God of Gaming™ (or GOG™) is a company that makes fanon games founded in October 14th 2012 our first release is New Super Mario Land and our Console that CEO, JR (or PENGUIN01) designed is called the Nintendo Entertainment System Reloaded which will be released Feburary 2013 along with New Super Mario Land


Type of Company - A Video Games company

Founded in - 2012

Defunct in - n/a

Founders- JR (PENGUIN01)

Owners- JR (PENGUIN01)

Employees- 8

Predecessor - None

Successor - None


Our games cannot be edited by anyone other than our own PENGUIN01 unless you have permission or you are working with GOG™

3DS Games - New. Super Mario Bros. 3D, Mii Land
Wii U Games - New Super Mario Land , 2,3, Mii Land, Stick World
NESr Games - New Super Mario Bros. NES, Mii Land, Stick World, Super Mario Land, LEGOLand, LEGO City Creator, Super Mario Bros Reloaded,
NES - Wii U Games - Super Mario Bros, Wrecking Crew,


Will be added soon

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