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Full Name Glenda
Current Age 16
Date of Birth April 6th, 1998
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance Adventures of Princess Daisy
Latest Appearance Dr. Mario: Flu Season
Glenda is the assistant to E. Gadd who first appears in Adventures of Princess Daisy. She is a assistant who studies the stars and cosmos.


Glenda is a tall human, with long legs and hair. She wears blue clothes and sometimes wears a blue coat in cold weathers. Her hair is a light blue. She wears a silver ribbon. She has a note on her shirt.


Adventures of Princess Daisy

Glenda first appears in this game. She studies the changing weather, which changes the gameplay.

Mario Party: Galaxy Tour

This is her first playable appearance in a Mario game. She is a player who can jump high.

Dr. Mario: Flu Season

As Dr. Glenda, Glenda appears in the game as one of the 4 playable characters. She specializes in blue pills and defeating the Cold virus.


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