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Gimmick V
Gimmick V
Gimmick V in an idle pose (from the Kirby Wiki)
Gender Inapplicable, referred to as Male
Location Dream Land
Current Status Active
Class Warrior


Main Weapon(s) Yo-yo
Element(s) Tech


Ability/ies Death by Yo-yo
First Appearance The Throne of Dream Land
King Dedede
Family and Relations
E.N. (creator)
The Deadliest Robot, Gim
Gimmick V, The Throne of Dream Land

Gimmick V is a robot possibly invented by Eggman Nega. He was developed by Crumhorn Characters.


Gimmick V was invented by an unknown inventor called E.N., whom King Dedede presumably employed at some point. At first intended as a weapon, it quickly became obvious that Gimmick V was too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. So, he was imprisonned in the Grandmaze. Since then, he has adapted to his surroundings over a period of 50 years. When prisonners are periodically dropped into the Grandmaze, Gimmick V will hunt them down. While imprisonned, Gimmick V discovered the existence of the controller KAOS-com, and developped an intense hatred for him.


Gimmick V has only one weapon; a yo-yo. You may think that a yo-yo is not dangerous. How many ways can you think of to kill with a yo-yo? About 2. Gimmick V knows 20 different methods of death by yo-yo.

When Gimmick V is played in the final section of the game, you see things from his perspective. His one eye perceives the Grandmaze as a mere maze, not being confused by the environment affected. However, you can switch perspectives just for fun.

New Appearances

So far, Gimmick V has not appeared in any other games.

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