The Hurricane has been spotted at the Glitch Town Museum, and it is rumored that a magic object is hidden in a suit of armor in the basement. The magic object is a compass that can help them find The Hurricane, so they must find it.


Chapter I-1: On Tape

Jack must get past the security in the Museum during the day to get the key. To do so, Jack has to find the Egyptian Exhibit and disguise as the Mummy.

Chapter I-2: Something's Fishy

The Underwater Exhibit has mysteriously disappeared, and the entrance to the basement is in the Underwater Exhibit! Jack must find the Dinosaur Exhibit where Jerry may have left a special tool that can make the rooms reappear.

Chapter I-3: A Knight to Remember

Congratulations, you have found the basement. However, the knight has been duplicated, and the real suit is in the attic now. Find all the suits of armor, and they could be combined to make a key to the attic!

Chapter I-276px-Sonic-Generations-artwork-ashura-render-2: The Altered Compass

Mini-Boss. A man known as The Gliz has put a spell on the compass. You must defeat The Gliz to get the compass back to normal.

Chapter I-4: Timeline

The Gliz has taken control of the museum by turning everything from the past into reality. Get to his lair in the basement to try to get everything back to normal.

Chapter 1-5: The Real Basement

The Gliz has created another floor, and he is the only one who can get there. However, there may be an ancient device that will allow anybody to look like somebody else that is hidden in the museum.

Chapter I-Errol: Knight In Screaming Armor

You have made it to The Gliz's secret floor. You also now know that The Gliz is a ghost. He has somehow possessed the suit of armor we have been looking for. Make sure the compass doesn't break!

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