Gloves are items and powerups that you can get in Story Mode of Sonic Spar. These gloves highers or lowers POW, DEF and/or SPEED.


Hedgehog Gloves

Perfectly fits for a hedgehog!
Manual for Sonic Spar

Hedgehog Gloves are gloves that Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Scourge can wear in Sonic Spar. It lowers their POW, but highers their SPEED.

Construction Gloves

Fits perfectly for a construction site!
Manual for Sonic Spar

Construction Gloves are gloves that Tails and Cream can wear in Sonic Spar.

Brawlers Gloves

Fits perfectly for a great fighter!

Brawlers Gloves are gloves that all playable characters in Story Mode can wear in Sonic Spar.



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