."

Mothra 3
"Mothra is a guardian of the earth. Mothra begins life as a giant larva, with a barbed tail and a web-spinning snout. Once danger threatens, however, Mothra cocoons herself and transforms into her flying adult form. As an adult, Mothra creates powerful gusts of wind from her wings, and creates clouds from her scales to reflect energy attacks. Although her wings appear frail, Mothra is a very capable melee opponent-using her superior mobility to strike her opponents quickly and then retreat. Mothra is devoted to rooting out the crystal corruption, and abhors monsters who absorb their energies for personal advancement."

Fire Rodan is a gigantic prehistoric pterodactyl that hatched in a mine, ruling the skies and the only Earth Defender that specializes to use his beam while in the air. He is immune to many heat attacks, using wind power to force his enemies to back off at a short distance. He can also fly high to escape from his opponents to counter a plan II attack. Despite his name, he is still referred to as "Rodan", both by GDF communications & by fans.

King Ceasar
King Ceasar
"King Caesar is a mystical defender of the Earth. Unlike the other Earth Defenders, King Caesar is specifically concerned with the well-being of humanity, and will respond to events that threaten human beings. King Caesar's strongest asset are his powerful legs, which have tremendous strength and flexibility. King Caesar's entire body is a capacitor, storing and refocusing the sun's energy into searing beams of heat, which he projects from his eyes. In battle, King Caesar can absorb the energy from his opponent's weapons, which both protects him from ranged attacks and provides him the power necessary to engage fast-moving opponents at range. His internal batteries are not unlimited in their capacity, and there is a possibility of overload should King Caesar absorb too much energy without quickly discharging it."

Global Defense Force

Name Image
Godzilla Neo KIRYU by KaijuSamurai

"Kiryu is a cyborg monster generated by the Global Defense Force to protect human cities from monster threats. Kiryu is genetically identical to Godzilla, but has been augmented with armor plating, enhanced reflexes, and limited flight capabilities. These enhancements have eliminated his natural ability to create atomic fire, so he has been outfitted with homing rockets, an electrical cannon, and the fearsome Absolute Zero cannon-which can immobilize any monster in a single hit. Kiryu is the GDF's most successful defender yet, and is their first and best option for defending humanity."

MechaGodzilla 2
MechaGodzilla 2

"Mechagodzilla 2 was directly inspired by the Vortaak's Mechagodzilla. GDF weapons designers saw that a heavily-armored combatant who blended ranged firepower and heavy melee attacks at the cost of some mobility could be a very effective way to hold back monster attacks on major cities. Although they could not duplicate the space titanium alloy used in the original, the GDF was able to create an armor composite which resisted bite and claw attacks to a miraculous degree - as well as absorbing a significant portion of the heat and radiation weapon attacks used by many of Earth's monsters. This focus on defense before offense proved to be a powerful mixture, and Mechagodzilla 2 remains a staple of the GDF's anti-monster force."

Mecha King Ghidorah
Mecha King Ghidorah Neo

"Mecha-King Ghidorah is the GDF's best attempts to use the weapons of the Vortaak to defend Earth, rather than destroy it. After King Ghidorah's defeat at the hands of an Earth Defender in one possible future, the alien monster was rebuilt with GDF technology to serve the interest of mankind. To replace King Ghidorah's natural body armor, destroyed in the re-animation process, this new incarnation has been outfitted with a powerful energy shield to reflect weapon attacks. In addition, Mecha-King Ghidorah has replenishable taser weapons, which can drain an opponent's energy reserves. With most of his original form's combat techniques intact, Mecha-King Ghidorah might stand as humanity's best hope against the Vorataak invasion."

Jet Jaguar
Godzilla Neo JET JAGUAR by KaijuSamurai

"Jet Jaguar is a human-sized robot created by a Japanese scientist for unknown reasons. Created with a great potential for learning, Jet Jaguar achieved sentience and began to modify himself and his programming. His most impressive modification has been his ability to change his own size-allowing him to grow large enough to dwarf monsters such as Godzilla. Unfortunately, Jet Jaguar cannot maintain his enormous size indefinitely, and must perodically rest to regain his energies. Jet Jaguar is a reserve member of the Global Defense Force-heroically protecting humanity whenever it is threatened by monstrous threats."


Name Image Bio
Gigan Godzilla Neo GIGAN by KaijuSamurai

"Gigan is the vanguard of the Alien Invaders. He is the finest fighting monster the Vortaak have at their command. Gigan is a cyborg infused with Vortaak technology designed to augment his powerful natural combat abilities. This latest upgrade makes him faster, stronger, and more ferocious than ever. Gigan projects powerful alien energy from his single eye to engage opponents at range, though with quick footwork and lightning-fast edged attacks he is clearly designed with close combat in mind."

