Glaceon Games: The Movie
Director Glaceon Productions
Producer(s) Glaceon Productions
Studio(s) Glaceon Productions
Distributor(s) Glaceon Productions
Johnny Depp as The Creator
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Original Language English, Japanese
Runtime 108
Series Glaceon Games
Prequel(s) -----------
Sequel(s) Glaceon Games 2: Continuing the Legend

Glaceon Games 3: Baby on Board

Glaceon Games 4: Legend Ends

Glaceon Games 5: Into The Future

Glaceon Games: The Movie is the story of how Glaceon Productions came to be, and everything that's happened.


The Creator explains that everything has a beginning, even video games, then it shows a Adult in a house, whose watching TV, where it announces that a factory is available to buy, the person buy's it and invites some of his friends to come and work with him, they start making video games, they start making consoles like the Nintendo XTREME, XDS, they also connect with Nintendo and start working together.

They continue making games far into the future until they have to shut down due to them getting sued. 2 years later Glaceon Productions have restarted and there getting back in buisness, they continue on making games, then The Creator says that they lived happily ever after, he also says he heard something about the movie releasing in april 2016 or something (not in Home Edition)

Full Story

The Sequels

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