Giselle's new design
Current Age 24
Date of Birth 5 January 2006
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Nationality American
Height 5'7 (170cm)
Weight 130 lbs (58.9kg)
First Appearance Alyssa

Giselle is a transgender woman who lives in the sparsely populated region of northern Maine. She appears in Alyssa as one of the main characters. In the game, she is a primary suspect of murder and under investigation by Alyssa, an undercover detective.


Currently N/A

General Information

Physical Appearance

Giselle is a tan-skinned girl with long, dyed pink hair. She normally wears a short red kimono with a subtle floral pattern, knee-high black socks, and sandals. She has brown eyes.


Giselle is generally a happy girl. She is giggly, thus will laugh at basically any joke she is told. This is seen as a personality flaw to many in that she may not take many situations seriously when it is necessary.


Giselle is very good at noticing small details that others might overlook very easily.