Full Name Glain
Current Age 9
Date of Birth February 14th
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Mallory (mother)
Main Weapon(s) Mental Ripper
Height 4'09"
First Appearance General's Journey
Glain is the experiment-created offspring of Mallory, and a major antagonist throughout her time in the Zaxinian Lifts. No matter the time, she is always at Mallory's heel and ready to commit any action she desires. She is the type to negotiate deals with other villains and crush a bunch on mages in creepy and psychotic ways. Glain has rare duplication and mirroring powers that many other villains in the Zaxinian Lifts lack, which make her look unique compared to anyone else.


She appears as an innocent human lady, hiding her scythe in the back of her robes. Her robes and attire are purple with rainbow colored glass taking up the front. A scarf flows from the back of her purple, two pointed "hat".  She is also always smiling, be it normal, passive aggressive, malicious, or of joy.


Glain is capable of using the powers of mirrors and duplication to her advantage.  With her mirror elemental, she can reflect projectiles and mental related attacks.  With the powers of duplication, she can copy herself over and over to form several weak copies of herself, which can all gang up on any opponent to devastate them.  To aid herself, she can absorb energy from her foes to build up her strength, allowing her to duplicate herself more and being able to form even larger mirrors to make a more reliable shield.  Her front with the shattered panes covering her chest allows her to guard better against attacks coming from the front.

Her scythe, the Mind Ripper, is really sharp and can make a cut or at least a dent in almost anything it touches.  A way to measure its power to notice how many afterimages it leaves behind after it strikes - the more afterimages left behind by the scythe as it swings, the more powerful and dangerous it happens to be.  However, while the Mind Ripper's strikes are very painful, it's more known for what happens to people at critical health or those with weak defenses once the weapon makes landing.  If it hits someone who can die with a slice / another slice from the weapon, they won't just die.  Their soul will be split from their body, which Glain can consume for fun.


Glain is best described as cruel and unusual, taking obscene yet uncalled-for tactics to demolish her foes.  While she has a permanent smile on her face, it's fixed there, and as such she cannot show other forms of personality because of it.  Glain enjoys the feeling of killing, enslaving, and wreaking as much damage as possible, picking off endangered species and crushing the remains of something endangered just to prove "she's the best".

Glain is also mentally insane, having warped around with reality with her parents, she has a nutty blend of a crazed baby and an intelligent and truly frightening adult, and also carries elements of personality from both her mother and father.  Because of her dangerous and unpredictable personality, sometimes not even Mallory knows how to deal with someone as frantic and chaotic as this person.

Oddly, Glain has a crush on Lance, who doesn't return those feelings considering he is not into women.  This crush is incredible; Glain can ditch the bloodthirsty need to kill people just to try and please him.  Even though she sends gifts to him, they don't work (especially considering they're kind of odd (dead animals, voodoo puppets)) and Lance has sent her letters politely telling her to stop and find someone else to deal with.

Relationships with Other Characters


As her "mother", Glain really likes her and thinks her as a responsible and care-filled person, and enjoys helping carry out her dirty work. They often work together when it comes to the large schemes and often try and take down the Lifts at the same time. During Phase 2, however, where things change, she still behaves antagonistic and gets impatient with her mother for not cooperating well with her.


Even though Snickers is technically her father, she dislikes Snickers and thinks he's worthless and stupid, which sometimes brings arguments between her and Mallory. Glain has, on occasion, shown enough dis-concern for Snickers to try and kill him.


She loves Lance.  That is all.



  • The art concept was created by Amy.

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