Full Name Glowy
Current Age unknown
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
Location Yoshi Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Yoshi, Luigi, Speedy
Family and Relations
Yoshi (friend)

Luigi (friend) Speedy (friend)

Main Weapon(s) Eggs
Ability/ies Egg-throwing, flutter-jump, rumoured photokinesis
Vulnerable To Most enemies
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition)
 Albert "Glowy" Yoshi is a Yellow Yoshi. He is a friend of Yoshi and resides in Yoshi Village. He is rumoured to posses photokinesis, giving him the nickname "Glowy". He is an ally of Luigi, like how Yoshi is to Mario. He is a free-to-use character.


He is just a Yellow Yoshi...


Fantendo Games:

  • The "Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition)" series (debut)
  • Fantendo Fighters Ultra


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