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Godzilla: Honor Among Kaiju
Developer(s) Atari
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Riivolution Ultima
Age Rating(s)
Godzilla: Honor Among Kaiju is a Godzilla fan game for the Riivolution Ultima, and the newest game.





This time, only the King of Monsters (2014 edition) is playable in the game, but he shows plenty of variety: his various upgrades and paths can be selected at will throughout the game.

Physical Attacks

Godzilla's Physical Attacks prove to be very strong for some Kaiju, despite the primitivity of some of them: punches, kicks, tail attacks, bites - all of which prove to be very simple but very strong.

Atomic Breath


Evolution Path (peaceful)

If you prefer leaving humanity alone and protecting them from threats, the peaceful Path is the perfect choice: these various upgrades focus more on elemental damage, such as fire, ice and electricity. This path is good for those who would rather save humanity instead of destroying it.


After a long enough period on the peaceful Evolution Path, Godzilla will change into a much more intelligent form: Super Godzilla. This new, regal variant of Godzilla will upgrade the Atomic Breath further, as well as upgrade his attack speed.

Evolution Path (chaotic)

The chaotic Evolution Path is the result of showing less concern for humanity and more concern for destruction and chaos, as several upgrades help raze foes more easily. The upgrades mainly focus on speed, shielding and darkness, giving you various darkness-fueled, superspeedy attacks to use on foes. 


The end result of choosing the chaotic Evolution Path is a new form: Burning Godzilla. Respectively, his overheating heart will dish out more radiation damage in his attacks, as well as strengthen his regular attacks. 








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