Gizmo and Siblings

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Gizmo's Life

Gizmo and his siblings, Tom, Roxie (red), X (yellow), and Moxie (pink) had a rough life growing up. Gizmo was the oldest child, then Tom, then Roxie, then X, and then Moxie. From a young age, the five were homeschooled. Gizmo had amazing inventing ablilties. Tom was a greedy swine, so he always wanted what Gizmo had. One day, Gizmo made his first robot, but Tom smashed it out of jealousy. Tom's parents were extremely disappointed in him, so Tom told his best friend Sable that he was running away, but she begged him not to leave. He said he must go to the city to find his destiny. Sable cried and cried. In the morning, Moxie saw that Tom was gone. Everyone realized that he must be in the city, but the family didn't have enough money for train tickets. A few years later, Tom returned, and he apologized for his behavior. He also made enough money to open up a shop. Gizmo also sold inventions, so he had enough money to go to the Tinker Academy, a school for tinkerer wannabes in town. On his first day, he made a new friend named Shelby. She was a indigo tanooki with a yellow hair bow. Over the years they were in school, they dated. When they graduated, they got married and had two sons, Timmy and Tommy Nook.

Gizmo: A kindhearted tanooki, married to Shelby and parent of Timmy and Tommy, oldest of the Nook siblings

Tom: Tom is the second oldest child in the Nook family. He owns a general store

Roxie: A tomboyish tanooki, third oldest Nook child. She dislikes all girly things and loves to skateboard.

X: A spy-in-training, X is the fourth oldest Nook. He is a fast and witty tanooki, with lots of spy skills. 

Moxie: Youngest Nook. Is a total girly-girl and owns a clothing store.

Positions in Fantendo League Baseball

Gizmo-Powerhouse Pitcher

Tom-First Base

Roxie-Second Base


Moxie-Third Base


Tommy-Right Field

Shelby-Left Field

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