Godzilla: Alliance is a video game produced and released by Toho with Kadokawa Pictures, Tsuburaya Studios, Studio Gainax Universal, and Haruo Nakijima. The game was released for Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2014.


This game combines previous the game of the of Atari/Pipeworks Godzila games with some Grand Theft Auto style gameplay such as a huge open-world and star-ratings. Players can select teams of up to four from a roster of more than 100 playable characters.

The health and energy system is based on the one seen in Godzilla: Save the Earth. Monsters also have variations  of their projectile attacks. Upgrades for certain characters can also be purchased. Each playable character in the game has a unique "fusion attack" with every other playable character in the game. Players have the ability to level up characters and earn new abilities and powers. Each character has four core powers that evolve as the character levels up. 

The entire Earth is available to roam, explore, demolish, and fight in!

Free Roam

In Free Roam mode, players can explore the open-world. Cities are waiting to be destroyed or defended, the military will attack or  assist  you, and other monsters are everywhere!When encountering monsters, they can be classed into several categories: 

Friendly: These are monsters that are friendly towards you.  They are always willing to come with you, and assist you in battles and destruction. Neutral: These monsters are neither friendly nor hostile, and are often not looking to fight. If you do hit them, they will run in fear until you provoke them into fighting, or they go down. 

Hostile: These monsters are looking to fight. If you don't want to fight or are in a hurry, stay away, because they won't usually pursue you. 

Evil: These monsters will ALWAYS pick a fight with you and pursue you until you are defeated or vice-versa. These monsters are usually along the lines of Mutants and Aliens.

Kaiju-Hunter: Instead of being called "Evil", Global Defense Force mecha units such as Mechagodzilla and Gipsy Dangerare referred to as "Kaiju Hunters".  

They will be sent out to kill you if your Wanted Level gets high enough. Your Wanted Level will increase if you destroy too many buildings, destroy too many GDF units, kill too many people, or are playing with a monster with a bad reputation.

Story Mode

There are a total of 5 campaigns: Earth Defenders, GDF, Alien, Mutants and The Alliance. The Alliance campaign must be unlocked. 

Historic Mode: 

You can play through all movies from the Godzilla series in a sort of arcade mode like fashion. There are four levels for each movie.   

Challenge Mode:

This mode has the player doing crazy things to gain new items and new monsters!


The player can collect comic books and can access little animations telling the origin story of each monster.


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