Tell me what you think of the upcoming game, Godzilla: King of Monsters so far. It is the first open-world Godzilla game EVER.

Godzilla in New York

Godzilla on a rampage in New York City.


Place your reviews here.


The game looks cool, I ever wanted to play a open-world Godzilla game (seriously), well, the game looks like Rampage, but, with several missions to you play with all Godzilla powers like the atomic breath, looks cool now.

Four out of five.


Just another unoriginal destruction based game. GTA Godzilla. It just doesn't work. Come on, Clover. Get some new ideas and get them fast.

One out of five...


Well this game is another repetitive destruction game, plus it's also a Grand Theft Auto rip-off which makes worse. The only thing I like about this is that you put lots of work into this which is really nice to see. I would give this not the highest rating, but since you're working hard on this all I can give you is a....

Two out of five.

Sorastitch/The Shapeshifter

The fact that somebody put effort into this is truely saddening. If it had been alone, maybe it'd be fine... but this is Clover. This is the saddest insult I've ever seen towards the Godzilla franchise. I don't think any fan would have liked this game to be honest with you. It's a GTA rip-off which turns me off immediately, and that fact it only gets more and more uninspired is truely heart-wrenching.



This game isn't awful. It's just so boring that it might as well not exist. There's nothing unique about it whatsoever. I literally can't tell it apart from most of Clover's other games. 20/100 - F

20 / 100



I find this game to be both a good and bad game, to be honest. It's got a lot of effort, and the traditional Clover style of destruction and mayhem actually works well for once, considering the history behind Godzilla. However, it holds the inherit problem that it doesn't move at all from your past games- most of your past games can be summed up as "[franchise/character] is in an open-world city, and destroys stuff.", and you need to try some games that move from that. All in all, it is a good idea, and the franchise and gameplay match perfectly, but you need to start doing stuff like platformers, puzzle games, etc., try something with less of your traditions. PABLO RATING: 3.7/5

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