"I'll pummell you! I'll hit you where it hurts! I'm not afraid.... No... That last one was a lie..."

- Giraffey from Hooves: The Karate Chopping Pig.

Giraffey is a talking girraffe from the Hooves series. He is Hoove's best friend. Giraffey only knows 5 martial arts moves. They are: The Neck Whip, The Jab, The Tackle, The Trip, and The Run Away And Cry. (That last one is his expertise.)


Giraffey's personality matches that of Mallow's from Super Mario RPG. Giraffey is timid, sensitive, and afraid of many things, but very tough when he needs to be.

List of Quotes:

"No thanks, Hooves. I'm just gonna' sit here and panic a little..."

"Of course I'm not gonna' cry! .......... I'm gonna' cry..."

"You meanie! You big, fat, ugly meanie!"

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