Glacier logo EV
Developer(s) Electric Version (tbc), YoshiEgg (tbc)
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG

Glacier is a game being developed by Electric Version (tbc) and YoshiEgg (tbc). It stars Unten, Zerita, and Mondo, but it is not a part of the original Unten series, nor is it a part of the Fantendoverse. Currently, Glacier has no set release date.


Glacier is an action RPG. The player controls Unten, who gains levels from fighting enemies; with each level, the player gains stat points, which can be used to increase any of Unten's statistics. The stats are as follows:

  • Endurance (END) - affects the amount of damage taken from enemies
  • Strength (STR) - affects the damage of melee attacks
  • Perception (PER) - affects the damage of non-melee attacks
  • Agility (AGL) - affects the speed of attacks



Unten Sprite EV

He's the hero! Unten doesn't talk much, nor does he seem to have much experience fighting - but he's a fast learner, and he's very tough due to his Beorn heritage.

Mondo Sprite EV

Mondo is a native of the icy planet upon which Unten is stranded. Though he's somewhat egotistical, Mondo quickly recognizes Unten's potential and agrees to help him on his journey.

Zerita Sprite EV

Zerita is a mysterious alien with an obligation to defeat Unten. She's dangerous and aggressive, but she doesn't seem to enjoy her mission...
Doomulus Grime

Doomulus Sprite EV

Doomulus Grime is intent on destroying every planet he comes to. Nobody knows why, but Grime - whatever he is - hasn't failed yet.
Holographic Mondo

HolographicMondo Sprite EV

This isn't Mondo... but it sure looks like him. What is this mysterious holograph?


Ice Bear

IceBear Sprite EV

A ferocious beast found primarily in caves. Ice Bears are nearly invincible, but they don't seem too aggressive - as long as our heroes keep a safe distance.


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