Seven of the eight seas are peaceful, as always, but the Glitch Sea is very strange. Bagu suspects that The Hurricane may be there, and he needs to find out if his boss is actually working with The Hurricane or not.


Chapter II-1: Shard of Seashells

It looks like you can find the west shard in this ocean somewhere. Bagu may know something about this... Let's head to the Secret Base of WHATEVER. Bagu did say something about a "weird-shaped seashell," I think.

Chapter II-2: Shark Bait

I'm not sure if... gets reception... shark stomach... Find... shell compass... hear me... Jack?

Chapter II-3: Underwater Cyclone

Is that a- IT'S A TORNADO! Well, you need to get away quickly. You have nearly four minutes and thirty-seven seconds before it gets you!

Chapter II-4: Going For A Swim

It's a boat! Get on board. Maybe then you can call WHATEVER and ask them how to defeat that shark. But it looks like you won't get free cell service from those pirates without a fight.

Chapter II-276px-Sonic-Generations-artwork-ashura-render-2: Walk The Plank

Mini-Boss. The boat is somehow... Attacking you! I think this is the work of The Gliz... Let's show him that we can defeat him! Get to the Crow's Nest and turn off the power!

Chapter II-5: Pirated

Looks like you'll have to shoot down those pirate ships... And it looks like they are really angry... CANNON BRAWL! You may also have to defeat the pirates by yourself when you run out of ammo...

Chapter II-6: Water Mel

Well, you fell off the boat. Maybe that scarecrow over there can help you... I believe his name is Mel? He said something about... You helping him find his... Watermelon head?!

Chapter II-7: Schooled

A maze of fish... Who knew? Meet up with Mel at the end. If you get lost, call him with your... "shellphone" he gave you. Also, if you find that hidden treasure that is rumored to be there, bring it back for me.

Chapter II-8: Clownfish

A circus? Sent by WHATEVER? I think Bagu's right... There's something sinister afoot. Find the hidden entrance to the backstage, and find some evidence.

Chapter II-276px-Sonic-Generations-artwork-ashura-render-2 2: Gone Fishing

Mini-Boss. It's a shark attack! Apparently, Mel gave us some, um... watermelon ammo. Get that shark to spit out the seashell shard of the west!

Chapter II-Errol: WHATEVER You Want

It turns out that Bagu's boss is Mel's evil twin brother, Lem Onnhed. Well, good luck defeating him. What? Did I have to say more?

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