Godzilla (2015 game)
Godzilla 2015 game
Developer(s) G&G-Fan Games
Publisher(s) G&G-Fan Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 3rd, 2015 (US/Japan)

December 5th, 2015 (UK)

Single Player


Age Rating(s)

Godzilla is an upcoming 2015 Godzilla fighting and destruction game developed by G&G-Fan Games. It will be released on November 3, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U.


The game is a 3D fighting game were you battle as giant monsters (or "kaiju") in destructible environments. The environments can also be used to your advantage (you can topple buildings onto your opponents, throw cars and rubble at them, throw them into buildings, and use them as cover from enemy fire). You can even get rewarded points and the end of each fight. These points will allow you to buy bonus content, new monsters, new cities, and more.

There are multiple modes in the game: Story, were you play through the games story mode, Versus, were you can fight against other players or the CPU and battle, and Destruction, were you can destroy cities (it can ether be single player or multiplayer). You can also battle other players in online play, were you can fight against other people across the globe in epic multiplayer battles.


Name Image Bio
Godzilla 1990s
Godzilla is a giant mutated Godzillasaurus that has been terrorizing cities since 1954. His abilities include a powerful atomic ray he shoots out of his mouth, regeneration, and a nuclear pulse. He is also incredibly strong.
Anguirus 2
Anguirus is a giant Ankylosaur monster and was Godzilla's very first opponent. He has spikes on his back which he can use to attack his opponents. He also uses his teeth and claws in combat.
Rodan Fire ooo
Rodan is giant Pteranodon monster. He can fly long distances with his wings, and can fire a uranium beam when he has mutated into Fire Rodan.
Mothra is giant divine moth and the guardian of Earth. She lives on Infant Island with the Shobijin (also known as the Mothra Fairies or the Cosmos). Her abilities include firing an antenna beam from her antenna, and shooting lightning from her wings.
Varan is a giant gliding reptile monster. He has the ability to glide short distances with his arms, similar to a flying squirrel. He mainly uses his teeth and claw in combat.
Baragon 2
Baragon is a giant burrowing dinosaur that survived the extinction by burrowing underground. He can burrow underground and shoot fire from his mouth.
King Caesar
King Caesar
King Caesar is a giant lion-like god monster. He protects the Azumi family. He has the ability to reflect other monsters beams with his eyes.
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah is a giant three headed dragon from outer space. He is controlled by the space aliens known as the Xiliens. He can shoot Gravity Beams from his mouth's, and he can also create massive hurricane winds from his wings.
Gigan 2004
Gigan is an alien cyborg creature from outer space. He is controlled by the space aliens known as the Xiliens. He can shoot Lasers from his eyes, and he also has swords for hands and a buzz saw chest.
Megalon 2
Megalon is a giant beetle monster and the god of Seatopia. He can drill underground with his drill hands (which can also be used as weapons) and shoot lasers from his horn.
MechaGodzilla is a robot version of Godzilla created by the Xiliens. He has lots of weapons, including missiles, laser eyes, and a beam from his chest.
MechaGodzilla 2
MechaGodzilla 2 was created by the UNGCC and was inspired by the alien's version of MechaGodzilla. It is equipped with a plasma cannon on it's belly, an energy beam from its mouth and it has serious physical power and heavy armor.
MechaGodzilla 3
MechaGodzilla 3 was created by the military, just like MechaGodzilla 2, but is upgraded to be bigger and stronger. It is equipped with missiles, and laser beam from his mouth, and an absolute zero cannon on its chest which freezes anything hit by it.
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. was a giant robot created by the military around the same time that MechaGodzilla 2 was built. He has a big assortment of weapons, including the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.
Jet Jaguar
Jet Jaguar 2
Jet Jaguar is a giant robot and the military's very first Mecha. He has strong physical strength, and can shrink to small sizes or grow to big sizes at will.
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Mecha-King Ghidorah is a cyborg version of King Ghidorah. He was created when the military fixed him after Godzilla blew off his middle head. He mostly has the same powers as King Ghidorah, except he now has a powerful machine hand that comes from his chest.
Destroyah 2
Destroyah is a giant crustation mutation created by the Oxygen Destroyer. He can shoot a Micro-Oxygen beam out of his mouth, he has a powerful horn on the top of his head, and a long tail.
SpaceGodzilla 2
SpaceGodzilla is an evil version of Godzilla created as the result of G-Cells (Godzilla Cells) going into outer space. He can shoot a beam from his mouth similar to Godzilla's atomic ray, and can create crystals to make himself stronger.
Biollante is a giant mutated plant monster created when G-Cells (Godzilla Cells) were mixed with a plant. She can fire an acid sap spray from her mouth, which does tons of damage.
Titanosaurus 2
Titanosaurus is a giant marine dinosaur. He has the ability to create powerful hurricane winds with his tail, and has excellent physical strength.
Megaguirus 2
Megaguirus is a giant mutant Meganula (a type of prehistoric dragonfly). She has the power to drain energy from other monsters, and then unleash a giant fireball once she has full energy.
Battra is a giant moth. He is a darker version of Mothra (Battra is short for "Battle Mothra"). He has some of the same abilities as Mothra, such as the ability the shoot a laser from his eyes.
Ebirah 2
Ebirah is a giant lobster monster. He has powerful claws which can be used when in combat.
Gorosaurus is a giant mutated dinosaur. He has powerful jaws which can be used to bite his opponents, as well as a powerful kangaroo kick that can easily knock down any monster.
Godzilla USA
Zilla is a giant mutated Iguana that attacked New York city in 1998. He was thought to be Godzilla, but he really wasn't. He is not very powerful, but he can run very fast. He mainly uses his claws and teeth when in combat.
Hedorah 2
Hedorah is a giant monster created by Earth's pollution. He can shoot lasers out of his eyes and kill people with the smoke he emits when in his flying form.
Orga 2
Orga is an alien monster originally called Millenian until he was mutated by Godzilla's DNA. He has the ability to fire a powerful beam out of his shoulder, and has big powerful arms which he uses to punch and throw his opponents.
Monster X
Monster X
Monster X is an alien monster from outer space. He is controlled be the space aliens known as the aliens. He has the ability to fire gravity beams from his eyes.




Choose a monster of your choice and battle against several other monsters. Earn points from every monster you defeat, and fight to save the world from an alien invasion (1 player).


Battle against friends or the CPU in an epic multiplayer battle (1-4 players).


Play as a monster of your choice and completely demolish the city (1-4 players).


This is where you go to buy more monsters and cities using points you have earned from doing battles. You can also buy concept art and trailers for the game and old trailers for the Godzilla movies.




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  • This is the first time that Zilla, Hedorah, Ebirah, Gorosaurus, and Monster X have appeared in an official Godzilla video game
  • This is the first time that Chicago, Hong Kong, Boston, Shanghai, Rome, and Planet X have appeared in an official Godzilla video game.
  • The game will be released on November 3, 2015, which is Godzilla's 61st birthday.