The Give-A-Lifer is a device appearing in The Wario-Man. Like Hero Garlic, it is integral to the storyline.


Wario returned from his first anti-crime crusade as Wario-Man and reverse-transformed. However, he found that he had no energy left to even move. Hours later, when his energy was regained, Wario drew up plans for a device that would recharge him after his transformations. Such a thing is the Give-A-Lifer.

Interesting Aspects

The Give-A-Lifer has many unique features, listed as follows:

  • The Recharge Chamber- A transparent glass cabinet at the front and center of the machine. This is where Wario stands when being charged.
  • The Great Big Lever- The means by which the Give-A-Lifer is activated. Wario does not have the strength to pull it, and in any case must be in the Recharge Chamber when it is pulled. His dependence on a WarioWare employee at this stage is an attempt of Wario's to start trusting his staff.
  • The Power Gauge- The means of regulating the amount of power Wario has pumped into himself. The numbers go up to 11, but the highest setting is represented by an image of Garlic. At this highest setting, the Give-A-Lifer can recharge him to Wario-Man form.

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