The Gleaming Treasure is a very significant item in the the first season of Super Mario Revival. It is being sought after by King Polarite and his minions due to the immense amount of power that it holds.

The Gleaming Treasure is an extraordinary object that shines greatly. It is sparkly, very shiny, and glitter seems to even rain out of it.

It is said that the Gleaming Treasure has a mind of its own, and will actually fly to a certain person to whom it wants to be owned by. It flies to someone with a heart that is kind, caring, and loving. The first person suspected to own the Gleaming Treasure is Princess Peach, who is attacked by Emeri, demanding that she hand it to her. It turns out that Peach does not own the Gleaming Treasure, despite common suspicions.

The owner of the Gleaming Treasure is revealed in the sixth episode, The Diva Revived.

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