Girin Ironbeard is a party member in Nelson's Dungeon. He is sent by the dwarven king, Argus, to protect Nelson's party after they retrieve the fabled Mythril Helm. He first starts out cold to the party, but evetually warms to them, acting as somewhat of a father figure. He is later killed by Cerabus.

Girin Ironbeard
Full Name Girin Ironbeard
Current Age 517
Gender Male
Location Kalinus Mountains
Current Status Dead
Class Dwarf
Main Weapon(s) Battle Axe
Vulnerable To Water
Latest Appearance Nelson's Dungeon

Journal Entry

"A dwarven warrior, quite old at 517, Girin was sent byhis king to accompany Nelson onhis quest to stop Arlen. At first he acts coldly towardsthe party, but his heart eventually sheds its hard shell."

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