Glowing Acorn
Glowing Acorn
The Glowing Acorn.
Item Type Power-Up
Kind of Item Acorn
First Appearance Super Mario Bros: Mushroom King's Return
Turns Mario into Glowing Mario
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Super Acorn

Glowing Acorn is a fanon Super Mario power-up. It turns Mario into Glowing Mario. It allows him to light up dark areas. Its glow radius is lower than Glowing Baby Yoshi, through.


Super Mario Bros: Mushroom King's ReturnEdit

The Glowing Acorn appears as an item in Super Mario Bros: Mushroom King's Return and makes its debut in the Mario series as well. Unlike most other games, having a Baby Yoshi eat it will transform it into a Glowing Baby Yoshi.


  • The Glowing Acorn was originally going to be a Mushroom, but it got changed later.