Gloome is part of the Elgoom race, a race of creatures that are the inverted moogles. Despite how his name is pronounced (it's pronounced Gloom), he is a very happy creature. He likes people, sports, adventuring, and his friends. To use him in one of your games, you must ask User:Stargazer45145


Gloome is an Elgoom. He has black fur, a teal nose, teal wings, and blue ears. His eyes are never open, so his eye color is unknown. What would be a Moogle's ball, is a teal third-eye like part of him, and it grants him psychic powers and telekinesis. He is friends with Kyu and Melis.

Game Appearances

Add games that have Gloome in them.

A Quick Note from Stargazer45145

Please don't make fun of Gloome, <insert your name here>. Yes, he is just a recolored moogle, but so what? That doesn't mean he cant' be a good or cool character. And I will add more to Gloome as the games and stories go. Please don't make fun of Gloome. Thank you if you listened.

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