King Ghidorah

"If Gigan is the hammer of the Vortaak invasion forces, then King Ghidorah is the anvil. King Ghidorah is the most physically powerful monster in the universe, and blends immense size, incredible strength, and near invulnerability into a unified engine of monstrous destruction. The Vortaak often hesitate to deploy King Ghidorah at all, lest he demolish their enemies and leave nothing to subjugate. King Ghidorah is at home in the vacuum of space, and travels between planets under his own power. King Ghidorah's wings allow him to fly in Earth's atmosphere, though his great mass hinders his aerial mobility. He naturally generates intense electrical energy that he unleashes as a powerful Triple Gravity Beam from his three heads. Despite all this, King Ghidorah's greatest ability is his asset to withstand damage-all known forms of attack splinter against his thick golden scales."


"Megalon is a guardian monster of the Seatopians, who live beneath the earth's oceans. Having no special love for human beings, he has once again aligned himself with the alien invaders in hope of eliminating the human population once and for all. Megalon is a very well-rounded combatant, with decent melee, grappling, and ranged capabilities. He has a special affinity for electricity, allowing him to employ lightning and EMP attacks without danger to himself. Megalon's hands are high-speed drills, which allow him to burrow underground or simply gore his opponents in hand-to-hand combat."


"Orga was originally an advanced bio-spaceship sent to Earth by an unknown alien force. Upon meeting Godzilla, the bio-spaceship came to the conclusion that it required hand-to-hand combat capabilities to subdue Earth's monsters. Mutating rapidly, the alien ship configured itself into a paragon of monstrous strength-with incredibly large hands and a flexible, venomous maw. Although initially defeated by Godzilla, Orga has subsequently joined forces with the Vortaak in order to continually test himself against Godzilla and the rest of Earth's Defenders."

Mechagodzilla Neo
"Mechagodzilla was the first attempt by the Vortaak to subjugate the human population of the Earth. Plated in space titanium, Mechagodzilla proved to be too well armored for any of Earth's monsters to defeat single-handedly. Unfortunately for the Vortaak, the Earth Defenders are more than willing to work as a team when necessary, and through their combined effort, Mechagodzilla was destroyed. In their latest invasion attempt, the Vortaak have rebuilt Mechagodzilla to fight alongside them once more. With allies of his own on hand, Earth's monsters will need to make full use of their speed advantage when battling this indomitable nemesis." 


Name Image Bio
"Space Godzilla is a malevolent fusion of Godzilla's DNA and an unknown collection of extra-terrestrial minerals and energies. Space Godzilla has an unknown potential for psychic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, mind control, and the manipulation of many basic elements. Space Godzilla can temper crystal towers from the earth around him, which he uses to magnify and focus his psychic energies. Space Godzilla's greatest weapon is the fact that despite his gargantuan frame he possesses human-level intelligence. This makes him a tremendous potential threat to all humanity and all of the earth. Space Godzilla has attacked earth only twice before-once as a free agent and once as an ally of the Vortaak. But his thirst for power knows no allegiance. and needs none."
Biollante Neo
"Biollante is a terrifying example of mankind's ability to unleash horrors upon the world. The result of anti-monster mutagen experiments gone horribly awry, Biollante is a patchwork mix of human, plant, and monster DNA. Biollante's sheer height and mass make her the largest known monster by a good margin, and if it were not for her limited mobility there is little doubt that she would have established herself already as Earth's most powerful monster. As a mutant, Biollante holds no special allegiance to any of her genetic kindred-though she does seem to harbor special animosity towards Godzilla. Biollante's quick-extending vines and corrosive poison spray make her a threat at range, while her massive jaws and incredible strength make her deadly up close."
Destoroyah Neo2
"Destoroyah is death incarnate. Born from anaerobic environments deadly to all other life, Destoroyah seeks nothing else than the total annihilation of all life-forms in existence. Although his massive clawed hands, long crescent-tipped tail, and taloned feet can tear monsters apart in a heartbeat, Destoroyah tends to use ranged attacks in compensation for his sluggish land movement. He can breathe choking clouds of micro-oxygen, emit explosive spheres of micro-oxygen, and create oxygen destroyer comets of pure annihilation. His most fearsome attack, however, is the piercing Laser Horn, which extends from his central horn. This focused energy can slice through even the strongest monster flesh and reduces buildings to rubble."

Gameplay Modes


Godzilla Universe Online is one of the few MMOs that allow single-player as well, similar to a game called TDU2. This has a dynamic storyline that you can play either by yourself or wth other players. The game also gives you other things to do rather than stomp around in circles if you're alone.


This is the heart of the game, where you can team up with other players and rampage through cities and do battle with other monsters. There's lots of things to do, such as compete in challenges, record how much damage you cause to the city and put your score on the leaderboards.