Image by The Soupy One
Full Name Glupe
Current Age Indescribable
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Dragon
First Appearance Custodian
Latest Appearance Live By The Sword

Glupe is the secondary mascot for Lunatic Entertainment, alongside Loki, first appearing in the debut game, Custodian. He currently appears in 13 games.

A member of the Rezyn species, a race of amorphous dogragons believed to be the custodians of Sal'jaedon, the Dragoon God of Creation himself, which would explain their ability to seemingly ignore spacetime and pop up wherever and whenever they deem fit. Known for his super curious and adventurous nature, he loves to help out various adventurers, both with a surprising level of knowledge about various subjects and aiding in solving puzzles or collecting distant items.


  1. Custodian (First appearance)
  2. Alternate Fantasy
  3. Legend of the Dragoon
  4. GODex
  5. Klonoa Dreamscapes
  6. Mega Somarinoa 2
  7. Spree
  8. Amalgam Online
  9. Troublesome Dicks
  10. Monster Space
  11. Dangerous Wilds
  12. Teatime for Transients
  13. Live By The Sword


In his appearances, he often serves as a sidekick to heroes, inexplicably showing up no matter the world to assist in their quests. In these games, numerous puzzles involve utilizing him as his amorphous trailing body attaches to walls and allows him to traverse walls, ceilings, and overcome many obstacles such as barriers and chasms. He can also squeeze through tiny cracks effortlessly. Players take direct control of him during these moments, either using one of the other joysticks or by gaining full control of Glupe while temporarily losing control over the hero.

He can also be summoned in certain games, where he can be gained control of again to search for hidden treasures and power-ups. During certain points in various games he will also appear and give out useful information and plot points that the characters he works alongside might otherwise not have any way of knowing.

In some games (such as Monster Space), he can be summoned to serve as a hint keeper, can again be used to look for hidden treasures or solve some puzzles, or even take extra equipment back to town to sell. With a special upgrade in this game he can also learn to return to a quest giver with quest items to turn in, allowing the player to finish quests without needing to run all the way back to town (though they will not pick up any proceeding quests and will still need to return to town for those).

In darker games such as those featuring Loki Steinbach as a playable character, a negaverse iteration of him known as Plazmo will sometimes show up in a similar role. This character can be equally helpful to dark characters, though shows an obvious penchant for mischief.