Ce n'est pas le visage, pas le visage!
Glass Joe, Punch-Out!: VR

Glass Joe
Glass Joe
Glass Joe, France's Glass Jaw
Weight 110lbs
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality French
Birthplace Paris, France
Age 38 (40 in Punch-Out!: VR)

Glass Joe is a timid and weak boxer in the Punch-Out!! series. He has yet to capture a second win out of his 100 fights. Always last in the Minor Circuit, his dreams of holding the belt may never come true. He first appeared in the arcade Punch-Out in 1984, and three years later made a appearance on the NES. His most recent appearance was in the 2009 Nintendo Wii installment.


Punch-Out!: VR

Glass Joe appears in Punch-Out!: VR as the weakest boxer in the entire game, With a streak of 101 Losses to 1 Win, Glass Joe has a very low defensive ability and his offense is weak, as it takes quite a while for him to deal damage. His Signature attack is yet again the Taunt Punch, which in itself is slow, and can be easily counter-attacked to earn an instant KO. Now 40, he is now considered to be even worse.


  • "Viens ici, je vais être gentil!" (Come here, I'll Be gentle!) - Glass Joe before executing his Taunt Punch
  • "HAH! J'ai fait venir sur vous ce que vous avez fait pour moi!" (HAH! I have brought upon you what you did to me!) - Glass Joe after he wins in the Contender Mode
  • "Ugh ... La prochaine fois je vais te dominer, Petit Mac" (Ugh... Next time I will dominate you, Little Mac) - Glass Joe after losing in Contender Mode
  • "Ma mâchoire est pas à sa place, quelqu'un peut-il appeler un médecin?" (My jaw is out of place, Can somebody call a doctor?) - Glass Joe during the intermission

Punch Out!! - To Glory

Joe once again makes a return in this game and has seemed to lose his headgear, however he is still in the same spot as previously and only his losing streak has changed.

Fantendo Football League

Joe played for Nintendo All-Stars FC in the Fantendo Football League


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