Glitch 3: Perfect Timing is the third game in the Glitch series. The devices it will be on have not yet been confirmed.


A long time ago, a group named Some Gaming Inc. created a video game called "The Game." One of the people who worked at this company was named Ryan Simons VIII. He was the first person to actually test the game. The effects were so realistic that he wanted to touch the screen- and when he did, he got transported to a place and couldn't find a way out. Nobody at the company could find his whereabouts. They took the video game out of the console and sent it off to a store, where two children bought that very specific one. This was the only one where people could be actually transported into the game. Now, what ever happened to Ryan VIII? He was a good man. He had a child eventually who was very loyal. Eventually, Ryan found something called The X Files and tried to defeat a man who looked exactly like him- witch colors inverted- whom I call Ryan's Hurricane. However, a dark spirit defeated him and possessed his ghost. His son, however, wanted revenge. When another person from the real world visited his father's tomb, Ryan IX thought that he was the person responsible for his death. Ryan IX had planned to fight him, but ever since the man had defeated an evil princess called Screach, the game hadn't been played for 5 years- until Ryan IX found a way to turn the game back on from inside the console. He is tempering with the Timeline of Gaming to bring back his father- and defeat the boy and his father's archenemy, Pilot Gary. But the paradoxes are causing a glitch that could possibly send a virus to everyone's console and handheld devices- and even worse, destroy the universe!


  • Jack, whose advantage is that he can jump acrobatically.
  • Pilot Gary, whose advantage is he can fly planes from Flying Squirrels.
  • Jenny, whose advantage is that she can run faster.
  • Jerry, whose advantage is he can turn invisible, but he can only do it five times per level and for five seconds each time.

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