Pretty Cool Huh!?

Gill Grunt the Gillman is a new game for the new console: Nintendo Platinum, and ROC. The reason of exhistance: Because Spyro had a series start before skylanders, so now I made it so Gill Grunt has one too.


Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt


Once upon a time, on an island away from Skylands, there was a young Gillman named Gill Grunt. He and his small side-kick Gill Runt wanted to become guardians of the island. The village captain put them in training, so they could become soldiers, but then an army of Squidmen attacked, and they were promoted quickley! Can you get to the Squid Lair, and stop the madness!


Same as Spyro the Dragon.


  • Urchin Island
  • Shell Coves
  • Verno's Volcano 
  • Atlantus
  • Squid Ship
  • Skylands (Cut-Scene Only)

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