I may be an ugly oaf, but I have the memory of an elephant... I feel that I may be an excellent addition to the search party.
Ginger, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 12: Intertwined Forever

Ginger Nail
Full Name Ginger Nail
The Sorceress of Death's Construction
Current Age 68
Date of Birth January 9th
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Hynau
Current Status Alive
Class "Dark Mage"/Bomber
Family and Relations
Injure Nail, brother
Main Weapon(s) Bombs
Hellbringer (Dagger)
Ability/ies Bomb Crafting
Vulnerable To Light
Ethnicity African American
Height 6'08" / 2.03 meters
Weight 195 lbs /88.45 kilograms
Gingey (by family)
Voice Actor(s)
Jessica Gee
First Appearance Misfortune: A Syi Project
Ginger Nail, also known as just Ginger and by her family as Gingey, is one of several Zaxinian Lifts characters. Although she may proclaim to be a powerful mage, she is in fact rather incompetent as a magician. However, Ginger is a rather admirable bomb-crafter although doesn't regard it as an interesting trait. Ginger, while somewhat malevolent in nature, is not outright evil, more so she acts selfishly for her own personal gain and to stroke her ego.


Despite her youthful appearance Ginger is in fact middle-aged, standing remarkably tall at nearly seven feet she has a somewhat dark complexion and platinum white hair. She has Heterochromia in her eyes, one being red and one being blue. She wears a strange dark mage style clothing with numerous layers primarily of purple or pink with a brown underdress. She has a shoulderguard that extends up to her mouth covering it for when traversing snowy or sandy terrain. Her long hair extends past her face and can obscure her vision from time to time, she seems to wear it in a messy ponytail as well.


Ginger is a self-absorbed narcissist, absorbed in her self-image as she often gloats about her appearance and abilities. She often overestimates herself and is stubborn to the point that she will often be ineffective in combat if unfocused or uninterested.

She is somewhat satirical in her personality and will often poke fun at others' expense, often giving her friends demeaning nicknames, though she often acts in this self-glorifying manner when she is focused she is extremely willing to protect her friends and attacks with a relentless passion. She seems to think she's a bit of a comic and will often try to say corny catch-phrases before a battle to sound cool although usually messes up the specifics and just gets frustrated attacking preemptively.


Despite her mage-like appearance, Ginger is absolutely rubbish in casting magic, often professing to be a secret master of the dark arts in reality. Ginger primarily attacks using explosives and potions, which have colorful effects that make them seem more than what they actually are. The greatest magic ability Ginger has is being able to make her hair stand on ends when absolutely terrified, apparently it was a defensive mechanism she was taught from a street wizard.

By contrast, Ginger carries around with her strange explosives and potions that she will often use in combat, she professes to never using healing potions because she's "evil" and instead carries around explosives that can include standard bombs, bee bombs, botany bombs, and venom bombs, which all have fairly limited range as Ginger is not particularly good at throwing. Ginger's potions tend to induce sleep, although on ocassion she carries around potions of other varieties that she made by accident but will always claim they were intentionally created.

Ginger also carries around a small dagger she nicknamed Hellbringer, the dagger is covered in blood and is a bit rusty from use, Ginger seems follow a philosophy that she must for whatever reason stab everyone she kills and collect their blood on this dagger.


  • It is currently uncertain whether Ginger will continue to serve an outright villain role or merely an antagonist.
  • Despite her name suggesting such, there has yet to be any confirmation whether or not Ginger or her ancestors originated from Gobstop.

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