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SSB EarthBound Series
Availability Unlockable
Status Newcomer
Series Mother
Giygas (also referred to as Giegue) is the primary antagonist of the Mother series and an unlockable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Y. His general appearance and abilities are taken from his appearance in the original Mother game, but other aspects, including his Final Smashes, are taken from Earthbound and Mother 3.


Giygas is a relatively floaty character, with an emphasis on range in his attacks. His neutrals have unusually long reach, and his specials are almost all projectiles of some form. His smash attacks are additionally long-ranged, but not as much so as his neutrals, meaning a Giygas player must go out of his comfort zone to use the powerful attacks.


Normal Moves

Standard Moves

Move Description
Neutral Combo Giygas generates two dark bursts of energy in front of him, then slams hit arm down, creating a small eruption of darkness.
Side Tilt A small explosion of darkness is formed in front of Giygas.
Up Tilt Giygas fires a circular wave of darkness over his head.
Down Tilt Giygas stomps the ground, creating a burst of dark energy.
Dash Attack Giygas charges forward, glowing with a dark purple fire.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Up Smash Giygas creates a spinning vortex of dark energy that bears slight resemblance to his Earthbound form. Strike multiple time, then launches.
Side Smash Giygas points forward and creates a small blast of dark energy.
Down Smash Giygas claws upward as a ring of purple energy blasts upward around him.


Move Description
Grab Tetra fires the Hookshot forward. Can be used for tether recovery.
Pummel Tetra kicks the opponent's legs.
Up Throw Tetra knocks the opponent into the air with a small uppercut.
Forward Throw Tetra spins her cutlass rapidly in her hand, dealing fast amounts of damage before launching the opponent.
Down Throw Tetra jumps upward into the air and spikes the opponent from above.
Back Throw Tetra performs a sweeping kick that knocks the opponent behind her.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Air Tetra spins around in the air, cutlass extended.
Front Air Tetra swings the Spoils Bag in front of her. Can meteor smash opponents.
Back Air Tetra kicks backwards.
Up Air Tetra sweeps her cutlass over her head.
Down Air Tetra plunges to the ground, stabbing downward with her cutlass.

Special Moveset

Giygas's Special Moves
Button Used Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash
B Inexplicable PK Rockin Dark Dash Embryonic Cell PSI Shatter
X PK Beam Teleportation Psycho Vortex PSI Magnet Devil's Machine

Inexplicable is Giygas's neutral B. When the move is used, Giygas charges up dark energy for a second, then releases it in a red wave of energy around him. This wave is very powerful, and has the ability to deal random negative status effects to opponents struck by the attack. The attack itself is based off of Giygas's main attack from Earthbound, a similar-looking red ring which has been classically stated to be impossible to comprehend.

PK Rockin is Giygas's side B. When utilized, Giygas will fire forward a hexagonal reticule-like object, which has can be controlled similarly to Zelda's Din's Fire. When an enemy or destroyable object is highlighted by this reticule, a smaller reticule appears on it. When B is released, Giygas swipes his arm forward, and all objects targeted by the original reticule are blasted with dark energy. Only three objects can be targeted at once.

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